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December 16, 2016
Google is getting cleverer. Way beyond just counting keywords. Try doing a search for "What’s the title of the consumer at the highest level of a food chain?"Among the results delivered areThe title of the consumer at the highest level of a food chain is apex predator"Each food chain ends with a top predator, an animal with no natural enemies".This result is due, in part, to the new addition to their suite of analysis tools - it's called "RankBrain".The message?Focus on content, not keywo
December 13, 2016
People new to Internet Marketing, as with any new enterprise, have a lot of new information to process. Much of it comes down to "in house" terminology.An area that frequently causes confusion is the difference between a domain name and a website.The way I think of it isa) The domain name is like the address of a property eg 175 Main Streetb) The website is like the building that you find at that address. It could be a bungalow. Or a 3-bed semi. Or a 6 bed detached. Or a hotel. Or a block of f
May 07, 2016
That depends on what you call "expensive". I've just run a 4-day trial of FaceBook Ads. It cost me £0.03 (about $0.05) per click. Mega money. Not! It got me 711 visitors in the 4 days. That's over 5,000 visitors a month. In my book that makes "free traffic" just about the most expensive traffic you can get. You'd need to spend many many hours doing any other traffic generating work to get 5,000 visitors a month.Hours of your life that you can never get back. Gone. Forever.
May 04, 2016
So often I see the question "Why should my niche be narrow?".I'd ask you - when did you last go to a restaurant? Why did you choose that one? Did you go there with a single lover companion. Were there secluded tables with white tablecloths, flowers, candles? Was there soft music, fine wine?Or did you go with a crowd of sports fans, where there were no tables, standing room only, beer and spirits, loud music, burgers and pies?It might surprise you that both types of restaurant can be very succes
May 01, 2016
Small seeds grow into big trees. From the fruit of the tree, take the seeds. Grow more trees.That's how all business works. WA is no exception.Today I created my first Facebook ad, and put down a small wad of seed money. Ten minutes later I had traffic to my page. Two hours later I had my first signup. Total cost so far? 8 clicks at £0.16 each = £1.28 (a touch under $2)That's my kind of marketing.The WA system is SO simple, if you just listen to what is being taught.Niche => Keyw
April 11, 2016
Email marketing is about building an email list, and then developing a relationship with your subscribers, which is of benefit and value to both of you.It's astonishingly simple to do. And amazingly profitable.It's also spectacularly simple to do completely wrong.I am constantly amazed at the number of new members who create a website with a popup, which is shoved right in your face, the very second you arrive on the site. Even before you've had the time to find out what the site is about, neve
April 05, 2016
There's a common misconception about what it means to "focus" on a task. Using the example of a torch beam, we understand that the task is "lit up". That the mind is "focussed" on the task, rather than being scattered all over the place like the light from a light bulb.But when we apply that example to "mental focus" we can easily miss the REAL significance of the torch beam.Look at the picture. What is the most striking feature?For me, the most striking feature is that EVERYTHING ELSE IS IN TH
Where should you aim, if you want to win?There's a very good reason why the highest score comes from the tiniest circle.And why it's the spot that the most ambitious players aim for.Why should you make your niche as narrow as possible? Because you are trying to find customers. People who will spend money while on your site.Those people ARE the bulls-eye. All the other rings on the board are tyre kickers, window shoppers, browsers, wasters. What do you really want?Do you want a ton of crap traff
March 26, 2016
I always get excited about stats of any kind, so I expected to get a thrill out of tracking my website stats. But I never expected to get THIS excited.Take a look at this pic and tell me it doesn't blow your mind too.It's from Google Analytics, as a result of a FaceBook PPC campaign I'm trialling.It shows me:-Where my site visitors initially came in fromWhat page of my site they first landed onWhat page they went to after that first pageI can follow them through ALL the pages they visited until
No!You don't.But you need to understand the critical difference between the "free" or "starter" membership and the "paid" or "Premium" membership. They are not the same thing.STARTER MEMBERSHIPWhat you get with "Starter" membership is the seeds to grow a business. We give you those for free, and we even cover the cost of renting the land for you to grow them on.If you plant those seeds in fertile soil, then feed and water them, they will grow into crops that you can harvestIf you just throw the