Getting Started (Level 1) - Scripts Completed - A Big Thank You

Last Update: Feb 25, 2014


Back in October (2013) I came across a new member of Wealthy Affiliate who was frustrated because they couldn't access any of the videos on the Level 1 course because they were Deaf.

Although there's a lot of information accompanying the video they still couldn't get what was going on without captions or a script. and they felt excluded. There was nothing I could say to them but I made the decision to start transcribing the videos and typing up the Level 1 scripts.

A big thank you

When I said I was going to do it - I had no idea what a huge task it was. Thankfully some great members of WA offered to help and a big thank you should go to Jean (@autumn56) Rick (@Rick Jantz) and Thomas (@ThomasPaul). I couldn't have done it without them.

Any volunteers?

Now you've probably noticed the flaw in my plan. We have the Getting Started Course done - but what about all the others? Well Jean has made a start on the Bootcamp Phase 1. I'm sure she would welcome some help if anyone wanted to volunteer to transcribe one of the videos.

Scripts for anyone

Of course it's not just people who are Deaf or have a hearing impediment that want video scripts. Some people don't enjoy video at all. However, you will find there are no pictures accompanying the scripts because they were done with the idea that someone could watch the video and look back at the script.

So if people are asking for the scripts - please point them here.

Need further information?

If you want to help out please contact myself or Jean

And if you produce your own videos please think of offering a script or adding captions. There's benefits all round to doing so. You can find out more here

Thanks. :) Beverley

Recent Comments


THANK YOU ALL :-) This is a great idea

Thanks Kerri

I just wanted to say, FANTASTIC :)

Thank you

What a job Beverley!
thanks so much to all of you who have tackled this!

Thanks Shawn. Couldn't have done it without the others.

OMG, what a task you've taken on. If I was further down the road, I'd help you but I'm trying to keep my head above water. Wanted you to know that you're a saint though!

Thank you. That's sweet of you to say so. Just keep working at your own stuff - that should always be your priority.

Great contribution, Beverley.

Thanks Pam. Very much a joint effort.

I can try and help! Please let me know what video and how do you want it transcribed.

Evelyn - that would be great. Would you like to send a pm to Jean (@autumn56) as she's handling the next stage.

ok i will

That is wonderful and a big project to undertake, I will certainly direct anyone in need of this type of training, I wish everyone else perhaps I will be in a position to help a bit further down the road, have no experience in this area

Thanks Cathy for reading and taking the time to comment. Don't worry that you can't help out at the moment.

Fantastic! How thoughtful and kind of you all to take the time and effort to get this huge project completed. I cannot volunteer at this point but will try and connect with you when my time gets a bit more manageable and I can stick to the commitment.

I think suggesting people do this themselves for their own videos is great advice, I know I'll keep it in mind.

Thanks again you awesome transcribers.

Patty :)

Thanks Patty.

Thank you all for taking the time to provide scripts for the videos. It may also help those whose native language is not English at least they can translate words that they do not understand. Debbie

Thanks Debbie. I agree - it will certainly be useful for some others as well.

This is why we love you Beverley, I wouldn't have even bothered starting if I had not noticed that you were already working on it. On that note I would like to say that if people have any specific requests to feel free to comment here or send me a pm so I can focus on that first.

Other than that course 1 one of the affiliate bootcamp is done as well =) So hopefully that means all the starter members will have access to those video scripts.

Oh and video updates! Kyle has been like a ninja and has been updating videos after the new WA look from January so if something is out of date anyone please let one of use know and we will work on getting it corrected.

Thank you Beverley,

Jean - you are a star. It might be worth just pm Kyle to find out which one's he's updated so we know.

LOL I have =), he just lets me know that they are coming... and the man is swamped by other stuff I doubt I would ever get updates about it. Will just have to keep an eye out.

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