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Have you ever asked yourself why you do the things you do?For me, I asked myself this question the other day, "Why the heck am I still with Wealthy Affiliate?"I asked myself this because it helped me to not only motivate myself to keep going strong, but it also helped me reflect on the success I've found here.For many they question the following:Does this program really work?If I follow the training here and do what it says, will it help me make a living online?If I don't know anything about co
November 20, 2017
Hey everyone, I would really appreciate it if you follow me on my Social Media accounts, I'll be sure to follow you back.My accounts are below, so feel free to follow which ever one you please: FaceBook: +: you all are having a great one and happy blogging!
September 02, 2017
This week has been very hectic for me!Since the change has been made to 100 sales to make the Vegas trip here, I've been non stop thinking about it.I've been working overtime to ensure I make this trip! LOL!I have 98 more Premium sales to go, so hopefully things start to pick up this month.Hard work and determination will get you to where you need to be!So lets see if my hard work and determination will get me to this super affiliate conference.I wish everybody luck who's trying to make it, and
Many wonder how to make it with this affiliate marketing business... I know that for a fact because I was always wondering how to make it as well.I would stress because I wanted to see proof that money could actually be made with it.So... like what you are all doing here, I went through all the training, both the certification courses, and the affiliate bootcamp.Of course while I was going through the certification course, I was completing all the tasks that were involved.I added content when i
August 30, 2017
For the past 2 days, I was struggling trying to get my website back on track.I noticed my web traffic was staying steady and not increasing, which for me was something that really bothered me due to the fact that I blog everyday for my site, sometimes twice a day.This issue bothered me so bad that it made it hard for me to sleep... LOL!So... I went into my Google Search Console to try and get the bottom of things.Come to find out that I had major link issues, like 400 broken links type of issue
I know you all know about the new WA ranking structure and it's changes, it was the talk of the town for a good bit.Some people were mad about the change, while others just continued to carry on.I'll be honest, I wasn't so big on the WA rank, I just simply helped out those who truly needed it, not for rank, but simply to help.I help out because I know when I needed the help when I first started here, people were fast to lend a hand, so I just do what was given to me and lend a hand right back!B
When I first started out with Wealthy Affiliate, I didn't think I'll be where I am today!I didn't know anything about affiliate marketing, or online marketing in general, I just knew that money could be made online.I followed the training and completed tasks as I went along with my website, and 300+ articles published later, I'm happy to say that things are starting to fall into place.I'm starting to rank a lot quicker on Google, and multiple articles I've published are sitting on Page 1 of Goo
July 21, 2017
Today I was excited to see that I now have 10K followers here on Wealthy Affiliate!Just knowing that I have many people to network with is a great feeling, and the best part is... it makes me feel more confident knowing that I have people to call on if I ever need help with my websites.Thank you to everyone who follows me here on WA!Good luck to each and every one of you with your online journey here and I wish you all nothing but great success!Take care and have a great one!Cheers,-Jaime
A little over 2 weeks ago, I started implementing Amazon links into my blog.My blog that I currently run is in the work from home niche promoting WA.Since I've started running ads and different product links on my blog, I've been making sales everyday.Of course some sales bigger than the other, but just the fact that I'm making sales everyday is an amazing feeling.I encourage everyone to keep pushing forward and never give up on your business.It takes time, but if you're patient and put in the
So today I decided to check my Amazon Associates account to see if I had made any sales, and to my surprise, I made more than expected.I recently started using the Amazon affiliate program about 2 weeks ago just to see how it would do with my website, and man... it's working better than I thought it would be.Just to test things out, I threw in a couple of custom amazon ads on 2 of my posts, and within 2 weeks, I made 9 sales.I'm going to try and implement more ads in my articles and see how it