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Last Update: Feb 20, 2020

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I have been very disappointed with the lack of customer service that is prevalent at Wealthy Affiliate. Especially when personal requests from Kyle and Carson are continuously ignored, or responded to with a form letter in an email.

When I was looking for help, other members did their best to help me, but when I needed technical assistance, I needed to talk with a person in "real time." So, my suggestion is that a customer support team be made available to all WA members. For example, when I have trouble with my iMac, I call Apple Support, and a technical adviser is immediately available.

I know that WA is setup differently, but I'd like to know that when I need immediate assistance, I don't have to go to the chat room or ask a training question. Perhaps I'm the only one who has experienced this, but one person's concerns should be considered by the powers that be.

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I'm sorry you're having issues. I've always had my problems resolved quickly. Have you tried the Help Center? You can ask a question and many times someone else has had that same issue and you can see how it was resolved. Just a suggestion.

When I needed a direct answer I received it. I am not sure if you have always been able to reach a CEO or President of a company before. i have several times, yet they were much smaller and local companies not 24/7. I always went to a direct above me to get an answer and never went around them.
Here we have a very unique situation where Kyle and Carson actually hop on to the chat, send out personal emails depending what one requests and their timing.

This is not the kind of business to have a customer service contact center. They do have a very quick and helpful support team. They always respond very quickly.

While waiting for them I also have several members who are quite experienced who I have developed enough trust in their answers.

Sorry you do not feel your questions are not directly answerable. This kind of business does not require a phone number to reach a technical support person.
A support group of 23 I managed for 1,300 csr's were kept so busy in queue we had to develop different ticket criteria overall.

I hope you get the answer you are looking for, and I also apologize for the length of my comment.
Take care,

You made some valid points but your statement, "This kind of business does not require a phone number to reach a technical support person," is not true. As a technology-challenged person, I do need support help. For instance, it would take a lot less time to wait in a queue than to find the training video and watch it to completion.

Make it a productive day!

Sorry to hear this. I've always had great, fast help from home office and chat. Not all issues are small and they do have full time help. Don't despair. Honey attracts bees. Carson2.

No your right. For the money that it costs to associate here people should certainly have full time real life assistance where they can have their small issues dealt with since it is a complete beginner platform...

Thanks for confirming my concerns. I hope that Kyle and Carson will consider this.

Make it a great day, Michael!

I write up a help ticket and I get a response immediately.

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