“Funny / Azanmig Terms and Phrases” Used in Internet Business and Online World!

Last Update: August 17, 2014

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Ever seen an acronym you didn’t know? Are you a parent or teacher with kids online? Are you a business professional trying to stay savvy? Or just someone who loves to get online…

With millions of people texting and instant messaging every day, it's no wonder you've seen this cryptic looking code. Acronyms are an integral part of computer culture and grew rapidly on the Internet. Now, along with an alphabet soup of abbreviations and symbolic messages, this online jargon has become a language of its own. So what are acronyms? How do you begin to understand a new language?

What makes texting and instant messaging so popular?

In short, it’s fast, cheap, and cool. itz hw 2 tlk w/o bng hrd ;-)

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“Most Popular Text Terms” Used in Internet Business and Online World!

Let’s Start:

Now let’s learn more of the“Funny Terms and Phrases” used in Internet Business and Online World! ( . . just a bit longer and more serious than the previous ones . .). They may not be as popular as the short ones but it is good and interesting to know their meanings.

Let’s start with the basics: An acronym is derived from the first letters of a phrase and is pronounced as a new word, for example POTATO stands for a hilarious acronym “People Over Thirty Acting Twenty One” and is pronounced "potato." It should also be noted that acronyms are generally typed IN ALL CAPS (not to be confused with SHOUTING, lol!) whereas shorthand is often typed in all lowercase.

I. TEST #1:

Just want to start it right to end up right! (This is very popular and went viral in various Social Media in the past. Just to refresh your memory . . . {(;-) )

"Most Popular Text Terms"

Here They Are: . . . . . .

*angry garden salad - Slang for a poorly designed Web site GUI with incorrect code behind it

*cappuccino cowboy - A nickname for a person who just has to have a Starbucks coffee or other type of roadie on the way to work (. . is that you?)

*chillaxin - Slang for chilling and relaxing, as in "What up? Not much, just chillaxin."

*chips and salsa - Chips refers to computer hardware. Salso refers to software

*cluster funk - When a multitude of things go wrong on a computer system, at the same time (huh!)

*cornea gumbo - A visually noisy or over-designed Web site, usually with too many graphics and too much animation

*dancing baloney - Gratuitous animated GIFs and other Web special effects that are used to impress clients

*double geeking - When you use two computers at the same time. "Triple-geeking" is using three computers at the same time

*easter egg - A hidden element written into a program or placed on a website (watch out . . .)

*eating your own dog food - When a computer company uses its own software for internal projects

*fat finger- To make an error in typing, as in, "Oops, I didn't see that misspelling”

*flame war - When an online discussion degenerates into a series of personal attacks against the debaters or participant, rather than a discussion of their opinions and positions. A heated exchange

*fortune cookie - An inane, witty, or profound comment that can be found around the net. When you come across a unique piece of insight, you can say, "What a fortune cookie."

*fram- Slang for spam sent to you by your friends or family.

*gingerbread house - Slang for a company that hires NCGs (New College Graduates), places them in high-pressure positions, but pays only minimal compensation

II. TEST #2:

I’m sure this is entirely new to you, and you can’t answer it at once . . . .

Just come back after reading all the remaining terms (below) . . . . Lol!

Most Popular Terms in the Internet

*grok - To "get it" or to understand something so completely that you absorb it and practically become the thing itself

*ID10T - An acronym, actually an expression, used among tech support personnel to disguise what they really saying

*meatloaf - Unlike spam, which is unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE), meatloaf is unsolicited personal e-mail

* ohnosecond - The fraction of time it takes to realize you've just goofed; for example, right after you hit the send button on an e-mail and realize you forgot to include the attachment

*plonk - To kill (or filter-out) a particular person's messages from the newsgroups you read

*POTATO - This is what's known as a hilarious acronym to describe "People Over Thirty Acting Twenty One”

*scribe tribesNetizens who publish their journals, diaries, and daily ramblings on the Web and organize them into journal webrings and link lists

*spam - An e-mail message sent to a large number of people without consent, also known as Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE) or junk e-mail

*velveeta - To cross-post to an excessive number of newsgroups

*warez - This word is considered by many users to be a catchall term for software which includes firmware, freeware, shareware, malware, etc.

*word-of-mouse - Gossip or information spread via the net, usually through e-mail, blogs or newsgroup postings.

*zen mail - E-mail messages that arrive with no text in the message body

Lots, lots more . . . . . . .


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