Your Activity Dashboard, Reinvented.

Last Update: April 27, 2018

We are less than a week away from the launch of the new UX (User Experience) and a complete overhaul in terms of the design and navigational experiences here at WA. We have been preluding the various aspects and changes to help minimize any confusion, as change with any new design can lead to confusion and discomfort.

We have also been running a small beta with a few of the more experienced members here at WA and the feedback has been nothing short of incredible thus far, so we are feeling really confident that you are not only going to love the new platform, but you are going to be able to seamlessly integrate your current activities into the new design.

One of the most significant updates, if not the most, is the Activity Dashboard. We are really excited to introduce this to folks as we have always felt that our current activity dashboard has never done Wealthy Affiliate justice in terms of the true nature of the activity taking place.

We are going to be offering a custom experience for members here at WA so they can get high quality content (and help), engaging discussion, training, as well as see what/who is popular right NOW within the community.

A Look at the NEW Activity Dashboard

Here is a look at the brand new dashboard. It is a much cleaner design, that shows content in a much more engaging and presentable way. There are also many new types of content and activity that are going to be displayed within the dashboard.

A great deal of thought, time, and energy has gone into creating the dashboard which we refer to as "Your Feed" within the platform. As you log in and as you navigate WA we wanted to make this your home base at Wealthy Affiliate where you can:

  • Keep up to date with your training
  • See what is happening "NOW" within WA
  • Hot or Popular topics/conversations that are taking place
  • Top Blog Posts & Training
  • New Starter/Premium members
  • Discussions You are Involved in
  • Member accomplishments
  • Showcase things that you are currently engaging in
  • New Blog Posts/Questions
  • And many more personalized elements!

Your current training is also at the forefront.

Every time you log in, you are going to have a very specific view as to where you are at within the training, your progress, and the current tasks at hand. This is going to remove a lot of navigation, and for a newcomer, it is going to offer a lot more clarity as to where they are at in the training, and what needs to be done.

Here is a look at this:

Activity Dashboard

As you can see, it gives you an insightful look into your progress every time you navigate to the dashboard.

This is going to be one of the main focuses with your personalized Activity Dashboard and what you see. We want to help you when you need it, we want to show you important training and content when it becomes important, and we also want to offer you an overview as to where you currently are within your training/progress.

It is Completely Card Based, Which Means Mobile Friendly

We didn't want to push back the release of the new UX, but I can tell you that with our new design, we have taken into deep consideration the mobile experience here at Wealthy Affiliate. It's coming, but there are complexities to rolling out mobile online. It is not as easy as being responsive. A truly responsive and 100% mobile ready experience will be on the way, but it will come as a second phase of the relase that we have planned for next week.

The new framework we are working with is much more flexible to make updates of any kind, and to add new components and entirely new platforms in a very seamless manner to the end user. And of course, as we do with all platforms we build moving forward will be taking mobile into consideration. Our goal, moving into 2019 is to become a mobile first platform, of course with emphasis on WA working well within ALL environments (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop).

An Opportunity to Get REALLY Creative With New Ideas

There are going to be many ways in which we can evolve our new platform, and the activity dashboard is one the places where we are going to get really creative. There can be a card for anything, and we have lots of ideas slated for new card designs and useful new cards that can make your life within WA much more efficient, connected, and lead to much better communication.

This is just the start. And as with ANYTHING we launch, we are going to continually improve, innovate and evolve it.

We are excited about the future and can't wait until you get your hands on the new WA next week!

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HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks for the update Carson. Look forward to road testing the new UX platform. Have a great weekend.
MarkBa Premium
Can't wait for the roll out next week! Looks wonderful.

~Mark :)
benzburg Premium
Awesome news! Looking forward for the latest improvement / innovations to experience here at WA.
littlemama Premium Plus
We are very lucky to be having this kind of improvement, it's really amazing!! What a time to be a WA Member!

PS - Hope you got all my messages lately, Carson. ;)
Carson Premium Plus
I have got your messages Grace! I’m taking your feedback about the new WA Beta and addressing everything :-)
littlemama Premium Plus
Great! Thanks Carson, hope I haven't given you too much work. LOL
RayAleksandr Premium
Sounds great! Also looking forward to the 2nd phase - mobile friendly environments. Thank you!