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Text linking for amazon affiliate links isnt working?

Text linking for amazon affiliate links isnt working?

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Local Marketing

Two days ago, I tried placing my Amzon Affiliate link to a post I recently posted only to discovered that the text link wasn`t going through.

when you click on the text l

Sounds like the link wasn't added correctly to your post. There's no delay when you hyperlink a keyword and update your post. The link is live at that point. Double-check the link and make sure it starts with http://

If you still can't get tit working, post the link to your page here so we can take a look at it.

Does changing your website theme have any effect on traffic?

Does changing your website theme have any effect on traffic?

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Website Development & Programming

I have changed my website theme like three times since I created it, each time I notice a significant drop in traffic on my site, has any one else noticed it or is it a problem

I try and avoid changing themes there always seems to be some side effects.

You maybe should sign up for a free account with google analytics and let them independently monitor your traffic. You may get some insight from their reports to you.

Thanks, I will do that.

Not as far as I am aware changed mine a few times and still getting traffic

Thank you, Katie. It seems something else must be the reason I constantly experience a drop in traffic each time I change a theme.

oh I have not had this so perhaps it can affect it however I would imagine it is only temporary

Hmmmmmmm I have changed it many times as well and never saw a decrease in traffic... what can happen is that a theme load speed can differ from one to another. Maybe your new theme is slower to load? which could lead to a decrease in traffic... but I'm no sure. You don't want to change your theme every other day of course but you can change it until you find one that you really like and that is pleasant to your audience

Thank you, Sarah, for your comment.
It really help.

sure =)

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