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Hello friends! It's weekend and specially on Sunday most of us take it as a family time or a personal break time away from our regular weekday activities. While others take it as the only days to have more time for WA courses and trainings as they are fully occupied on weekdays. For the lucky ones they can spend them as they wish as they are now eitheir retired on their regular jobs or are now their own bosses free of the 9-5 jobs. Whatever it is let us take this short moment to Have Fun, Smil
This blog is not directly related to our main goal here at WA but I just want to share some milestone events that our family celebrated. Celebrating our journey and success both in-and-out of our WA activities is essential for us to function joyfully, effectively and revitalize ourselves in order to achieve our goals. Today my family had our Canadian Citizenship Oath Taking considered as final step towards being a Canadian and as a milestone embracing our new second motherland. As in any oth
As we go on with our daily life and as more people are having access to Internet or use of cyberspace as an extraordinary communication and information medium, we are getting involved to certain risks. Just this weekend, I experienced a Scam and Fraud which I want to share. It is not a direct affiliate marketing scam but it is worth knowing in order to Know How to Avoid or Respond as you could also experience. Today, almost any “traditional” crime can be committed with the help of technol
In our journey in life and in our experiences here at WA, as we encounter the ups and downs and all the challenges it is always great to be reminded that you are created as unique and special. “You are God’s Own Masterpiece”, which means you are not ordinary or average with your talent; you are one-of-a-kind original! By having this mentality and mindset you are able to overcome anything towards your goals and dreams in life. We are all unique individuals with unique gifts to offer. W
Happy weekend, every1! Here’s a few cheesy jokes / quotes in the internet / affiliate marketing world can appreciate and more spices in life. I hope they make you LOL a little, {(;-). Research has long associated anger and hostility with increased coronary-heart disease risk. Now, a recent study from cardiologists has shown that laughter have a beneficial effect on the heart. They found that people with heart disease were 40 percent less likely to use or see humor in situations than those wit
This post is just made plain and simple unlike my previous blogs which is a bit more serious, {(;-) to make a difference . . . It covers the importance of our content as “Content is King” demonstrated by a video and also showing that “Laughter is the Best Medicine . . . Having a Break After a Hard Days Work”) Take note that being equipped and having all the technical knowledge acquired at WA to make our websites great and excel may still be not enough. In most cases, we got to really
In its simplest meaning “Organizing” is a process of arranging things and keeping them into order. It is a part of life and can be performed at all levels. Right from your physical belongings to your family, work, activities at WA, and everything needs to be organized. Consider working on an unorganized place or situation, the thought itself causes frustration and stress. This causes a negative impact on your goals and sense of empowerment. Organizing your workplace with a sense of structu
Flashback / Review : Ever seen an acronym you didn’t know? Are you a parent or teacher with kids online? Are you a business professional trying to stay savvy? Or just someone who loves to get online… With millions of people texting and instant messaging every day, it's no wonder you've seen this cryptic looking code. Acronyms are an integral part of computer culture and grew rapidly on the Internet. Now, along with an alphabet soup of abbreviations and symbolic messages, this online jargon
Welcome to the weird, wonderful world of online jargon ;-) Not only has the Internet and texting changed the way we communicate, it has spawned an entirely new language that is growing every day. In an age where everything from job searching to dating is interactive, knowing how to communicate in your online life is a must. As we create our websites and put contents, interact offline and online on social media to promote we got to know this terminologies to be more effective in our interactio
Have you ever found yourself looking for growth after all the hard work you’ve done, and yet find no sign of progress? If yes, you will love the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree. Discover the secret of the Chinese Bamboo Tree and how to use this story to create your ultimate success. Check the Video: “THE CHINESE BAMBOO TREE” Synopsis: We all need to be reminded that outward progress doesn’t necessarily reflect or measure inward progress. Zig Ziglar tells the story of the Chinese Bambo