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Does it make sense to work with a partner?

Does it make sense to work with a partner?

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Since I'm still working full-time and have a friend who also joined WA, does it make sense to work as partners initially?
Does anyone have suggestions about this and what's

Would depend on what each of you bring to the table, but think it would be better for each of you to be WA members


Thanks Louis. We are both WA members and fortunately we do bring different skill sets. Appreciate the input

Different people bring different skills and talents to a partnership. I found greater success in business when I was working in a partnership. However, a binding agreement which includes how you terminate the partnership is essential.

Thanks for the reply. Appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

To me, it does not make sense. It would require an agreement to specify roles and responsibilities, financial arrangements (responsibility for expenses and profit sharing). And then there are the income tax implications of the partnership.

Thanks for the feedback. Your thoughts make sense.

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