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Last Update: September 25, 2014

In its simplest meaning “Organizing” is a process of arranging things and keeping them into order. It is a part of life and can be performed at all levels. Right from your physical belongings to your family, work, activities at WA, and everything needs to be organized. Consider working on an unorganized place or situation, the thought itself causes frustration and stress. This causes a negative impact on your goals and sense of empowerment. Organizing your workplace with a sense of structure and order is vital for effectiveness. To run more efficiently and eventually gain success.

It is important to know the "Reasons Why Organizing your Stuffs is Important" at home and at our WA journey to accomplish our goals more efficiently.

1. Better/Increased Efficiency - Organizing ensures better or increased efficiency by reducing the clutter and distractions creating more space for quality work. This applies not only on the physical items around us but also in our ideas and thoughts on creation of our websites. Organizing helps in completion of tasks in an effective and efficient way.

2. Effective Time Management - Organizing from the very start of our activity is recommended although it may seem to be a time-consuming task initially but in the long run, taking out the time to organize can help you save a lot of time. Make sure that there is a proper defined place for everything before and after a work or activity is done.

3. Relax and Less Stress Life - Stress is common in a disorderly environment. Living in an environment with order, tranquility, and a physical display of your tastes, can soothe you and help release stress. An organized home creates a comforting environment and fills you with a sense of inner peace and absolutely a better results on our projects at WA.

4. Clarity and Focus of Goals - By being organized, you can keep a track of the proper sequence of all your activities. In un-organized setting, there is no clarity of goal as to what to achieve and how to achieve. An orderly workspace can help you fine tune and accomplish your daily and long term goals.

5. Saves Money and Resources – Being organizedprevents duplication of things that leads to increased expenditure and wastage of resources. In an unorganized place, you tend to forget things that you already possess which you may buy causing additional expense. Same is true with our website development as there could be duplication of contents.

6. Easy Accessibility - By organizing, you know the exact place where things or info are kept and you need not spend hours finding them. This helps us to save time as well as energy. At WA having notes of our lessons learned, bookmarked important topics, etc. would definitely be helpful when we need them and when we encounter problems that we find this info helpful.

7. Priority Listings and Space Savings - Its human tendency to forget things that are not within their sight for too long which sometimes causes you to look over some important stuff or unfinished work. Organizing stuffs can help you remember and rank important tasks. The empty space that is created with organizing keeps us working effectively in our projects.

8. Orderliness, Safety and Health – While this one may not have a direct effect at our WA experience it is essential for our well-being.Organizing helps to lessen stress, better safety and saves time for work. A clean, healthy and hygienic environment is essential and is a source of pleasure and definitely affects our behaviour and our study habits at WA.

I just hope that knowing the advantages of being organized not just on our physical environment but also in our thoughts, behaviour and habits will encourage us to be more organized for us to be in better position towards our goals and objectives here at WA.

As a simple and basic demonstration of being organized is to have a database or record of your activities and lessons learned here at WA wherein you could write helpful information which you may need in future projects and in your journey. At this time, I have compiled more than 80 pages of my notes here at WA composed of technical info, blogs, queries and lots of other stuff. As part of having an organized record this will not be only useful for me but for other people I will be sharing in the future.

As in Project Management, having a compilation of your lessons learned is an essential element in the project life cycle and a good demonstration of organizing towards our journey and success at WA.

Table of Contents - My Blogs and My Questions” (access to info in a single place)

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* (Com. - Comments)

My Blogs & My Questions in Phrases / Graphics

Funny Text TermsMost Popular Text Terms


"Funny / Azanmig Terms and Phrases". . . . "Most Popular Text Terms"

“Awesome Chinese Bamboo Tree Story”. . “Tidbits” or “Chunks” of Wisdom

“Proverbs or Sayings". . .“Single Word”. . . . Google’s 200 Ranking Factors

"Rookie" Errors". . . . . . . . "Money" Goals . . Trial Blog

websiteikigaiburn that bridge

Website is Well. . . . . . What is your Ikigai? . . . . . Blog or Query

Burn that Bridge . . . . . Albert Einstein . . Hardwork, Knowledge or Attitude?

Promoting Website . . . . . .Links on WA . . . . . Cardinal Rules

Retrieve a Saved Blog . . Editing Published Blog. . . Add Contents on My Pro.

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“Patience and Perseverance”



* As part of being organized this post will be periodically updated to reflect my "Success and Enjoying the Journey at WA". Be sure to come back and check, {(;-).

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This is very professional, I also do not know how long will it take me to get to this level.

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