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Hi! My name is Jennifer, but online I am known as PotPieGirl. You can find me over at my blog by the same name - PotPieGirl.com.

I have been working online since early 2007 and have loved every, single second of it. I came to Wealthy Affiliate to help expand my knowledge of internet marketing and to try and help others.

Yes, I'm a "help-a-holic" =)

Other than being an online marketer, I am also proudly a mom and a wife. My husband, Lee, and I have four great kids ranging in ages from 5 to 21 (Yes, that is a BIG span in years...haha!)

edit for 2018: - Now the kids range from 14 years old to 30... AND we now have FOUR grandkids!!!!

I was in the golf business for years and was previously a managing professional at a local course here in NE Georgia. Even though I am no longer in the business, I still adore the game. Hubby and I play as often as we can (Don't ask who wins....sore subject in this house).

I am thrilled to be here at Wealthy Affiliate and look forward to meeting all the fantastic folks that make up this community.

I have a motto that I try to pass on to anyone who is serious about trying to make this 'make money online' thing work for them -

"If you are willing to do for a year what others WON'T, you can spend the rest of your life doing what others CAN'T!"
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hi.... potPieGirl . good 2 see ur page.... and i want to know abt Wealthy affiliate University .... and abt hw to work on dis site........?
plz help me.!!
TJ Books Premium
Good to see you back, Jennifer. I thought that maybe you were too busy to hang around here too much. John
onlinewealth Premium
Hello PotPieGirl, I'm new to IM and I'm always looking to meet "help-a-holic's"
opemot Premium
i need more advice about niche community. I'm new to this... so many things to learn
Labman Premium
Hey Jennifer, thanks for the reminder. I read your mind eraser method way back in the dark ages. Well at least a year ago anyway. You mentioned it again in one of your G+ responses. Jumped right into the discussions and acquired the necessary intelligence to really make the current page I was working on Pop.
Thanks again.