Happy New Year!

Today is an exciting day for us because we are now ready to release a brand new feature to WA that is going to really set your website up for 2017 and beyond. As technology evolves, it is important to stay ahead of the curve and that is exactly what we are doing with our FREE SSL and the roll out of our SitePlus+ platform.

Introducing our latest addition to the SiteRubix family of services, SitePlus+

SitePlus+ is a new set of features and services that is associated with all of your websites that are hosted here at WA. With this new platform, you are going to be able to toggle on and off features of your website that have been built from the ground up at WA to improve how your website functions, is perceived by Search Engines, how it’s experienced by your visitors, and how secure it is.

To Access SitePlus+ features for your websites, you will see a new SitePlus+ area within the SiteManager dashboard. From here you can click on SitePlus, or you can click on the “Details” button to access.

SiteSSL - FREE Security Certificates For Your Website!

Recently we updated the community with the news that we were going to be soon delivering a brand new and absolutely monumental addition to the features offered with our SiteRubix website platform...and today it’s available to all Premium members of WA!

SiteSSL installs your very own Secure Certificate on your website so that all data transferred from a user’s browser to the hosting servers is encrypted. You’ve likely heard that Google and the other major search engines are preferring SECURE websites with SSL Certificates - this is exactly what they are after and this is going to become more prominent in the ranking factors in 2017.

Securing data by installing an SSL Certificate means that if someone finds your website at Starbucks there is no chance of a third party spying on any data transferred from that user’s browser, to the server. Maybe you’re on your best friends WIFI connection and you are entering your password to login to your website admin area - this is now encrypted so that there is no way your friend, or some malicious virus / malware could intercept that password and take control of your site.

All of your edits to your website will be encrypted and safe, all of your logins will be encrypted and safe, and your website is going to be preferred by Google when it comes to rankings and positioning.

SSL security is certainly not new, we are not re-inventing the wheel by any means with this, but what we are re-inventing is how SSL certificates are installed, and also how much they cost.

Typically the cost of an SSL certificate on a website can be up to $100+ dollars per year for a 256-bit encrypted connection signed (authorized) by a reputable company. Many hosting companies also charge installation fees for SSL certificates to be installed (or removed) from your website.

At WA, we do not believe in holding you hostage with fees associated with SSL - this is why we’ve always been careful with recommending SSL to people who really NEEDED it vs WANTED it. We believe that in 2017 and beyond, everyone at WA needs SSL certificates to be available to them, and for a cost that absolutely EVERYONE can afford...FREE.

  • No Installation Fees.
  • No Yearly Fees.
  • No Extra Fees Period.

All Premium members of WA can have SSL certificates for websites they’ve registered either through our SiteDomains platform here at WA, or from elsewhere when you’re hosting your website with us.

Free SiteRubix.com websites cannot have SSL turned on - if you would like SSL for a website that is currently on a SiteRubix.com subdomain, then you can purchase a domain and move that website over, then enable SSL

Who is SSL For?

SSL certificates have been typically for websites that accept personal information, and more specifically payment info like credit card numbers, social security numbers, or even telephone/addresses. It’s important that personal data of your visitors is kept secure and encrypted so that it’s not possible to have the Internet connection that you use be hacked, have malware installed etc.

Think about your online banking for those who use it. When you login to your online banking from Starbucks (or the local coffee shop), you don’t want your password to come into contact with an insecure network where you could have that information stolen. This is where an SSL certificate is important. It encrypts the information so that even if it were intercepted, it’s impossible for anyone to decrypt it.

Google understands this too and they are on a mission to help secure the Internet by giving ranking preference to sites that are secure with SSL certificates. Does this mean that you absolutely NEED a secure certificate to rank? No, of course not. But, if Google has two sites they rank equally, they will give preference to the site that is served over SSL vs non-SSL.

Security plays a large role at WA in our decisions and new features added to the SiteRubix platform. We are extremely excited to make SSL Certificates available today!

How to Enable SSL on your Website

Enabling SSL on your website is simple.

  1. Browse to your SiteManager dashboard
  2. Click on the SitePlus+ link or Details button for the site you want to enable SSL on
  3. Toggle the switch from OFF to ON, or if you want to turn it OFF, then in the other direction

When you visit your website after SSL has been toggled to the ON position, you will notice in your browser address bar that the address will start with: HTTPS.

https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com for example has for many years been encrypted!

SiteSSL certificates are instant and takes just a few moments to install. You should not experience any downtime on your website while enabling SSL.

And don’t worry about traffic going to your old http:// URL, this will now be automatically redirected to your https:// secure URL.

We also go one step further and update all of your internal links for you so that any links to posts, pages, categories etc, will be updated to use the HTTPS secure protocol. Conversely, when you turn SSL OFF, we switch your internal links back to HTTP :)

Potential Issues after Installing SSL

As with any change, installing SSL certificates can present some expected issues on any website. The most common issues you may face are:

  1. Plugins that are not compatible with SSL certificates
  2. Linking to non-secure websites. For example linking to an image on a website that is not served over HTTPS (SSL) is going to cause your browser to complain that there are non-secure items on your page. This is expected, and you can remedy this by updating links to media and files that are non-ssl, to HTTPS from HTTP as long as they support it.

If you turn SiteSSL on and your website does not work, you see errors or see something unexpected, then you can toggle it back off in an instant. That would be a good time to reach out to SiteSupport to for help by including as much details as you can about the issue at hand.

When we receive your SiteSupport ticket we’ll look into the issue and hopefully provide you with a solution right away!

We have met our personal goal of releasing our sophisticated and incredibly advanced SiteSSL platform to catapult into 2017 with a bang! We think that this and the many (many) more features and services we have slated for 2017 are going to continue to make websites created and managed here within the SiteRubix platform the BEST on the Internet.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback about SiteSSL and if you have any questions or have any issues with the set-up process of SSL on your website, please let us know know. :)

To a brilliantly secure & encrypted 2017,

Carson (& Kyle)
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Dfine Premium
The security of our sites and the individuals that visit them is absolutely Paramount. Anything and everything we can do to ensure costumers have a safe and secure visit.
WA has done it again, stepping up to make sure wealthy affiliates have some of the best domains on the web. That's why I joined an affiliation and that's why I chose WA...
Freedomseekr Premium
Awesome Carson! This is such wonderful news to hear. I've been thinking of eventually adding a shopping page to one of my sites, so this is something I've been looking forward to.

You guys are always amazing me in the years I've been here...always looking out for us. Thank you Carson, Kyle, and the rest of the WA team for doing this!

Best wishes and a Happy New Year to you all :) ~Sherry
suea Premium
Thank you so much! Have been delaying the set up of my woocommerce store in order to have it SSL secured. I am just so blown away since becoming a member by all of the incredible training, help, and of course fantastic community here at WA. Wish I had found you guys a long time ago! Thanks again for giving so much to us all here!
Carson Premium
No more delays Susan, you can go for it full speed ahead now!
hthiew Premium
I have done so for both my site but for my WA promo one. It still has an issue. Although it is SSLed as indicated by the https:// prefix. There is still a little circle with exclamation! in it. And upon clicking on it, it says "Your connection to this site is not fully secure". Anyone can help?
hthiew Premium
Hi, I found my solution already. For those who experienced the same, maybe this will work.... I found out that one of my image has a link to an insecure site "http://www.xyz.com/image". So I changed the link to its corresponding https://
Carson Premium
Yes, if you are linking to images that are not being served over a secure connection then you will see an error in the browser that your site is not fully secure.

Today we rolled out some changes to the way that we turn SSL on for a website and we think that we will be able to prevent this sort of thing from happening at all!
hthiew Premium
brilliant. Thanks Carson!
NWTDennis Premium
We've been expecting this from Carson's announcement back in early November. This is such a proactive upgrade and the fact that it is Free (comes with Premium membership) just demonstrates why our WA Training platform is so far ahead of the class.

I'm about to start developing my WA Affiliate website and am planning an SSL build up from the ground up. This will hopefully minimize the potential issues described above.

As time allows I plan will work on converting my first niche site to SSL, knowing that there will likely be more issues with existing plugins and links that will need to be addressed.
NicoleJBN Premium
Hi Dennis,

plugins such as Pretty Link and all your images will automatically change from http:// to https://.

What I noticed is that it doesn't apply to any links added to text or images hyperlinked before the switch to SSL.

You would have to manually add the 'S' to each link within a blog post (e.g. hyperlinked image, hyperlinked text, etc.). It's a bit time consuming but it fixes the error people experience in the browser bar (not showing a green lock and green https).

Other than that the SSL works like a charm. :)
sherlock77 Premium
Changing 1000s of links manually is a lot of work. I visit numerous websites that state "only secure content is displayed" or something similar, meaning there are links or image links on the page that aren't secure. It's very common.
NWTDennis Premium
Happy New Year Nicole ... so nice to hear from you. That's great news about converting my http site to https. It's in my plan of action for 2017.

Have you made the big move yet? Pecan pie is my holiday favorite. I thought of you every time I indulged over the holidays.
NWTDennis Premium
Maybe this will simplify things. I haven't tried this yet, but I trust Marcus1978.

Here is a useful plugin or fixing insecure content:
Merlster Premium
Ok, the certification authority is Let's Encrypt. I used the same some days ago to create SSL certificates for another domain I have. Let's Encrypt provides their certificates for free but they have issues with subdomains. That's why e.g. webmail.yourdomain.com will fail and your browser will complain about an insecure connection.

Will there be a solution in the future for this particular issue?
Carson Premium
Hi Merlin,

Folks can create SSL certificates for their subdomains here at WA, but we simply aren't issuing SSL certificates for webmail subdomains at this time. You can browse to your webmail as you normally would under a non SSL connection. We've got big plans for our webmail service and you can rest assured that SSL will be part of that.
Merlster Premium
Hey Carson,

This is really good news. Thank you ;)
AlohaMelani Premium
This is great.


I haven't tried it yet, but thinking for the future and possibly moving my other business website to WA...if i need some pages to be http due to a plugin or link to media that causes errors, however I need one page (like a payment page) to be encrypted ssl https, is that an option? Or is the ssl option the whole site or nothing?


ArtByHeart Premium
It's all or nothing. You can fix one page at the time!
MikeMahaffey Premium
This is how I found it to be—To start with my site here is new with only 8 or so post and 4 or 5 pages. When I flipped the switch for ssl, and then pulled the site up my browser said it was an unsafe site? I actually pulled it up in 4 different browsers and all were the same, showing no formatting or images and saying the site was unsafe?

I went through every image and every link was https, and then I went through every page and looked at every link and they were all https—except for one internal post to post link that was not? I simply added an s on the end of it, and everything worked fine after that?

That's my ssl story right there!

Seems like I will need to be careful with my links, and I see that my WA affiliate link is http:// ?
AlohaMelani Premium
Thank You, ArtByHeart!

Carson Premium
Hi Mike,

Links to websites that are not secure are fine, but any embedded elements like images or video's need to be served over a secure connection.

We've made some updates just today that will update all of your Image links for you when you turn SSL on, so if you want to make sure your site is fully updated, your an toggle SSL OFF, then back ON and it will update your image links for you site wide :)

Balsam Premium
Thanks for this info which -- to be honest -- I wasn't able to understand.

I understood if I would like SSL (Secure Sockets Layers = Secure Data transfer {I didn't know that}) for my website, I have to purchase a domain. This was clear!

However, which connection has the following paragraph with my website:

"Think about your online banking for those who use it. When you login to your online banking from Starbucks (or the local coffee shop), you don’t want your password to come into contact with an insecure network where you could have that information stolen. This is where an SSL certificate is important. It encrypts the information so that even if it were intercepted, it’s impossible for anyone to decrypt it."

Please I need clarification! Thanks!
JHaugland Premium
This is of great value for everybody, especially with the new Google ranking preferences.
Also if you want to sell e-books or other items via your page, you can now accept payment.
It is amazing that this service will be available for free. I know what Bluehost and others charged for this.....
sophE Premium
This is an amazing addition to the features provided here at wealthy affiliates, actually the last few questions to site support were about adding SSL and how to go about getting a secure site. This is exactly what I have been waiting for. Wealthy affiliate never ceases to amaze me throughout my online journey.
Nomadpolymat Premium
Wow! I never cease to be impressed by the quality of service here at Wealthy Affiliate! You guys are amazing! I'm still really low on time, but as soon as I can squeeze a few minutes out of my schedule, I will go through the SSL set-up. It's a great option!
KiwiGeorge Premium
Great to have this, thank you, who could ask for more!

I have experienced security issues with WA members sites, even on a page by page when looking at a site on behalf of another member which is really important as they can not see the problem from their end.

Go WA moving ahead in 2017!!
MatthewPap Premium
That's awesome! I noticed the new feature just a few hours ago and I was totally surprised. This post totally cleared things up.

It's great to be in WA community where you guys are always trying to provide us with as many conveniences as possible.
And imagine that I have been here for just about two weeks and I already understand your great efforts.

So, thank you very much Carson & Kyle for caring that much about us!!!
Alakran Premium
Thank you so much! It worked perfectly on one of my sites, but the other two got messed up so i had to disable ssl.
One got its interface messed up, the other one got a google chrome "not secure" connection warning. The strange thing is that the three sites are built exactly the same. Same theme, same plugins. I'll try again tomorrow and if I still get the same errors I'll notify support.

Thank you again!
Carson Premium
Hey Andrik,

Try installing a plugin like "SSL Insecure Content Fixer" which will update any non secure URL's on your website and hopefully fix the "not secure" issue with your content. This is not a problem with the SSL certificate, it's an issue with your content having non secure elements (like images from a non-secure site) embedded.

JPetrie Premium
One issue I discovered earlier tonight was that my social share counts were gone when I made the switch. After doing some reading, it kind of makes sense... Https is effectively a different URL.
I haven't tried it yet but apparently the social warfare plugin can help recover those shares.
But just a heads up for anyone who switches over... this could be a potential issue.
Carson Premium
Good to know Jay, let us all know if this plugin helps recover our share stats.
JPetrie Premium
I'm hoping I'll have time to do this before the weekend, but I'll definitely share what I find.
CraigUKTV Premium
This is absolute GOLD. You guys are awesome. The fact that it's all automatic and old links are re-directed means we don't have to do any remedial work on our sites.

This is just brilliant and all for the very affordable price of FREE.

Well done Kyle and Carson and the team.
ThomasPaul Premium
Awesome news! I have always been impressed with how you guys keep on making WA better.

I must admit I've hosted some of my sites outside of WA, but I think I'm going to be moving them back. I know I'll be giving up some control, but I'll also be getting rid of some headaches as well. Not to mention the savings on the hosting fees!
waian Premium
This is awesome Carson. I love how easy it is to install SSL - I was expecting it would take a lot more work than simply toggling it on.

Thank you SO much for this feature. I know many members, including myself, will NEED SSL on certain sites (yet I'll apply it to all of mine regardless).

Have a great evening,

MKearns Premium
Promises made...promises delivered. Thank you Kyle and Carson for this great first of the year roll out! Now we are at the cutting edge of cybersecurity.
I'm going to wait a month before site postings to get the assessment of latest WP changes and the 2017 theme rolled in and changes shaken out to this great introduction!
DaveSw Premium
Hi Carson,

This is one of the best moves lately (there have been many of course) that you and Kyle have made..

That the SSL service is free is a benefit that many here may not be aware of...

If you go to a big hosting service (almost all of them I think) you will pay an extra $10 a month for SSL (per site)...Plus the set-up fee, etc.

Very happy and I like the way 2017 is starting!

Dave : )
Kyle Premium
Yeah, and the integration is usually a headache on many of these other services. Not to the mention that SSL has the tendency to slow down sites drastically, something that was a big focus and the SSL handoff using the SiteSSL platform is instant and leads to no lag with our website.

A great way to start 2017 off indeed and we have a lot more where this came from! The factory is churning. :)