$12,000 in 11 months.


First let me say I do not like doing post like this. I do what I do very quietly but I feel that this post would benefit some of my friends here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Also I hear people ask if anyone is making any real money on here. Most of the time no one answers. The proof is in the statistics.

If you want to know if anyone is making real money on here yes they are. I am not the only one and there are people here making more than I am.

When I first started I had to learn many of the things that are taught here the hard way. That is one of the reasons that I love Wealthy Affiliate so much as because people can come here and find what works and build a business without struggling like I did.

The other reason is the wonderful friends I have here.

I started out with one blog. It was only after I started learning what is taught here that things started to change for me.

I can tell you that no matter what you hear people say what is here works. I use it on the daily.

Before I learned what to do I felt like the fellow in the picture above.

So here goes I am going to show you the statistics from only two of my sites. Again let me say I only have these sites and a few others because of blogging and do what is taught here at wealthy affiliate.

To me the number one key to making money is traffic. You can have the best site in the world and have no traffic and lose money. So here are the traffic stats on the first site.

Here it shows what this site has earned this year so far.

This is what the sales have been for the last 30 days.

Here is the second site. I moved it to my own server in July and that way it does not show the traffic for the early part of the year.

This is what I have earned with that traffic. I am an affiliate for other products on this site and my margin is not as much as the first one but I am not going to turn it down.

This is how my sales have been for the last 30 days.

This is not my only two sites and not my best one. It was just easier to get the stats off these two.

Now I am not showing this to say look at me. I am showing you this to say you can make a full-time living doing exactly what is taught here.

It does work. No one no matter what they say can convince me different. I have lived it and know.

If you have enough computer skills to get here, then you have the skills to do this. I am far from tech savvy and as my profile said I grew up before computers were around.

So what if someone does it faster or slower. When I first started I had about 2 hours a night to work and that was if I stayed up late.

So what if you feel like you are a slow learner you are not. You are just learning at your own pace. That is all that matters. Do not compare what you are doing or not doing to anyone else. If you do you will get discouraged real quick

It is your life to live.

Well there it is. It works.

I totally agree with the teaching here and I started just like all of you with 1 blog and grew it from there.

Onward and Upward

Bo Tipton

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Thank you for sharing Bo! I totally understand the "I do not like to post like this" feeling. But it's very encouraging especially for someone like me just getting started to see some hard numbers of success outside of the site's main marketing campaigns. Every day WA seems more real, which is really really good in a world of so many scams.

In the training is what I use on the daily. Yes there is hard proof that it works.

Wow, Botipton, these are wonderful motivation as to why to stay here on Wealthy Affiliate. I am really happy for your success and thanks for sharing them with the community.

I will someday, share my success story here in due course as I am learning in every single moment I signed into this wonderful community reading wonderful and valuable posts to educating me towards success. Thank you all. E

I look forward to reading your stories when you share them.

Thank you for sharing this. It is a great boost for people just starting out and knowing that you started in the same place. This is a marathon and not a sprint. You have to be in it for the long haul.
Though obviously some will move quicker than others.
With Grace and Gratitude

Yes there are no shortcuts to success

Good Morning Bo,

To me, your story is very inspiring and gives an extra boost to keep trying and working.
I know there will be people who are disappointed after reading your story as they have not made a cent yet, I hope they are few.
Most people here at WA will be happy to hear that it is possible to be successful.

Have a great Sunday, Taetske

I hope it does not disappoint but encourages the ones who are not making anything to look and see what they are not doing.

Bo, your posts always make me feel better. Ha ha!

I wish I had a fraction of your traffic. Looking at your WORST month, your average daily traffic is close to double my traffic for the YEAR.

I know I'll get there in time. I'm confident in that. Fighting the impatience is a bit tricky, though.

Yes you will get there and slap that impatience and tell it to sit down and shut up

Ok, THAT made me laugh.

Thanks, Bo, for posting this! I know I will get there, too. Slow but sure. I'm simply thankful to you for showing that your diligence works..not that I needed reassuring, but it gets me motivated to work even smarter! All the best in your continued success! See you around!

Thank you and the two keys are being consistent and being persistent. You do that and you will get there.

This is such a deception. I thought I was going to make some money doing this, but almost two years and not a cent. Also, `12,000 in a year is nothing. I don't get it. I can't believe that no one makes any money as you said above when you asked that question. I am so disillusioned. I thought this was a great company, but I certainly have my reservations now. Also, when he asks how many are going to Las Vegas after selling 100 subscriptions. Does any one make a 100. I can't imagine that they do. I am glad for you, but as I said that amount in 11 months?

you go two years without a cent, I do two social media posts and get over $500 and counting - the biggest difference I see between me and you right now is attitude...

there's a ton of people made 300 sales and vegas inside 6 months, a newbie ericcantu did it inside a year and there's a number of people I know buying their own house right now because they made it work

$12k is Bo's loose change as I read this article, and boy he makes it look easy to get that traffic floating about here having fun

well done Bo! ;)

I understand how two years with nothing could be frustrating. Any time I find myself doing something that is not working I always try to find out why.

Personally me $12,000 is something. Many people on here $1000 a month in their pocket would make a huge difference. As I said in the post that is only two of of my sites. I used those two because it was easiest to get the stats right out of my back office.

Using exactly what is on taught here I make over twice as much each year as I did teaching at a major university.

As far as people selling 100 subscriptions. I personally know of people that do it in under 6 months. Yes it can be done and is done every year.

Any time I see someone doing something that I cannot I want to find out what they are doing. Because what I am doing is not working and what they are doing is. It is all about learning what to do.

MozMary I appreciate your spot on comments.

I did not mean to make it sound like 12,000 was nothing. I just expected so much more. I am just very disillusioned.

If you learn to make $12,000 with one site you can do it over and over. So what one site makes if you have been here very long is just a small part of what is there. That by far is not my best site.

Thank you for sharing your results and earnings. It is very slow going for me because I can only spend about an hour a day, if I'm lucky. But I am determined to finish my first site in the next few months. I am also determined to follow all of the training here carefully. Your results inspire me to keep at it. Thank you. :-)

When I first started I had about 2 hours a day and many times that was only if I started up late at night. You can do this

Yes I can. Thank you!

Thanks for this Bo, yes that answers a lot of our worries. I appreciate your sharing of your earnings.
I do know that slow learning is good. One tends to retain the skills better, and most of us are taking notes. When you are not doing something constantly, it is natural to forget, so that is why note taking is essential.
Finding the note you want, now that is another thing.....
Love talking to you Bo,
Cheers, Jae

LOL I like that. You must of been watching me, "Now where did I leave that note."

Wow,i hope to get this done so i can start profiting but it's a long process and the bad thing is...i have no money and live off bank overdraft!I'm praying because i still seem to be stuck and i've paid what money i was able to by the grace of God!I soo dearly need to earn income but i'm desperately trying to do it right!Maybe if i can talk to you on the phone you can be of help to me.

I would be happy to help you. The first step is to send me a private message here and we will go from there. You can do what you need to do right here with what is here and I am glad to help.

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