Why Am I Still Here At Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: February 15, 2018

Have you ever asked yourself why you do the things you do?

For me, I asked myself this question the other day, "Why the heck am I still with Wealthy Affiliate?"

I asked myself this because it helped me to not only motivate myself to keep going strong, but it also helped me reflect on the success I've found here.

For many they question the following:

  • Does this program really work?
  • If I follow the training here and do what it says, will it help me make a living online?
  • If I don't know anything about computers and building websites, could this program still work for me?

I bring these questions up because I've seen it more than a dozen times, and it was also the questions I had when I first started here back in December of 2015.

I didn't know much about computers, just how to turn it on and search the web.

And when we talk about building websites, I never for once thought that I would be able to build one, but here I am today building multiple sites without any major problems.

How did I get to where I'm at today?

I just followed the training provided here and completed all the tasks.

Now what I had on my corner that helped me to start earning money with Wealthy Affiliate, was PATIENCE!

Why Patience?

Patience is what it takes to succeed with affiliate marketing, it's one of the key ingredients.

Once you understand the process and what it takes, then things will be so much easier.

It's almost like building a house, you can't build it in one day right?

It's the exact same way with affiliate marketing, you can't expect to make money overnight, it just doesn't happen that way.

Everything is a building process, and once you get your foundation set and start building up, that's when you'll see the real progress.

What I did that really helped me to find success, and this is true stuff... I put the whole making money to the side and worked hard with my site, of course while implementing what I learned here.

Once I took the making money out of my head, that's when things started falling into place.

I gave myself a YEAR here to see any major changes, and if I didn't see any progress, then something was wrong and I probably wasn't cut out to do this online marketing thing.

Now this is where I was really surprised, I made my first sale with affiliate marketing within the first 3 months of running my online business.

I didn't expect it, but I was dang happy it did because I saw real proof that this stuff works!

So back to my question...

Why Am I Still Here At Wealthy Affiliate

I'm still here at Wealthy Affiliate after two years because this program really works!

The community is amazing if you haven't noticed, and there's so many people here whom helped me to get to where I'm at today.

This program has the best support system, and that's the bottom line!

Now when we talk about the training, there's really nothing out there that can compare.

How do I know this?

Because I've joined many other online programs, and the majority of them are lacking some of the key ingredients to succeeding online.

And when we talk about the tools provided here, again... Wealthy Affiliate has it all!

So yes, I'm still here at Wealthy Affiliate after two years because this program has everything I need in one place to run a successful affiliate marketing business.

I hope you all enjoyed my little article, I just thought I'd share with you all why I'm still here at Wealthy Affiliate, and why I still continue to go strong.

Thanks for reading!


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Sugarbs Premium
Patience it is! I’ve been telling myself too! It’s not that easy but it is worth as many successful people say! We have to believe in ourselves and kindly receive advice that people give.
Biggsta Premium
Asking a lot of questions is what helped me improve here, so dont be afraid to ask questions, someone will help you.
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
here at WA we have the keys to the kingdom
Biggsta Premium
We sure do, and we all have each others brains for ideas. So many people here helped me to get to where I am, and I'm thankful for each and every one of you.
Memorylaneuk Premium
This is excactly the kind words of post new people need read and those who have been here a while too.
Thanks for sharing your story.
With Grace and Gratitude
Biggsta Premium
No problem at all Karen, thanks for reading :)

Have a great one.
peterjamesk Premium Plus
Thank you for this. I have been feeling a bit impatient but this gave me hope. I know the training works because I have got a sale for a separate affiliate product
Biggsta Premium
No problem at all my friend, I have no doubt that you could succeed beyond means. It just takes hard work and dedication, and I'm sure your doing just that.
Traveller75 Premium
I agree with you as I've also been here a while but I am still staying on as I believe in WA.