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My name's Dom and I run a couple of niche sites, but my main site is over at HumanProofDesigns.com - A company I founded in 2014 and grew to over $500,000 in revenue in 2016 (actually it was about $680,000 but I'm a sucker for round numbers).

HPD is the industry leader in done-for-you services for internet marketers like yourselves. We offer a bunch of services, ranging from website building, niche research, keyword research, article writing, and more.

Here's the thing. It all started at WA. I cut my teeth here and starting on my journey. I'm now considered an authority in the affiliate marketing space, and that's all because I decided to join WA one day in August 2012.

You get out of WealthyAffiliate exactly what you put in. You've got the tools you need to get started here, and you've got an environment to learn in.

You've also got a path to follow that will get you set up.

That's not going to be enough though. You need to keep learning, you need to keep making mistakes and moving forward, and sooner or later you WILL succeed.

You can come here with zero knowledge and still succeed, in fact that's what most of us did.

The most important thing you need to do though, is engage yourself and figure things out. WA can't give you every single answer, so remain curious!
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VeronicasLuv Premium
Someone shared one of your posts about your earnings, so I decided to check out your profile.

I'll be coming up to a year and I'm not even earning a 1/4 of what you're earning, so I still have some thing to learn, so I decided to give you a follow. No need to follow me back, I'm just looking learn from new folks.
eMAEstra Premium
Hi DomW and all,
I'm trying to become consistent at visiting this WA site and connecting with others--taking in as much of the training as I can in my busy schedule. I do want to start promoting the affiliate opportunity soon and I have identified Sept 1st as my "launch"--(though I am still just working through the Get Started training)... I still have no idea how to get the word out and to whom. Can you point me to paces on the site that talk about promotion? How do you promote WA as an affiliate? Thanks in advance. Peace, Marie
DomW Premium
Just click the black "affiliate bootcamp" button on the left and it will explain it all there.
Pamela111 Premium
Thanks for writing all your great content. I absolutely love, love, love your tab on your website, "hey come back." Maybe it something you want to keep secret?....Is that a WP plug in? or code of some kind? I briefly googled it, but came up nil. Ill understand if you cant tell me. Thanks in advance.
DomW Premium
It's a piece of code
Pamela111 Premium
Good job, that is really cool, definite eye catcher.
Dom you have really touched me with your success, I just feel am at the right place of building my business this is so wonderful and am looking forward to start my studies. Am so empowered by how far you are now, am new on this but it really sounds working the me start my journey of success. Stay blessed Dom keep moving and working extra hard.
choltzclaw Premium
Dom, I appreciate you sharing your experience and success here in WA! All I need to know is that one person has achieved the success they desired and that is enough motivation and encouragement for me going forward. The great thing about WA is exactly what you said...... all the tools are here. I wish you much continued success and I look forward to sharing my story of success in the near future!

Tegonza Premium
Dom, this is a great article and I really appreciate your transparency with the monthly numbers. It's a great reference people can use to visualize what one's progression can potentially look like.

I love your follow up post because I think it touches on something that for many people is a barrier--you know, the fear of reaching out when your right in the face of things that are uncertain. Have you considered mapping specific actions you took or tools you implemented or tweaks that you made alongside your income timeline that might shed some light on how those things impacted your build-up of business over time?
DomW Premium
Thought about it, but posts get buried in WA so I'm not sure I want to go to the effort of mapping all that out for something that people won't see after a week.
Hey Dom,

after reading a few of your blog posts on here, and I have gone on your website and went through it, I was really motivated and I have learned a lot from you.

I am really amazed about all you have achieved past 3 years.

You really turned your life around, and I am so happy for you.
I am working my way as well, it's been almost 2 months since I started but I keep working hard because this is only the beginning.

Would you mind to visit my website and tell me your honest feedback?

It's iAppleRebel .com

You are very experienced, and you have achieved so much, so I would really appreciate if you could check out my website and tell me your honest feedback and maybe give me some tips, because I always feel that there is room for improvement and that I can always do something to make my website even better.


Best regards,
Paul1916 Premium
Hi Dom, you certainly have been successful -well done! Question for you from across the Irish sea if that's ok...
I have been getting some small sales 7 months in (through amazon uk, Amazon US, linkshare) but not to the level I would like...
My first site is almost complete...
Is PPC the way to go in terms of growing sales?
Or do I set up and build a second bigger site to broaden my horizon (potential customer base) and try to get more sales that way???
Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!
DomW Premium
In my experience the quickest win for you will be to get more out of your existing traffic. This is done by improving conversions on your top pages
Paul1916 Premium
Thanks for your reply, much appreciated!
iPhoneGirl Premium
"You get out of WealthyAffiliate exactly what you put in. You've got the tools you need to get started here, and you've got an environment to learn in.

You've also got a path to follow that will get you set up.

That's not going to be enough though. You need to keep learning, you need to keep making mistakes and moving forward, and sooner or later you WILL succeed. "

You nailed it right there!
Daymo Premium
Nice work on your turnover of revenue for your HumanProofDesigns site that's incredible.

My WA Journey began on Dec 31st 2016 and the training I have seen and the community help has been awesome!

I now have 2 sites ranked, indexed with a trickle of traffic at the moment and some of my posts ranking pretty good in search engines.

Looking forward to carrying out more training and seeing more traffic as my sites begin to age and gain better authority from the search engines that should ultimately lead to some sales down the line which would be great.

Its inspirational to see another member turn over such a great revenue from a niche site
dtuando Premium
hi i am subscribed to niche hacks and its funny I found this site through a whole other website than that but they are telling your story to me in my email this past week.... good stuff man you are an inspiration and im glad to be apart of the same community as you
DomW Premium
Yeah funny how it all connects. Stuart and I have been efriends a few years now.
Jpmartel Premium
Hi there Dom! my nickname is Jp and I came across your name from a training of Steve ( IveTriedThat ) and wanted to follow you. I rarely see people showing how money they make and I find this very inspiring that it's actually possible and yet you are a member since only 3 years~.

Hope we can make connections and I could surely learn a thing or two from you :) Congrats on all you have done.

MartyHubon Premium
Hello Dom,

I can only imagine how busy you are these days. I accidentally came across you thru one of your trainings here at WA. Great stuff!

After checking out your profile, some of your many posts and your website I gotta say I impressed and inspired,

Keeping it short ~ just wanted to say I'm intending to follow you and you'll being hearing from me along my journey.

I do love your work Dom.

Ciao for now
MikeHolm Premium
Hi Dom,

I'm fairly new here, and have learned a ton! I was the guy that was afraid to do anything to a computer for fear of messing it up just a few short months ago. Now, I've actually got a website and I'm having a great time! I'm actually very interested in utilizing your services over at HPD. Maybe I just haven't found it yet, but I feel like HPD could fill in the missing pieces from WA. Ok if I pm you with a few questions?
DomW Premium
Sure :)
GautamWorld Premium
I realized you're a star here! I wish I had joined here in August 2012 - have done quite a few stupid things in the interim.

My observation is those who haven't done well here after a period of time is only because they did not put in the required time and effort.

For sure, it's never too late...
DomW Premium
Everyone moves at their own pace, but for the most part that is correct. If you put in the effort, you should get the results.
GautamWorld Premium
Thank you.
wealthmagic Premium
So true GautamWorld. In WA, people will fail only if they do not exert time and effort in building their online business by following the training.
Roybretton Premium
Hello Dom, it is good to see you here at Wealthy Affiliate, I've just been reading your profile and it looks like you have been working hard. I am now following you and I look forward to reading your blog posts and networking with you.

All the best to you Dom, Roy.
BeMyExpert Premium
Super stoked to be following you, Dom! It's great to see someone with your skillset and success through the years that is willing to come back to WA and share his successes and secrets. Thanks for being here and reviewing the courses and giving feedback. I'm inspired and continuing onward and upward.

All the Best!

Ali-M Premium
Dear Dom, how are you?) Hope you are fine and everything is great with your business progress ). I've recently followed you in WA.

My site is about technology and since I've started to build my network, I would like to have you in my network too.
Here is my links and I would be happy to have you in my social networks too (If you like of course : ) ). Also if you leave me your social network links; I'll be able to following you back.

Here is mine:
Google: https://plus.google.com/+AliMonajemi
Facebook: http://goo.gl/Plbnhj
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ali_monajemi

Wish you great success in your online business,

Hani Premium
Hey Dom! I remember you from when you first signed up to WA, around the same time as me and Ty Johnson and Pnia (not correct name, but the english bloke that lived in Finland). Anyway you've come a LONG way mate!! Well done!! Proves it can be done :) I just made you my mentor ;)
DomW Premium
I believe it was Apina, and he's my CTO now :) I remember you too! Good to see you back.