New Platform Launch: Affiliate Programs.

Last Update: May 16, 2019

After almost 2 years of development, we have officially launched the Affiliate Program platform here at Wealthy Affiliate. This is something that we have wanted for some time now and we are excited to finally make it available for you to use!

Conventionally it has been difficult to find affiliate programs. They are spread out everywhere on the Internet and to find affiliate programs you typically had to do a Google search, or rely on searching through multiple affiliate networks to find a program that works for you.

We wanted to change that. So we set out to create an environment that would allow affiliates to search and find relevant affiliate programs, to give them a medium to communicate feedback or reviews about particular affiliate programs they are involved with, and to follow and manage affiliate their list of programs they are interested in, or involved with in one place.

Wealthy Affiliate is most comprehensive platform for educating and equipping affiliate marketers for success online, but the "affiliate program" element has been completely segregated from the plaform & community here. Until today.

Introducing the Affiliate Programs Platform.

We are excited to announce the Affiliate Programs platform here within WA. You will see a brand new menu item within the side menu labeled "Affiliate Programs", this is where you are going to access the brand new platform and where you will be able to search, find and manage your affiliate programs moving forward.

Here is the direct link to the platform here:

==> Access the Affiliate Program Platform

This has been a brainchild of ours for many years. We have never seen an affiliate search tool that was useful, or one that actually had decent quality affiliate programs within them. Our focus with this platform is going to be to reward high quality and actively managed programs, and to limit exposure to programs that are lower quality or that don't have active support behind them.

There are close to 1.8 million aspiring and successful affiliate marketers that have joined WA since 2005, and these numbers are growing at a faster rate than ever. We want to provide affiliates with every opportunity possible, while maximizing efficiency in every aspect of their business.

Researching and managing your affiliate programs that you are part of has never been easier, and as this platform evolves I think you are going to be really excited to see what new opportunities this will represent for you as an affiliate marketer.

The Search Element.

The search aspect has been one of our core focuses, as we want to help users find affiliate programs with efficiency, but also be able to do so based on filters and keywords that meet their search criteria. You are going to be able to search programs based on a number of different filters.

  • Country Availability (Is this available to you as an affilaite in your country)
  • Payout Options
  • Auto Approval (of Commissions)
  • Rating
  • Commission %/$
  • Network Fee

You can manage these by clicking the Filter tab, as shown below.

Affiliate Programs, Filter Tab

    As for your actual search, you can search what you like. If you wanted to search for "golf" related affiliate programs, you most definitely could.

    Golf Affiliate Program Search

    If you want, you can also organize and search by categories only. If you click the "All" with down arrow to the left of the search bar, you will be able to filter and show only programs within certain categories.

    Affiliate Program, Filter By Category

    These are categories that will evolve over time as there are more affiliate programs added, currently there are close to 10,000 affiliate programs included within the search.

    Following & Managing Your Programs

    One of the exciting elements within the platform is that you are going to be able to follow affilaite programs, and organize them in any way that meets your purposes. Often times as you build out your authority websites, you will partner with many affiliate programs, across many categories.

    You are going to be able to manage all of your affiliate programs from within the platform and categorize how you see fit. You can also follow programs, so when there are discussions, reviews or updates related to that particular program, you are going to be notified about them.

    These features are going to keep your affiliate campaigns much more organized, and also keep you in the "know" with the respective affiliate programs you choose to follow.

    To follow a program, you simply click the Follow Button, or the STAR icon in the top right corner of any listing.

    Affiliate Program Follow Button

    Upon clicking, you will have the option to either organize the program into a "No Category" group, choose an existing category for the group, or create a brand new category.

    Create New Affiliate Program Category

    Upon doing this, you will be able to access all of your store affiliate programs by clicking the STAR icon within the search bar (as shown below).

    How to See My Organized Affiliate Programs

    You could also use the Follow feature to store future ideas. There are a lot of programs available within the search, so as you are navigating you are likely going to come up with potential niche or promotional ideas for future campaigns as well.

    We recommend that you follow all the programs that you are affiliated with and that interest you.

    The Communcation Element.

    Affiliates have the ability to communicate directly with merchants, or at the very least, discuss affiliate programs in a very centralized manner. This includes sharing experiences, asking questions, and also offering reviews of products & services that you have experience with.

    As with all the platforms at WA, the community and interaction components were a big part of the forethought when mapping out the Affiliate Programs environment. You are going to be able to discuss particular affiliate programs, and also offer help to others if you know the answers to questions.

    You can ask a question, offer help to a question, or chime in on any discussion you choose within the details of a particular affiliate program. Below the review component, you will see a discussion thread.

    There is a good chance that there are 100's of people that have experience with just about every affiliate program in the world that are members here of the community, so it is a great opportunity to offer feedback based on your experiences within a given program/network, and to also offer your help where you can.

    If you have questions, ask them. These questions are handled in the same way as all communication here within Wealthy Affiliate and your question will get exposure.

    And if you have a positive/not-so-positive review you would like to leave about an affiliate program, you can do that as well. Within a particular affiliate programs details page, you will see a review section where you can offer feedback.

    Affiliate Programs - Write a Review

    That will help fellow affiliate marketers determine the quality of the program, and it will also help affiliate program managers to see the overall feedback that folks have and why. If it is good, they know they are doing something right and can keep doing what they are doing, if there is negative feedback as with any platform, they can work to improve their ratings.

    The Merchants Now Have a Playing Field.

    The companies that you work with, are going to have a stake in this platform moving forward. Affiliate Managers and company owners are going to be able to manage their affiliate programs here within WA, and are also going to have a direct platform to communicate with you as an affiliate (and field your questions about their program).

    Look for many future updates that will connect Affilaites and Merchants, with this first version had to establish the core search and management technology. Once we refine and polish the initial framework, we are going to be iteratively advancing this platform as a "home" for affiliate program managers to work directly with their affiliates.

    This is another great reason to follow Affiliate Programs as you are interested in them. This will allow you to receive updates moving forward as affiliate managers emerge within the platform,. You are going to be able to communicate directly with them and get "niche specific" help and insider information about particular programs, promotional strategies, and be privy to launches and time sensitive offers/opportunities.

    The True Opportunity Will Be Revealed

    As I indicated before as with any platform we roll out here at Wealthy Affiliate, there are always ideas for innovations and evolution. We have a year of updates already slated for this platform that will continue to evolve it in a way that has never been seen in our industry.

    Affiliate Programs are going to grow over time, the technology and the ability for affiliate programs/managers to communicate will continue to improve, the "resources" available to you as an affiliate across various programs and niches will evolve, and the help and connectivity with active affiliate managers that take a stake in their programs is going to be a core focus of this program moving forward.

    You (the members of WA) are our focus, as is the case with any platform we develop. We created the Affiliate Programs for you and to make your life more efficient as an affiliate marketer and the subsequent evolution of this platform and technology will have that very ideology at it's core.

    That leads me to another aspect of this platform that we are excited about, and one that has been missing from the affiliate marketing industry for far too long. Transparency.

    There Has Never Been This Level of Transparency

    The unfortunate reality in this industry is that there conventionally hasn't been much transparency between the "affiliate" and the "merchant" that they are working with (and this goes both ways). Often times there isn't even a dedicated affiliate manager for even some of the biggest billion dollar companies, which is mind baffling in this day and age.

    We are going to be working to bridge this gap as this platform evolves, and connect affiliates to the appropriate stakeholders that can field questions about particular affiliate programs and their subset of products, but also be able to get dedicated help from affiliate managers and in some cases, the company owners (as is the case with many "indie" affiliate programs, including our affiliate program here at WA).

    All successful affiliate programs understand that affiliates are the bread and butter of their online business and their overall reach, and our focus is going to be getting you the best access directly to these merchants in a safe and easy to use environment here at WA. Also for merchants, it is a very awkward process to train, inform, manage and incubate a successful affiliate marketing team. That is going to be part of the evolution and we are so excited for future updates to this platform.

    The Evolution of this Platform. Where We See This Going.

    I want to be clear. This is "WA Affiliate Programs 1.0", and it is an awesome platform that we have put a lot of time and energy into (1,000's of hours, and 2 years of development).

    However, we are not stopping here.

    As with anything we do, we will be constantly and iteratively improving this platform. We already have 12-18 months of powerful advancements slated for this environment which is truly going to advance the Affiliate Program/Affiliate relationship, communication and connectivity to levels this industry has yet to see.

    This is going to be a good thing for both merchants and affiliates. More affiliates with more access to merchants is going to mean more revenue for these companies, many of them being Fortune 500 enterprises. Exciting times ahead.

    Now we want YOUR feedback. Have a look around the new Affiliate Program, let us know what you think. We have heard some of the early stage feedback and it is been overwhelmingly positive, and that is exciting to hear. Would love to hear your comments, feedback, suggestions, and of course if there are any bugs or is anything you don't understand, leave those as well.

    Here's to your affiliate SUCCESS in 2019 and beyond. ;)

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    MozMary Premium
    looks like we bring you affiliate programs but instead of us getting second tier affiliate commissions on it you do, which isn't fair - also those of us who were experts in the field cannot get to warn people of the pitfalls as y ou are now the promoter

    I see this as a big negative in the health niche where there's a lot of harm in people promoting high comission affliate programs designed by vultures for people who know nothing, like the people in here with no training in health

    makes a scam of the health niche even more than it already is
    Atta83gurl Premium
    Hi, can you elaborate. I can't tell which thread you are commenting on.
    Is it that with the new WA affiliate programs section, if we sign up through it, that WA is getting the 2nd tier commission and we as WA members are not? I know some of how this works, but I'm still a newbie and the word "tier" is new to me also. Thanks!
    JeannineC Premium
    I can tell you both that WA is NOT getting a commission from anyone signing up for an affiliate program through here. As we were adding our programs (I handle all of the ones for Awin and ShareASale), Kyle and Carson were quite clear about this being a source of information for the WA members, not a source of income for WA.

    Good programs rarely are two-tier. Two-tier programs are basically MLM, and need that structure to attract more affiliates. The programs you see listed here have been vetted and meet the standards of what WA wanted to offer their members.

    @MozMary, reconsider the programs you are working with. If they have enough margin for high commissions and two-tier programs, then the money being spent is going for affiliate payouts, not into product quality.
    CandP Premium
    We finally got the chance to check this program out and it looks excellent.
    We have a question.
    We already have an account with ClickBank. If we search here and find a ClickBank product we want to promote can we set that up directly from here or do we have to independently log in to ClickBank, find the product there and then click on "Promote"?
    We ask because when you click on the details of a product here the only options are to "Join this Program" (i.e. join ClickBank) or to "View Website", i.e. the website for the product itself. We have tried the websites for several different products but none give you the option to simply promote the product.
    Any ideas?
    Colette and Philip
    cramervod Premium
    I have done three new reviews based on Click bank and each time I needed to go to Clickbank to log in, find the right offer and then click the promote button to access the link. The link that WA provides just simply takes you to a sign-up page to join Clickbank.

    But you can get the link and paste it into the affiliate link spot so it's save inside of WA for use in other places. Which I use pretty links for so it's still just there if needed.
    CandP Premium
    Thanks, Eric, that's what we were thinking we would have had to do. Maybe in time, there will be an option for existing members of ClickBank (or any other network or merchant) to go directly to the product at ClickBank.
    Colette and Philip
    cramervod Premium
    Check out the skydancers thread (if you can scroll that long to find it :-)). Carson mentions premium features possible sometime in the future. So, likely there will be much more to take advantage of as more feedback gets absorbed.
    CandP Premium
    Thanks, Eric, we will check it out.
    C & P
    mick1976 Premium
    I think you need to log in to Clickbank before you do any promotions. What WA has done is give us some ideas for a niche and where to go to get approval in becoming an affiliate. Saves us time and a lot of research.
    CandP Premium
    Thanks, James. That seems to be the case for now. Maybe further down the line, when the merchants/affiliate program managers are more involved at WA, they will incorporate a direct link to the product at ClickBank. It's still a great platform.
    Colette and Philip
    russWA Premium
    I don’t disagree about the features and benefits. Perhaps I misunderstand the role of the sites that I mentioned. They are not vendors but merely a way for vendors to list their programs for consideration by affiliate marketers to promote. That is what the new WA platform does albeit with many enhanced features.
    I was just wondering whether vendors would list with WA instead or in addition.
    cramervod Premium
    Don't know what you are talking about now, Clickbank has offers available to look at through this program. You still have to go to Clickbank to get the links.
    russWA Premium
    Yes. Just like the analogy I used. You are made aware of the listings on each site in WAaffiliate and then go to those sites to sign up.
    JeannineC Premium
    WA won't replace an affiliate network or track individual sales for an in-house program. This is simply a pretty great directory.
    Joanne25 Premium
    What a brilliant idea! I have to admit it gets kind of overwhelming finding affiliate programs on the different platforms. I can't wait to start having a look around.

    I would also like to take this moment to show you guys @Carson & @Kyle and the rest of the team, our greatest appreciation for your innovation, expertise, great resources and finding ways to help the success of others!

    Thank you!
    Lez01 Premium
    Wow Carson, this announcement is nothing less than ground breaking. This affiliate programs platform offers game changing opportunities for WA members. I think the relationship between marketers and merchant can be enhanced through this platform, with definite benefits and empowerment for affiliate marketers. I look forward to familiarising myself with the platform and also the promised evolution. We have yet again the proof and affirmation that Wealthy Affiliate is, by a long way, the best online business opportunity by far.

    dksomers Premium
    Sorry for the typo . . .

    I have not had a chance to dig into "Affiliate Programs" yet, but it promises all of us, to be a great help in the days ahead!

    Keep up the good work---there is nothing out there like WA!

    I know about it first hand, as some years ago, I lost several thousand with 2 companies that never intended to keep any of their promises.

    Kyle, Carson and Jay are all straight shooters---all of them transparently honest, and helpful to the "WA Community!"

    It is a privilege for me to be a Premium Member of WA!

    ElizabethCu1 Premium
    Wealthy Affiliate has a lot to offer but this addition is huge. It sets Wealthh Affiliate apart. I was having trouble managing affiliates so this indeed solves that problem and guides newbies like me to which programs to go after!

    Great job. Next... WA instant website templates (like weebly or wix) .Wordpress is great...but many people find it too confusing. I need dummy simple sites here on this platform for my customers who want websites...and I want to host them!
    PPeveto Premium
    Thank You a Million times over!!

    I have to mirror what Marley2016 said I feel exactly the same way! Wishing instead of wasting thousands of dollars on bogus teaching programs, that I would have landed within this group.

    I know I would be a millionaire by now, what you have put together is the best of the best! Has changed how I look at business and how I approach pretty much everything.

    Because of this group I have grown as a man and a marketer.

    SowAndReap Premium
    Looks like another loose end tied up in the affiliate marketing industry that WA just accomplished. I can't imagine another loose end that you guys are going to tie up. But if there is one, you guys will manage to get it done!

    For me, it is obvious that WA really want people to succeed within the industry by offering training and tools to help people accomplish their goals.

    After looking through the Affiliate Programs that is created, I don't know how you guys did it, but it appears to be a lot of work involved.

    Looks like an awesome service that I'm sure each and everyone one of us will take advantage of.

    My hat goes off to you WA!
    Marley2016 Premium

    I know it is not often that we get to hear from you, but this is
    absolutely amazing. I would like to thank you from the bottom
    of my heart for all you do behind the scenes here at WA to
    keep things running so smoothly.

    The opportunity that you and Kyle have given me is what I was
    searching for years ago, but did not land on your website. Boy,
    how I wish that I had. To think where I could be today instead
    of just starting out boggles the mind.

    My deepest gratitude to you and Kyle,
    LamaRama Premium
    Just brilliant! I am still building my website, still in the training... But have been doing my own research on affiliate programs, which I have found confusing and disconcerting. There are some companies that just seem to be completely apathetic towards their affiliates! Not cool!
    Anyway, this is such good news! Such a positive way to keep everyone accountable! Thanks Kyle and Carson and Co!!!!
    Lyndal and Remy
    tomanec Premium
    WA is a togetherness of always improving itself,having in mind the care of the membership.
    The core feature of WA evidently is just that,its improvement.
    The members are served,have at their disposal the "how to" and the "what with".
    Kyle and Carson:
    -there is something to come,
    -here is it.
    Bravo to the double leader.
    NeilBrown Premium
    Thank you Carson and Kyle for the continued training and plethora of tools that are available at our disposal, this community never ceases to amaze me, the advancements are simply amazing, I can't begin to imagine all the work that went into finding and weeding out so many affiliate programs.
    I am definitely looking forward to getting absorbed in this new platform, onwards and upwards.
    MiaL Premium
    This is incredible! I continue to be blown away by this platform!! I'll be thoroughly checking it out over the course of this weekend, and updating my WA review page (and now a few other pages on my site too). This is really exciting stuff.

    THANK YOU to you and the team for continuing to make this platform the absolute best.
    LKick Premium
    This is priceless! Thank you. I was wondering why no one had put it all together and from what I see, I can understand. Lots of time and effort went into this and it is so appreciated! You continue to make our success possible.
    Thank you for such great tools. WA Rocks.
    ownonlboss Premium
    I am going to look into this and devour all there is to know about this new platform and then come back to this post.

    I really don't want to comment anything else right now for I would not properly understand it before I have really gone into this stuff.

    Thanks though for the amazing release and development.


    p.s. still looking forward to the release of that extra 9th button in the referral program :)
    Chris181 Premium
    This is excellent! Just another reason why WA is the best place to be to run your online affiliate business. They just keep giving!

    One thing I noticed though is that the 2 affiliate programs I have just joined are not on the list of Travel affiliate programs - Travelpayouts and Tripaneer.

    Should I be concerned?
    JeannineC Premium
    While I can't endorse, those are simply two programs which don't work through one of the major networks. Doesn't mean you have to be worried, but do pay attention to their tracking and minimum payout threshold.
    Chris181 Premium
    Thanks Jeannine! I've also followed you back :-)
    yogini88 Premium
    This brought up a question for me. I'm fairly new to affiliate marketing, and when I was browsing through the options in my niche I realized there's a lot of programs I don't know about or don't have experience with. I don't really feel comfortable promoting something I haven't personally tried, so what should I do?
    NewLaurie Premium
    Hi Julianne - I think you'll find this helpful: -Laurie
    MaryFRM Premium
    It sounds interesting!
    After quick look, I can't find Personal Finance related stuff, except something like Swagbucks.
    The apps that I promote, like Ibotta, are not there.

    Do you currently have only programs that come through affiliate portals like CJ or Awin or also independent self managed programs like Ibotta?

    TopAchiever Premium
    Mary, there is another alternative in Jaaxy that you can take a look at, here is the link:
    Skydancer1 Premium
    Great tool. I looked through it and it is a great way to manage affiliate programs like you mentioned.

    My questions are

    Is this available to all Members? Free starter and Premium? or is it a premium only feature? I feel this can be a great recruiting tool to get people to join and benefit from this platform so if it is for all members then that is even better.

    Is this going to be incorporated into the Jaaxy Affiliate programs tab at some point? since Jaaxy is the official keyword tool of WA it would make sense to have access to it from there, maybe for WA members only? another great way to recruit. There is an opportunity here.

    Is this going to muddy the waters a bit for getting folks referrals to other affiliate programs? I get referrals for other programs that people sign up for, would this mean that using this tool Members could be missing out on another revenue stream of referrals? Just curious

    can we add to the list? if we are affiliates already for a program not in here? how do we do that?

    Wealthy Affiliate Continues to lead the way in the online space. Great job and keep it up

    Carson Premium
    Hi Todd,

    The current state of Affiliate Programs at WA is available to everyone. Starter or Premium. In the future there may be features that are for Premium members only, and as you mentioned, that will be a great tool for recruiting folks into WA.

    Affiliate Programs will be integrated everywhere in the WA platform, including Jaaxy, SiteContent, the Dashboard, Training, Website Areas.

    I'm glad you asked these questions, they are good ones!


    GarryBrown Premium
    if I send an affiliate to join WA, and they then join networks within WA...any chance I had of them returning to my site and looking for Networks to join where I would earn a commission has gone.

    Unless there is going to be a commission going our way if the affiliate we just got to join WA then goes on to join affiliate networks/programs are in the pipeline.

    Because these companies pay affiliate referral commissions, I can't see WA doing it for free for them, and if WA is making money if we join these networks, then that is self-promotion which is not allowed within WA.

    How long before WA then offer links to all the software and responders that an affiliate could join to help with there website. Again doing affiliates out of a revenue stream.

    Can I have your opinions please? How many of you promote networks and software for affiliates, and how many would miss this revenue, if they were able to just sign up for these things within WA.

    I have just started on the Super Affiliate Challange and my plan was to promote all these things on there as well as WA. some of the top affiliates out there earn most of there commissions with companies like Aweber etc.
    DJ66 Premium
    That is what I was wondering too. Hopefully Kyle or Carson will answer your post.
    Stella741 Premium
    I noticed this yesterday and immediately began tinkering with it.

    This addition is very easy to follow and understand and though I should have noticed this before, I realised that I do not just have to promote only affiliate marketing programs or products.

    I can choose anything from any niche so that people get an idea of how affiliate marketing works - Basically, choose niche and then market products related to that niche...

    Thanks Carson, more grease to your elbows!
    Derrence Premium
    Wow! Constantly amazed at what you and Carson and many others do in the development of new platforms.

    Terrific idea and accomplishment to bring this platform to WA.

    Must not be another Affiliate program in the industry that is doing this. I am going to jump right in and start using this amazing new platform.
    MSydney Premium
    However many iterations this platform will take; it's just good business. You're vertically integrating your market and that's, to put it simply, smart. As much as I'm a member of Wealthy Affiliate I'm also a consumer and I love having a one stop shop that I trust. I trust you guys so I'm here for the ride and I can't wait to try out this new platform!
    NnurseBecca Premium
    Dear Carson,
    I Thought Kyle or Jay would make a video training. I am even more excited to read this walkthrough! How does a company get on our list? I have a good commission one who maybe interested, but wanted to explain it more thoroughly and now I have this! >so happy
    Thank you from my heart
    Nurse Becca
    Jaz333 Premium
    Awesome add-on! I noticed the new platform yesterday sometime and played around with it a little bit.

    This is definitely going to make things easier not only for finding affiliate programs within a niche but for organizing programs we're affiliated with as well.

    I'm so glad to be part of the WA community!
    Thanks, Shannon
    AwhituGirl Premium
    What a great idea putting this together. I love how WA is continuously evolving to become bigger and brighter. Well done.
    One thing I found after i applied my filters and perusing through possible options was after I had found a site I wanted to follow to go back to find more, I found I had to start from the beginning again and apply the filters. Did I miss something?
    EddySalomon Premium
    It's great to see this finally rolling out. It's really going to help our members. And I know this is going to grow and evolve.

    Will there be a filter search for recurring commission Affiliate programs?

    And are we getting closer to leveraging the mass number of affiliates on WA to get these networks to accept us into their Network even if we're a new Affiliates who are just getting started?
    jivitaa339 Premium
    Thanks Carson,

    Really a nice, timesaver addition. You people have devoted full two years, to this addition, and that's something amazing and incredible.
    Grateful to WA, not charging us anything extra, for this great tool. Affiliate Program tool is a lot more to it than meets the eye, so can I request a training or a live WAbinar by Jay?

    Thanks once again.
    TDomena Premium
    I love the ease of searching for affiliate programs rather than logging into each affiliate network. Affiliate networks typically have some type of autoresponder system that makes communication to the affiliates possible, but it's not in real time, or interactive like what we have in WA.

    I think the improved communication that WA is creating between affiliates and merchants could definitely transform the industry because many merchants don't understand us. They make changes to their programs without understanding its impact on real people.

    I think this is a step in the right direction for the industry for sure, and I'm grateful you and the team continue to flow with great ideas, and zeal to improve the industry. Now, let's go make more money!
    terrycarroll Premium
    Carson this is just wonderful; I have been discussing the innovation with 2 or 3 members (friends) on here but I don't think any of us has truly drilled down into this amazing addition yet.
    Affiliate marketing is the main reason I joined WA 4 years ago but this has just upped the possibilities immensely.
    Thank you all for this truly awesome gift. where else could you possibly get this, even as a paid for asset, let alone totally FREE within your membership?
    The chances of getting new referrals has just catapulted and I am on this case from today.
    Much success to all of us

    AlexEvans Premium
    Hi Carson, do you guys ever sleep, you must put in an incredible amount of work behind the scenes, to create this latest platform, we just turn up and have it all laid on for us, this is an impressive addition to the range of suites that we already have at our disposal.

    This will be so helpful, thank you to, you, Kyle, and your team going to have some fun over the next couple of days exploring, awesome.

    Starting to feel for all the marketers that are not partaking of the WA opportunity.
    Derrence Premium
    Great reply. I agree100%. Kyle and Carson are fantastic and this new platform will help to sell the WA program.
    Nrichards Premium
    So great this is why I love Wealthy Affiliate and I am sure that the community would agree also. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best places to be on the planet when it comes to building a successful online business. It is so great to be a part of this awesome community!!!!!!!!!
    DBlanchard Premium
    I cannot find a better word than Awesome! And I'm repeating myself every time you guys come out with something new! This time around it's just incredible. Such a great tool!!!! Everyone here will benefit from this!

    Now I have to go back to my Wealthy Affiliate Review and update it to include this phenomenal addition!

    Way To go Kyle & Carson! 🙂🙂
    Derrence Premium
    Yes. I have to go back to my WA promotion website to include this great new benefit.
    Stella2 Premium
    Wonderful addition to the platform, and a big thank you to all involved!

    Now WA really is one-stop-shopping. Lol

    Question, while we're on the topic: How do others deal with the links and banners for many affiliate programs not having "https" which can interfere and cause a security warning on your website?
    Dale123 Premium
    Just change the links/source urls of banners to https. They should have a certificate installed which means it'll be fine, and if they don't then visitors are gonna get a warning when they visit their site anyway - so conversions will likely be pretty poor.
    Stella2 Premium
    Thanks, Dale! :-)
    JeannineC Premium
    I can tell you that the links from Awin are https by default. They are also no-follow by default.

    ShareASale links are also https by default.

    Hope that helps!
    Stella2 Premium
    Thanks for that info, Jeannine!
    Very useful to know that. :-)
    GarryBrown Premium
    This is great for the simplicity, but can I ask if we join a particular network or program do WA get commissions.

    Also, there are affiliates who promote and make a living from their website promoting these networks getting affiliates to join, you have taken that revenue stream away from them.

    Just a thought
    JeannineC Premium
    I can tell you that for Awin and ShareASale, publishers can still refer other publishers and earn the referral commissions for doing so. It's a relationship between the network and the publisher and WA is not involved.
    GarryBrown Premium
    Jeannine, if I send an affiliate to join WA, and they then join networks within WA...any chance I had of them returning to my site and looking for Networks to join where I would earn a commission has gone.

    Unless there is going to be a commission going our way if the affiliate we just got to join WA then goes on to join affiliate networks/programs are in the pipeline.

    Because these companies pay affiliate referral commissions, I can't see WA doing it for free for them, and if WA is making money if we join these networks, then that is self-promotion which is not allowed within WA.

    How long before WA then offer links to all the software and responders that an affiliate could join to help with there website. Again doing affiliates out of a revenue stream.
    Kyle Premium
    If you send people to join WA, they join WA and use this to search and find affiliate programs, you are still getting full credit for your WA referral.

    This is a platform for affiliates to find, manage, and communicate about affiliate programs. We are currently not monetizing this platform, nor will there ever be "a cut" we take from affiliates. That is not a plan, nor will be a plan.

    We are going to eventually be coming out with more advanced "merchant" tools where they can manage their affiliate programs, their affiliates, and work directly with affiliates inside of WA, and there will likely be cost to that, which is related to the company, not the affiliate.

    So your concerns here are completely moot, not to worry.
    GarryBrown Premium
    Hi Kyle, will you be charging the networks for going into this platform, or get a commission if anybody signs up.
    GarryBrown Premium
    Also, what are your plans going forward regarding other companies like Aweber etc, companies that can benefit affiliate marketing will they be promoted within the platform.
    Thucydides Premium
    This is amazing! I'm still fumbling around in the dark, but I can only imagine the potential here!

    Great work on the platform and the launch. I can't even begin to fathom the massive amount of work that has gone into this stellar new tool.

    Thank you, all for the hard work!
    Ropesa Premium
    When I first noticed the new feature, I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. I of course gave it a try straight away I searched for jewelry and I got so many Affiliate Programs. This is amazing, now we can do everything including joining Affiliate Programs without stepping out of WA, I love it.
    This is awesome 👏🏻 👌👍🏻
    boomergp08 Premium
    Wow! I just took a quick look around. I'll spend more time checking it out this weekend. But for now I just want to say, WELL DONE! This will help many members both newbies and others.

    Kyle, you may need to add another lesson to the Making Money OEC course just for this. Maybe touch on this in the Getting Started lessons, unless this is only available to premium members.

    Once I have a better grasp of the new platform I feel it will be yet another great selling point for the promotion of WA and will have to update my content accordingly.

    The interaction between affiliates and merchants, that is going to be interesting to see happen. I think this will not just be an innovative addition to WA but the affiliate marketing industry as a whole.

    You guys (K&C) and all others behind the scenes are AMAZING!
    Derrence Premium
    Thanks Robert for your thought about this being another great point to sell WA to prospective members, I will add it to my website also
    katzee Premium
    Hi Robert I am still inactive due to work constraints and other commitments but just happened to look in and discover this, was blown away .... My niche is property management and have not done anything with it here as I don't know how to connect that to affiliate marketing, but I love WA so much and believe in it (thanks to what Kyle and Carson have built up here .... great to see your endorsement and that you are still active here, as are most of the original Ambassadors and members, it seems. Maybe now it doesn't matter if I don't have an authority niche that I am successful at (to prove that WA works when promoting it) but just want to promote WA and other companies' products ....... what do you think?
    EdwinBernard Premium
    This is a fantastic development. I went through it and found it a tad overwhelming. So I decided to take it for a test drive. Here is what I found.

    I selected a niche that I have planned for the future: Digital Pianos.

    When I entered that in the search box, I got everything connected with music, such as music lessons, Piano courses, sheet music, etc. But nothing about actual digital pianos. Instead I also got loads of results that had nothing to do with music at all in the mix.

    Perhaps I was not using the Affiliate Program correctly? Anyway, I went to Google and typed in Affiliate Program + Digital Pianos.

    I found the companies that sold digital pianos who had Affiliate Programs right away.

    OK so I tried Synthesizers. I got a reply there was nothing available. No problem on Google. I was able to find a bunch of companies that sold synths who had Affiliate Programs.

    My question is why was I able to get my answers on Google and not on the Affiliate Program tool for my specific niche?

    I think that having a connection with the companies Affiliate Program managers is a great feature.

    Definitely a step in the right direction. Thanks for putting in all those hours to create this site Carson and Kyle.
    Carson Premium
    Hi Edwin, our platform includes affiliate programs from some of the biggest and best affiliate networks in the world, and we are continually adding more. Google likely has every program in the world listed, independent as well as programs that are part of networks. We are working to add tens of thousands more programs, many of which will be indie programs like the ones you found on google. A big benefit is that our platform is a medium for communication and connectivity between affiliate and merchant, something that doesn’t exist in the way we think it should. With time we will have digital piano affiliate programs and programs in every niche.
    EdwinBernard Premium
    Thanks Carson. No Problem. I have no plans to enter that niche anytime soon. I am sure that when I do, the Affiliate Program tool will cover it. I shall play around with it for other products just to get the feel for it.

    I have no doubt this is going to be a winner.

    Thanks for this amazing innovation. It puts Wealthy Affiliate way ahead of others.


    JeannineC Premium
    One other thing is that each merchant listed submits their keyword list as offered within WA. So many merchants are so huge that it's not possible to list every product they sell. One additional strategy is to find the companies who offer what you want to sell, then searching by company name within the WA interface for the link and additional information.

    You can also simply go to the music category and see which merchants have self-defined there too.
    ValerieJoy Premium
    This is a wonderful platform, Carson. Among the great advantages this platform provides is the fact it is a huge time saver. Hours of my time have been wasted searching Google for a suitable affiliate program. Today, in a matter of seconds, 29 programs appeared on my screen. Most of these programs I had never heard of. Many of them I will learn more about with a view to promoting.

    Sincere thanks to both you Carson and to Kyle.
    Roybretton Premium
    Hello Carson,

    The affiliate program feature looks like another huge benefit for all of us at Wealthy Affiliate! I have just had a quick look at the affiliate page, it's great that you have added various filters, very useful indeed. I look forward to trying out the new addition to the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

    Thank you for all your hard work, I can imagine that a huge amount of work went into a project like this.

    Enjoy your day.

    Ahimbe Premium
    I recall spending 2 weeks trying to understand the workings of affiliate programs and getting enlisted was not easy.
    This is a wonderful addition to the platform that will save much time getting affiliate programs.
    I just hope it is incorporate in the training lessons.
    Thank you Caron for this great innovation.
    Kyle Premium
    You are not alone. Prior to this it has been very difficult to find quality affiliate programs, and to communicate about particular affiliate programs and get help.

    That is no longer the case with the implementation of the affiliate program platform. ;)
    Tirolith Premium
    Just what the doctor ordered. Wow.
    Kyle Premium
    michaelvgATN Premium
    I just want to say thank you! for putting in so many hours to make a place where I can run and create my own business online.

    Thanks for all your hard work and same to your whole team at Wealthy Affiliate.

    I would have never had the chance to do this without you.

    Yours truly,

    Michael Van Gulik.
    Kyle Premium
    Absolutely Michael, it certainly is not stopping here. There are several projects of this size or larger going on behind the scenes at Wealthy Affiliate at any point in time.

    We are definitely excited to get this platform in the hands of everyone here, and moving through 2019 we have a lot more exciting stuff planned. :)
    C25 Premium
    Awesome! But since it just started it is just good.

    Right now reviews are empty so waiting for WA members to do their review.

    Currently this is just one of the many places where I can do affiliate program searches.

    Will it top the the others and will this become my sole place to look? Well time will tell.
    AlenkaV Premium
    Why don't you start us off with your review being the first one? You seem to be knowledgable about how this addition should look so we could learn from your experience.

    This is an amazing addition to the WA platform, and something you won't find anywhere else.

    Not to mention you get this for the exact same fee as before. K&C could have easily made this an upsell, for example.
    But, they haven't, so I think big congratulations are in order and a lot of gratitude too.

    MurphysMom Premium
    Dear Carson and Kyle,

    I embarrassingly asked “Wouldn’t this new Affiliates program interfere with Wealthy Affiliate?”

    So, I’m apologizing for throwing that question out there without researching it. The whole affiliate venture is new to me but I am learning and want to learn as much as I can.

    Now, this retired teacher, has done her homework. I’m overwhelmed and amazed at how much you both have put into this program for all of us. Now with more venues to add to an already top notch affiliate program, I say THANK YOU! I see hope and success not only for myself but for many on this journey with me.

    My beginning was off to a rocky start, as my husband nearly died three times. He’s so much better now.

    Thank you for your time and effort put forth in this program...and mostly the respect and caring for the affiliates. Blessings to you both and your families.

    Very excited!

    bleumoon Premium
    Thank you so much this is going to help a lot! I love having everything in one place it is so much easier, especially for those of us that have no experience with computer marketing of any kind.

    I have learned so much and now it just got better, can't wait to learn how this all works too. Again Thank you.

    Brenda63 Premium
    Carson, great job. I am excited about this new feature launch. It is awesome. I would like to see some training on this on how this Affiliate Platform works. I see your explanation and brief infographics that help me. When I am there looking around. I am not sure exactly what I need to be doing. I think I need to spend more time on that search platform.
    LMMemea Premium
    I already have an account with clickbank. I noticed that when I tried to sign up for an affiliate program promoted within WA it takes me to sign up a new clickbank account. I'm still researching how to merge my current clickbank account with the needed account through WA.
    Has anyone else come across this?
    Carson Premium
    Hi Lisa, I heard this from another member too. We'll check those Clickbank links and update accordingly. This is the kind of feedback that really helps us improve!

    Thank you.
    LMMemea Premium
    Thank you for responding. Your awesome!
    Atta83gurl Premium
    This is awesome! Thank you. So I have been a member for a year and okay yes I have done a lesson this week and my next lesson is believe it or not "affiliate programs". I am a bit behind in the class, but right on time with this new lauch! Thank you!
    Carson Premium
    Perfect timing Anilise! Great to hear that you're diving into the lessons - let me know if you have questions about this or any other platform at WA :)