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Hey guys ! I'm a bit late but first of all... May 2018 bring you much happiness, love, fun, success and a very good health Then I'd like to share with you one of my biggest accomplishments : the 1k milestone subscribers on youtube! 1000 subscribers might not sound like a big deal but it was for me lol.. it took me a year of hard relentless work and much doubt and self-consciousness lol =)So if you are considering creating a youtube channel for your business here are a few things I have learned
Hey guys! First of all, I'd like to say that I've missed spending time at WA, blogging, helping others and talking to you all... It's been almost a year since I last blogged on here and it was to let go of my Ambassador rank and get serious with my makeup youtube channel and new website ! (Best decision ever, after joining WA of course!)What a year, people ! What a year.... ! It's been one of the thoughest year in my life... on so many levels ! Getting out of my comfort zone, feeling insecure a
Hey guys!As some of you already know I recently created a youtube channel where I do halloween/artistic/every day makeup tutorials.I have been having a lot of fun and promoting my channel on various social platforms : twitter, facebook, linkedin, pinterest, instagram, google +... and I was wondering if you had any tips that you want to share with us, on how to market yourself on youtube and how to achieve the 1000 subscribers milestone.If you have achieved 1000 subscribers and above, would you
September 09, 2016
I can't keep up anymore... lol. Now is the time to let go. I have loved being an ambassador at WA. I have enjoyed every second of being active here, helping people, chatting, blogging, reading other people's stuff, interacting, creating training... But the truth is, even if I wanted to keep my ambassador rank (which I have tried to and paid a high price : stress and little sleep ahah) I couldn't because I haven't figured out a way to have 48h in a day yet! So I figured it's time someone else b
Hi guys! Since we are sharing our twitter, facebook, pinterest and other social accounts here and building out networks, I thought we could do the same with Instagram. =DFor those who don't know what Instagram is, in short it's a mobile photo/video sharing network. It was created in 2010 and it's free to join. Instagram offers a number of photographic filters that users can apply to their images. They recently released a new feature called "instagram stories", allowing users to share photos and
Hey guys !Ok don't get too excited, I only have 38 subscribers and around 562 views (with 6 videos) and my earnings are only 21 cents lol. BUT, it's a start and if you know me you know how enthusiastic I am all the time lol =)I created a channel one year ago but only had a couple videos uploaded and I was too shy and not confident enough at the time to create more videos... So I forgot about the channel and developed my main website instead (which has been great all the same!).And then, not too
August 01, 2016
Just because you decided to be your own boss and you are doing something you love, doesn't mean Mr. Burn Out won't hit you in the face one day or another ! I should know... I'm a BurnOut expert! =) I've got years and years of burning out and recovering lol.The reason is I naturally don't really have limits when it comes to working hours and setting goals. It takes me very long to feel tiredness and by the time I think "hey I think I'm exhausted now ", I realize I haven't put a foot out of the h
Hello! Today I came across a cool little website called Biteable. Biteable is a free animation maker, with a very intuitive layout and easy-to-use tools. Their complete step-by-step animation maker is quite newbie friendly, which I'm sure many of you will be grateful for! I know I was =) Here's Biteable URL : https://biteable.comStep 1 - Select a Video TypeYou can choose among several video types : - explainer- advertising- presentation- intro - slideshowStep 2 - Add ScenesYou can drag a box (a
Hey guysI created a youtube channel a while back but was too shy to share it and make more videos ... I now feel ready to go live and share my passion =) I would really appreciate it you could subscribe to my channel or share it if you know people who are into makeup. I will be happy to return the favor if you have a youtube channel! Or any other social account
Be Prepared to FailIt is very unlikely that you will succeed without failing first. Some of you will probably not like how this post started but maybe they'll agree with me after all (eventually lol) ...Making mistakes when building your own business is, I guess human nature and part of the "deal". You want success? Financial freedom? Fun at work? Less stress? Well, you are going to have to "suffer" a bit =). Otherwise where's the fun in it?Nothing comes easy but almost anything that costs effo