Last Update: October 03, 2014

I think themes matter a lot. Themes are your environment. I would encourage anyone creating their new web site, after carefully choosing your niche, to really take your time, consider a few themes, and choose one that matches your niche.

It's your environment. So, if you are talking about being grounded, then a theme that looks like it is floaty on in the clouds doesn't quite go with it. If you have a children's niche, then something associated with children goes well. If food, then something tasty or that evokes taste may work. If a theme looks industrial, does it really go well with a niche about a path to personal spiritual health?

Also, one or more graphics help a great deal. Sometimes we use the same themes but changing the graphic customizes and personalizes it.

So absolutely while making a great about me, finding effective headings and menus and topics, the theme is a big part of your site as well as the graphics you may find to use on your theme.

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KevinCR Premium
An important point when starting a website. Tank you for sharing Ben!
Sui_generis Premium
I agree. It's like picking the background paper for a scrapbook page. It's the foundation that everything else revolves around. ~Debbi
caylynn Premium
So agree, and know your theme well. Creating an environment to create is so important to the creative mind. Congrats on going yearly! ^_~
mlshands Premium
Great post. I just finished changing themes and I think I put more work into that then I did setting up the initial theme. I changed so my theme supported the additions and growth as I add content over time.
CarlaIves Premium
Good advice, Ben! The great thing about themes, though, is they can be changed.
MurieB86 Premium
I definitely did this too Ben. Eventually I decided to pick the theme that I'm still using for my website. Good blog post and thanks for sharing
mrpeter Premium
I agree, although I spent days looking at themes when I first started and couldn't seem to make a decision... There's so many!
kholmes Premium
That is a very good point, more research should go into choosing your theme. I have noticed so many variations that some themes have and others don't.

Great informative post.
jazminf Premium
Great post Ben, thank you for sharing:)
Ken-Pringle Premium
Ben, I certainly agree, the theme and graphic choices
are an important step. Great advice thank you.