3800 EUR in July, 1348 EUR this week !

Last Update: August 11, 2017

Hey guys!

First of all, I'd like to say that I've missed spending time at WA, blogging, helping others and talking to you all...

It's been almost a year since I last blogged on here and it was to let go of my Ambassador rank and get serious with my makeup youtube channel and new website ! (Best decision ever, after joining WA of course!)

What a year, people ! What a year.... ! It's been one of the thoughest year in my life... on so many levels ! Getting out of my comfort zone, feeling insecure about my makeup skills, having heart issues for months and living in fear, being so stressed by my heart that my stomach would burn all the time, working so much you get lonely at times...

BUT, on the bright side of things all these trials have given me the opportunity to overcome my worst fears, to stop being stressed ('cause the body really doesn't like it and it will find very creative ways of telling you ! lol Mostly painful ways.)

And most of all, these last months have rewarded me with financial success. I mean, boy... after 2 and a half years of learning and working relentlessly online I just earned my first real income !!!!!!!

(By the way, my heart is ok. I just need to R E L A X, the cardiologist said. Meh.)

I have dreamed about writing this post for years... This is indeed my first significant "success story" =) Sure, I've made money since I joined WA in 2015 but I hadn't achieved my initial goal yet (which was 2500 a month if I remember correctly) and my earnings haven't been steady.

However I have seen a huge increase in my income last month, with a total of 3800€ earned... and this week... (still can't believe it), I made 1348€.

I never thought, in my whole life I could make that kind of money. In a week. Actually, 5 days. O.O

So with this post I really don't want to brag but on the contrary I would like to give hope to those of you who are struggling or aren't sure that WA is the real deal or simply are doubting themselves. I know how important and motivating success stories can be to some of us. I know they were to me.

If I had given up last year (or each and every time I wanted to give up) ... guess what would have happened? Or not happened as a matter of fact lol. Yeah, I don't think I even need to elaborate.

So my friends, don't give up on your dreams. Work hard. Believe in yourself. And it WILL pay off !

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day !

Cheers =)


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clemz Premium
Wow, what an inspiring blog.
Thanks, Sarah, for sharing.
I believed someone somewhere is inspired enough to kill off the taught of giving up.
Consistent hard work really does pay!
BelieveItYes Premium
Thank you for taking the time to read ! and yes hard work does pay off... and success is worth the time and dedication !
LuckyNine Premium
Congrats, Sarah!
BelieveItYes Premium
Thank you ! =)
Have a great day
DBlanchard Premium Plus
Way to go Sarah!!! Very inspiring!! Keep on keeping on! :)
BelieveItYes Premium
Thank you! Sure will !! =)
Best wishes
Gordon-D Premium
Lovely to hear Sarah, continued success :-)
BelieveItYes Premium
Thank you very much... continued success to you too !
olster79 Premium
This is a wonderful story to read, well done!

And, stay relaxed :)
BelieveItYes Premium
ahahah I'm trying =) thanks a lot!
best wishes