Jaaxy is Now the Official Keyword Tool of Wealthy Affiliate!


We have a MAJOR announcement today, perhaps our biggest one to date here at Wealthy Affiliate. When we told you that we had exciting stuff on the way, we were not kidding.

It is official, as of today Jaaxy is NOW integrated into the platform here at Wealthy Affiliate!

Jaaxy is Now Completely Integrated in Your Life.

This has been something that we have wanted for quite some time. It makes much more sense to offer you as a member the BEST keyword & research platform (in Jaaxy) than to offer a much more limited tool.

Jaaxy is now completely integrated for both Starter and Premium members.

There is no more having to go to another site to login into Jaaxy as you are going to be able to access your keyword & research platform directly here at WA. With Jaaxy, the service at Wealthy Affiliate has been taken to the next era.

There is also going to be no more confusion about the differences between the WA Keyword Tool, and Jaaxy. There is ONE keyword platform moving forward and that is going to be Jaaxy.

To avoid confusion, I want to break down the membership levels of Jaaxy. We have kept 3 of the existing levels, with a brand new one that is offered to WA Premium members.

  • Jaaxy Starter. This is your introduction to Jaaxy. You can get a taste of the power of Jaaxy with the Starter membership along with some features ranging from the Keyword Search, QSR (Competition Data), Domain Search, SiteRank, Keyword Lists, and the Alphabet Soup Platform.

  • Jaaxy Lite (NEW). This includes the same unlimited keyword searches that you have access to now with Premium and the WA keyword tool, but comes with some extra Jaaxy features like SiteRank. It is a much better tool, a much more polished platform and it is integrated into your experience here at Wealthy Affiliate now!

  • Jaaxy Pro. This a powerful version of Jaaxy and the most popular. It includes unlimited access keyword searches, a much more robust access to SiteRank (to track your keyword rankings site wide). Get access to the Jaaxy platform in its entirety and operate at 2x speed. It also includes a larger subset of search results than Lite and introduces you to "multi-threaded" search functionality which is great for those that like to multi-task.

  • Jaaxy Enterprise. This is for the elite affiliate marketer and internet marketers dream keyword research platform. It is the best value, but it is also the most expensive. It's great if you are an intermediate to an advanced online marketer, affiliate marketer, merchants, amazon sellers, and local marketers. It takes automation of SEO to a whole new level with SiteRank Tracking that allows you to automatically track your rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo through the arc of time. This can be key for maximizing your SEO efforts and understanding what works and what doesn't. If you want the fastest, most efficient, and best value platform Enterprise is it.

Accessing Your Jaaxy Account.

You will notice that Jaaxy has a new position within the main menu now.

Upon clicking on that menu you will be able to open a sub menu and initiate a search from wherever you are at within WA. If you get a keyword or niche idea, you can instantly do some keyword research simply by cracking open the Jaaxy menu.

If you are like me, you are constantly getting ideas and it is handy to have this quick and efficient level of access to the Jaaxy platform.

You can also link directly to SiteRank to check to see where your website is ranked in Google and other search engines. This will take your keyword & research efficiency to the next level!

Connecting Existing Starter, Pro & Enterprise Jaaxy Accounts

For those of you with Jaaxy accounts already, connecting your account is going to be a breeze.

First, if you are using the same email here at WA, we will check the Jaaxy platform for that email and match them up and allow you to connect your account based on that. If your account matches, you will see indication of this at the top of the Jaaxy page when you initially set it up.

There are some circumstances where you may be using a different email account at Jaaxy, than at WA. If that is the case, you are going to be able to connect a different account at Jaaxy. You can do this by selecting "Connect an Account" from the main menu.

You will simply enter your Jaaxy account details and then presto, it connects and you can use your existing Jaaxy account here at WA. If you are a Premium member and you have a Starter account at Jaaxy, it will automatically be upgraded to a "Lite" membership.

If you have never used Jaaxy before, you will simply need to click on the Jaaxy link in the menu activate your account. You can choose the level of membership you want, if you are a Starter member, the Starter Level membership is free. If you are Premium, you will get the Lite version of Jaaxy included in your membership.

And there Pro and Enterprise are upgrades which offer more features, more speed, more searches, more scans, as well as more platforms. Something to consider.

A BIG Discount for Premium Members.

Although Jaaxy is still a completely different product (and company) outside of WA, and a very popular one at that, you are now going to be able to access your Jaaxy membership directly through Wealthy Affiliate. You are also going to be able to upgrade to the Lite version (comes with a Premium membership), and also upgrade to the higher tier versions of Jaaxy with much more efficiency.

But not just that, as a Premium member at WA you are going to get some BIG discounts on the Pro and Enterprise versions of Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Pro (without Premium) = $49/mth, $499/year
Jaaxy Pro (with Premium) = $19/mth, $199/year ($30/mth, $300/year savings)

Jaaxy Enterprise (without Premium) = $99/mth, $999/year
Jaaxy Enterprise (with Premium) = $49/mth, $499/year ($50/mth, $500/year savings)

So we definitely have you in our best interest if you are interested in either the Pro or Enterprise memberships at Jaaxy, which many of you are already using and loving.

We have you in our best interest, which is why we wanted to retain a lower and exclusive pricing discount for you as a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Our Fastest Innovation in Keyword & Research Technology.

We can now focus on ONE keyword research platform and this is going to lead to quicker evolution life cycles and we are no longer doubling the maintenance of operating two keyword platforms at once.

We thrive on innovation at Wealthy Affiliate and figuring out new ways to improve technology and new ways to help YOU become more efficient is what excites us.

Now that we have ONE keyword/research platform to focus on, you are going to find that it will evolve at a rate that you have never seen it. We have some incredible ideas for Jaaxy, some based on your feedback, some based on things we have wanted for a long time.

There is a lot that can be done in the keyword & research space that is not being done, or if it is, it is being done really poorly. We are going to monopolize on these opportunities and continue to integrate "Jaaxy only" technology into the platform.

Jaaxy in 2018/2019 is really going to be something special. We can assure you of that!

Masterful Integration. It's Just Getting Started.

There are many facets of your business that can communicate with one another, but conventionally they have never been able to. People have had the tendency to segregate their services, from hosting, to websites, to keywords/research, to analytics, to security, to outsourcing, to publishing content.

However it doesn't have to be this way and we are going to continue to change the way business is done online. All of these platforms can and are integrated with one another, which can lead to them operating in unison and seamlessly.

Your research, rankings, and keywords are now going to be able to interact with other elements of your business.

  • What about being able to track keyword rankings instantly upon publishing content (or automatically).
  • What about being able to initiate and write content directly from your Jaaxy interface.
  • What about being able to research and buy amazing domains from right within the Jaaxy UI.
  • What about being able to determine whether a keyword is a good one for your website.
  • What about us being able to recommend keywords for you based on existing content.
  • And 100's of more amazing possibilities that we will explore.

This is what really excites us. No other platform in the industry has the ability to interpret and help you with efficiency in your business in EVERY respect. The introduction and integration of Jaaxy is just going to open up new opportunities to make your day to day activities integrated and speak to one another.

Affiliates Stand to Benefit, Vastly.

There are many positive impacts this is going to have on your campaigns if you are an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate or just getting rolling with your promotions (through bootcamp).

Better Retention. Better retention as a superior product and service is now offered here within WA. All Premium members have a version of Jaaxy to perform all of their keyword research, manage their keyword activities, track website/content rankings, analyze competition, and much more. More happy customers and more reasons to stick around, the longer people naturally do. Wealthy Affiliate is the ONLY place to be if you are an internet entrepreneur and we plan to keep things this way. Jaaxy integration was another monumental "quality" shift here at WA.

Better Conversions. There are no longer going to issues with people joining "another" service. In lesson 7 of the initial OEC training people are sent off to Jaaxy to create an account because formerly free Starter members didn't have access to a keyword tool here at WA. Now the process is seamless and completely integrated. No more setting up "another account" to complete the tasks, it is going to be a breeze. More happy Starter members (and a more seamless process) will equate to more conversions.

More Jaaxy Upgrades. Every single referral that you send to WA is now one of Jaaxy as well. This means that you will earn commissions on every single upgrade to either the Pro or Enterprise membership at Jaaxy. The Pro and Enterprise memberships are still available and they are better than ever. They are only going to continue to break new ground in the keyword/research space for internet entrepreneurs and subsequently there are going to be A LOT of people that will upgrade to the Jaaxy Pro/Enterprise levels. We expect this to be closer to 20%, whereas before it was around 10% of Jaaxy users.

Not only is this going to have a positive impact on everyone's experience here at Wealthy Affiliate as our platform has just been taken to a new level of service, but if you are an active affiliate you truly are going to stand to benefit and it will positively impact your income greatly over time!

There you have it. The cat is out of the bag, Jaaxy is here at Wealthy Affiliate and it is here to stay. This is a project we have been working on for a long time and it has been incredibly complex to integrate here, but it is now ready for the prime time!

WA + Jaaxy + YOU = Success in 2018.

We care about you and your success moving forward and this is just one of the many things that we have planned for you over the next 12 months. We would love your feedback here and if you have any questions about Jaaxy, the integration process or if you have any issues setting up your account, please drop your comments below. :)

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YAYYYY...Nice Early Christmas present guys!! (Kyle & Carson)

I've had to use the regular WA keyword tool...only making $$ from my few referrals right now. Hope to change that in 2018!!

Great news!! THRILLED!! Ready to move forward in 2018!!

Happy with the Lite version for now till I get going and can upgrade.

I LOVE WA..and hope to bring more amazing ppl on board!!

Thank you soo very much Kyle and Carson...you make building our individual businesses a dream come true!!

You guys ROCK!!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!

~Evon (aka LadybugLove) :)

Hey Kyle/Carson

Now that Jaaxy has been integrated into WA would we also be able to use a Jaaxy affiliate link as a backdoor entry into WA?

I ask this because you provide a affiliate link to build a free website with siterubix and it directs us to WA when typing in a domain name.

Just wondering if this is possible rather than just promoting Jaaxy By itself.

Woaaaaa, incredible, exactly what I was asking for a few days ago, it's even better than what I've dreamed of.

You guys rock.

Now there's no excuse for me for not going yearly, then in few months when I will be more comfortable with SEO, I would consider upgrading Jaaxy.

One question, for the Enterprise subscription, what do you mean when you said it's also good for Amazon Seller? I'm very interested in this option.

If you could get a tool like JungleScout at WA, it would be a must, but I understand this is not really the goal of WA, just a suggestion.

Anyway, the Jaaxy upgrade is just Amazing, really like WA more and more.

Thanks, Kyle and Carson.

Well done guys.

As a current Premium WA member and a Jaaxy Pro user for 'many' years, right now, this integration does not bring anything new to me; to access full Jaaxy report and access all its power you still need to keep a separate browser tab open for jaaxy, so in practical and financial terms, today, this does not add anything to current WA Premium + Jaaxy Pro members...

BUT, we are not about today, we are about tomorrow!

It is indeed great news, exciting news, for all the other reasons mentioned in this announcement. I am happy the old keyword tool is gone in favour of Jaaxy integration, well done!

I am excited about future additions to Jaaxy now that you are going to focus on progressing one single well-featured keyword tool, nice one Carson and Kyle, the right thing to do!

It simplifies maintenance and upgrades work on your end, we will get more from it as a consequence of this move. Can't wait to see new features starting to materialise, more integration between WA created content and Jaaxy (as you mentioned in the announcement above)

And, naturally, great news for those who are or are planning to promote WA membership. It was already a no-brainer to sign up for Premium, now you don't even need a brain at all, how could anyone not want to sign up for Premium :)

Excellent !

Oh... by the way... what did you say you were going to add in 2018? :)

So, as a current Jaaxy Pro user, I don't see any difference as you mentioned. Do you think it is worth downgrading the Jaaxy Lite and save myself $200?

When the cat was let out of the bag, I would have never guessed that this would be Jaaxy, of all things. I was assuming the entire platform was about to take on a whole new look.

I am happy with the prices and the fact that there is a free premium member level. As with WA itself, I am grandfathered into the old 2005 pricing which cannot be beat, and it is nice to see you've rolled back the pricing for premium members as well for Jaaxy.

I am still here and have made many changes that will better suit running an online business!

There's no other way to cut it. Nothing stands like WA anywhere in the industry. It is something that should never be taken for granted.

Onboard Jaaxy has connected without any issues and everything in it is as I left it.

Nice to see you here, Daniel! I'm happy to hear that things are going so well for you and that you have turned the corner! Happy 2018! Alanna

Yep, never left, just not visible as much. I'm looking forward to it. I have turned the corner and in home stretch now. It took a long time to do this, but worth it. Very happy to see you Alanna. As I get re-settled, I will be a little more active on here. There is much to do.

Hi Kyle/Carson. I just tried the new Jaaxy and upgrade to Lite, really easy thanks. But when I go to the SIterank page there is a message there that says "You've got 100 out of 100 scans remaining until Jan 01, 1970". It is not an issue but the date is a little old, lol. Just thought u would like to know.

Thanks for everything :)

Yeah, we are on this issue. It will be sorted shortly. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Awesome! u guys are the best. :)

LOL! That's the year I drew a basketball court on my grandmother's carpet with a Magic Marker and got in a heap of trouble!

lol, I think I set my mom's couch on fire around that time, by accident. :)

LOL! on that regard, my youngest brother, a few years later, was playing with a lighter behind my father's recliner and set that on fire.

Both parents came running - my father with the water, and my mother with the belt.

LOL, too funny,

Not really the place to be doing it, but I could not resist when that was the first thing that came up in my mind when I saw the date.

That is hilarious Daniel. Pretty cool how a date can trigger a memory. :)

Yep, probably the most significant thing during that time for the amount of trouble I got into for it. It was a two-week vacation to Grandma's instantly down to two days! I was 10 years old when I did it - old enough to know better. Got it from my grandmother, then my mother when she drove 100 miles to pick me up and my father when he got home from work that day. Something you never forget.

Thank you Jaaxy! LOL.

This is an excellent development at the end of the year. I'm looking forward to using Jaaxy later this week.

One question I had was about Jaaxy affiliate links for those of us who until now were only in WA. In case anybody else is wondering, the affiliate program can be found in the Jaaxy site top menu. :)

Yes, those still work just fine and you can promote Jaaxy outside of WA.

You can also mention to people now that they can get a discount if they are a premium member and access Jaaxy Lite through WA.

However you want to promote it and what fits best to your audience, ideally you will get people into WA and they can either use Jaaxy within their membership or upgrade here.

This is cool Kyle!! But I have one question...

Will I lose all my saved searches from the other Keyword tool?

Can't wait to get started!!

Thank you for this surprise!!

~Evon :)

I am so excited. I was a premium member of Jaaxy the first part of this year. I loved using it. However, when some budget cuts needed to be made, I reluctantly decided to let Jaaxy go. I ended up missing the grandfathered in pricing and simply couldn't justify the higher amounts yet.

So.....the new pricing structure for Jaaxy is a dream come true.

This new WA + Jaaxy combination is certainly going to be a great thing for us as WA members, keyword researchers and affiliate marketers. Thanks!!!!

Hey Sondra, one of our goals with integrating Jaaxy into WA List to give premium members a heavy discount so that they could take advantage of the features and functionality of pro an enterprise level accounts. We have worked tirelessly on the upgrade and downgrade flow so I think that you'll find it quite easy to get yourself up and running again with a Jaaxy account, whatever level you choose!

THANKS for this awesome upgrade!!! LOVE IT!

Carson or Kyle ,It looks like the LITE has 100 Site Rank scans, but when I try to click on "track this keyword" it tells me to upgrade. Does the 100 scans not include auto tracking? It seems like it would since these 100 scans are called "Auto Tracking Scans Left".... also what's up with the old date at the end of that? See image. Should the date be sometime in the future and then it refreshes the 100 for me?

Hi Grace, great to hear from you and this is a good question that you've asked. Auto tracking at Jaaxy is available to pro and enterprise-level accounts. You can still use SiteRank in a Jaaxy LITE account, but you cannot set up that tracking to the automatic. Auto tracking allows you to follow the rankings of a domain and keyword, it's incredibly powerful to see how you fluctuate in Google, bing, and Yahoo. So, you can enjoy using site rank to check on your website rankings, however you will need to upgrade if you want to follow the rankings automatically. I hope this makes sense!

Each month that you are a premium member here at wealthy affiliate, your site rank scans will renew. So, you'll get 100 SiteRank scans a month that you're here at WA :)

Oops, that is strange. We will look into this issue and get it sorted. ;)

Oh, in relation to the date, we'll look into this, definitely something strange about that.

Thanks guys!!

Just tested it out, it is fantastic.
Thanks guys for making every effort to help us on your all in one platform. It's very much appreciated!

Some small feedback, when the search is done in mobile and you need to enlarge the screen, the headers on the search dont follow the columns...something to look at again perhaps.

Thanks for the feedback Paul, we are going to be releasing our much more friendly mobile version of WA as we move in the new year. Another project we have been quietly working on behind the scenes.

You guys and this platform is awesome, thanks again for helping us build our online business here. Having all the tools here in one location is super and certainly makes my life easier.
Take care

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