SiteRubix Website to a Domain You Own in One-Click!


Another great new feature has made it's way to Prime Time at Wealthy Affiliate!

As of today, moving your website from a subdomain to a Premium domain that you own can now be done with the click of a button and it only takes a few seconds to do once your Domain is pointing at Wealthy Affiliate!

For anyone who has gone through the trouble of moving at SiteRubix website to a Premium domain that they own, this can be a daunting task. There were some great video tutorials and training on how to do this and I want to thank folks like DomW, Welshy, and others who have helped 1000's of folks do this!

Moving a website to a domain that you own is now just a simple process that any Premium member can take full advantage of.

Here is a video that Kyle made to show this exact process:

Watch this in Action Below!

Click PLAY!

DISCUSS THIS VIDEO: How to Transfer Your SiteRubix Website To a Domain you Own

The benefits of having your own domain are plenty. From better rankings, to increasing relevancy with your audience, to converting higher, and earning more revenue. Having your own domain is your absolute best option.

However, a website is also a great option as it allows you to build your website and think about what domain name will fit your site and suit your audience the best. You can focus on building your website and getting it ranked before you even have to worry about buying a domain name.

Then, when you are ready, the time comes when you want to move the website to a brand new domain that you've chosen. Maybe it's a .com that's highly relevant to your audience, maybe it's a keyword rich .net, or an easy to brand .org. Whatever you chose, the fact is that you can now do this in just a few seconds.

What about your old traffic and rankings?

You get to keep them of course!

Many websites rank very well and when you move to a new domain you want to maintain those ranking and that traffic.

We've got you covered!

When you move your Site Rubix website to a domain that you own, we setup a 301 permanent redirect so that all of your Site Rubix pages, now point to your new domain.

For example:

will now redirect to:

This means that any traffic and rankings that you had are retained, and Google will know that your site has simply moved to a new domain. In many cases your new domain will just take the place of the old domain in the search engine rankings without a hiccup.

Say Goodbye to your SiteRubix Website

When you move your website your old website will remain there only to serve the purpose of the redirect. You will not be able to use your website again nor will you be able to browse to it.

We've done this to protect you from duplicate content. When you move your website, you are truly moving it to a new domain and not leaving any duplication behind. This is the ideal situation for maintaining rankings and being able to move forward with your new domain.

Wait there's more...

You are not limited to Moving SiteRubix Websites!

Moving a your website from your Free website is not the only type of site you can move. You can now move a domain that you own, to another domain that you own. Commonly folks choose a domain name, build a wonderful website, then want to change the domain to a new one.

This is also possible, and the same rules apply in terms of the redirect. Your old domain will redirect properly to the new domain and retain all traffic and rankings.

I know that the website "Move" tool is going to be powerful and open a lot of doors.

Here's a quick overview of what you can and can't do:

In other words, you cannot move any website TO a domain.

We know that this seemingly simple tool is going to have a powerful impact on many people's businesses at Wealthy Affiliate. We are really excited about the possibilities and the doors that have just been blown wide open :)

Tell us what you think!


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Recent Comments


Woohoo, another game-changer for WA! Thanks Carson, Kyle, DomW, Welshy, and everyone involved :-)

This is awesome, Carson. Thank you for doing stuff like this! A weight just fell off the workflow of my mind..

Hey Al, glad to hear that we've simplified the work flow for you! Moving a website before was certainly a headache.

Absolutely. You guys are awesome and I am totally geeked out, knowing that I can develop a siterubix site without that little fear in the back of my mind that I'm going to have to 301 every single link! ;).

SERIOUS game changer here... very nice K&C!!!

Thanks Jennifer, nice to see you pop in :)

This is great news. Love how you guys work to simplify everything.

Thanks for the note Christine, there are loads more "Game Changer" updates that we're working on. Going to be a very productive Quarter 4 for WA!

This is fantastic. Now I can build my site on siterubix, then i ll care about what domain I should choose. This will definitely give me some freedom to write whatever i want to and can improve myself by sharing with this wonderful WA community.

Yes, you can definitely do this.

Choosing your domain name right way is no longer as much of an issue and should not hold you back. When you're ready, just move the site to a domain name that you've had some time to think about!

This is huge Carson, thanks for finally getting this in order.
I have gone through the pain of moving a site and this is a real game changer.

You guys are amazing!

"Game Changer" that's exactly how Kyle and I refer to this too. We've had it on the "to do" list for quite some time but it's quite a technical thing and we had to figure out the best way to do it. Good to know that you'll make use of this with your next website "move".

Thanks for the feedback and support Craig!

This is awesome, I have been toying with the idea of moving my emd domain that I own to a new brandable domain..still to buy. Now I know its a simple click to get it going.

Now to come up with a brandable name....mmhh!

Hey Mark, I'm sure that you'll come up with something brandable without too much trouble. Just remember that you want the domain name to make sense to your audience. If someone can get a good idea of what your site is about from the domain name, then it's probably a good one!


This feature is going to make my business so much easier.I have several sites that I wanted to change the domain name but I never wanted to go through the long process.

Thank You for developing this new feature.

Hey Sharon, you are welcome!

I'm very glad that you're going to take advantage of this right away. It's so very common to want to change a domain name, but there really is no easy way to do this anywhere else online!


Really? WOW. Finally here!!
You know, I chat many members just ask how to transfer their siterubix domains to their domains. Previous training was easy to do it in some mode but as Craig (Welshy) said maybe folks had fears about duplicated content and switch to their domain. Excelent feature to prevent duplcate content.

You always think how to make easy the learning process and the tools. I love it. :)

Hey Jorge,

I know that you get questions all the time in Live Chat about how to move a SiteRubix domain over to a domain that people own. Now you'll be able to tell people just to click on the "Move" link next to the site they want to move ;)

Thanks for the message!

I think that fear was there, which is why my training had a video from Matt Cutts explaining about 301 redirects and duplicate content etc.

Still, this just makes it so much easier. I've already had 4 or 5 people on my training have their lives made easier by me just redirecting them to hit the move button instead.

@Carson. Thank you so much. Now I am happy to redirected to this post and show how to use the "Move" button.

@DomW Exactly!. I remember that training. I love this feature becuase it's easy, super easy and also prevents any duplicate content.

That's a great feature that will help, but more importantly remove the fear many members have in switching from a siterubix domain to their own domain.

I also like the the new theme selection view that was added few days ago.

Thanks for the feedback Craig.

Definitely something that is going to simplify the process and make sure that everyone's sites are setup to send the traffic through to their new domain.

Also thanks for the support of the new theme selection update that I bogged about the other day!



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