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Everything Wordpress - Classroom Overview
Wordpress is the platform we have chosen to use here within the Wealthy Affiliate and our website builder…
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How do I add a static home page?
My site is coming along. I was trying to add pictures to my home page but it won't let me do it. I would…
  3 minutes ago 7 Replies
New users on my blog - spam? attack?
I keep getting users on my blogs. I assume they are attempting to hack my site? As soon as I get the…
6 hours ago 6 Replies
How do I link the gravatar I created on wordpress with wa?
I have just created a gravatar and I would like to use it when I visit members sites to leave a comment.
  11 hours ago 4 Replies
Question about wp and login as an admin?
If someone has a WordPress website and owns their domain name and hosting but does not have a login…
15 hours ago 4 Replies
Why I can't locate my wp website?
I moved my WA website to WP website but I can't find it anywhere. Is it lost in the wilderness?
1 day ago 7 Replies
Is it possible to make a registrywish list?
My niche is nursery decor and a lot of times that stuff is bought as gifts for a baby shower. Does anyone…
1 day ago 3 Replies
How do i get the post pic to show when i share a post ?
hello everyone, when I share a post from my site to facebook how do I get it to show the featured photo…
1 day ago 4 Replies
How do you set featured image?
How do you set featured image and add media in New Wordpress 5.2.4?
1 day ago 8 Replies
Shows "authentification failed" when sending message from domain email?
I just created a domain email account and I was trying to send a test email message to another email…
1 day ago 1 Reply
Making a more complex page?
I'm looking to have a page that is more complex than the ones available from site content. Something…
1 day ago 6 Replies
How do i move a wordpress site from another web host to wa?
Hi Folks, There are many ways to move a website from another web host over to Wealthy Affiliate hosting.…
1 day ago 26 Replies
Resizing main images on blog posts, at one time?
Any tips on how to resize all of the main images (at once) on blog posts? Any apps, etc. thanks
1 day ago 1 Reply
Where can i find comment form code to add to my site?
need comment form code to add to wordpress
2 days ago 1 Reply
What extra can generate press and apart from blog look?
Yes Sir and now I own my website and first I had wanted to use Elementor but I realize the content was…
2 days ago 4 Replies
Is my website name too long?
I'm trying to buy a domain name for my new site called The Silver Geek. Unfortunately that domain name…
2 days ago 12 Replies
Cj affiliate network profile, any great ideas?
Hi guys I'm having an issue with writing the down the network profiles in CJ affiliate. It is asking…
2 days ago 3 Replies
How do I change title heading size once published?
Hi Everyone, Hope all is well with you all.I need to change Heading sizes from H3 to H2/1 on a blog…
2 days ago 10 Replies
How do I put a url on my website?
I have a url which shows CBProads products from Clickbank which I would like to put on my website. Is…
2 days ago 1 Reply
Adding social media icons to wordpress?
Thank you all who previously responded to question one. My second question. Do we have a tutorial for…
2 days ago 4 Replies
Change a page to post ?
I have articles on a page and it has comments. I want to change it to a post on the blogroll, but i…
2 days ago 3 Replies
I don't know how to register for generatepress?
So I want to know how to sign up on generatepress?Thank you
3 days ago 10 Replies
How can i change the font?
How can i change the font in my theme?
3 days ago 6 Replies
Including a 2 column layout grid?
Anyone know how I can put in a small 2 column layout grid when writing up a post? I want to put comparisons…
3 days ago 7 Replies
Removing unwanted content from top of page ?
How do I remove hello world from the top of my page ?
4 days ago 3 Replies
Install everest forms woocommerce plugins?
In my back office I am getting a message saying my theme requires me to install Everest Forms and Woocommerce…
4 days ago 3 Replies
I cannot upload image today. it said "http error"?
What does HTTP error mean? How to solve this problem? In the past I can upload images.
4 days ago 5 Replies
I have hard time to write review my products. what should I do?
I have hard time to write review my products. What should I do?
4 days ago 2 Replies
Using arbitrary text widget for content still rank?
Does keywords and content still rank using arbitrary text widgets rather than posts or pages? Thanks…
5 days ago 1 Reply
Bad host on broken links - how can I fix these ones?
Hey GuysJust been doing a bit of broken link checking and I have four links that I cannot find on the…
5 days ago 11 Replies
Can you stop other urls going on the comment section?
Hey all, just checking some bad or broken links on my website and a lot of them are from urls that people…
5 days ago 7 Replies
Why is my post not available?
Hi, yesteday I published a post titled 'Best off Grid Power Systems - The Worthwhile Choice' on my site…
5 days ago 21 Replies
Please, this is about google analytics monitization ?
I realize that my Pages are trending over time to time but page value is still zero and so I want to…
5 days ago 5 Replies
Website recovering and after transferring problems?
I transferred my domain foxythepiratefox.com from godaddy to WA. The website for that domain was completed…
5 days ago 1 Reply
How do I upload a file to the root level domain of my site?
According to Google Ads, my earnings are at risk and I need to upload this ads.txt file to the root…
5 days ago 1 Reply
What is the best file type for images?
I would like to increase my site speed. WA promotes using .jpegA friend recently told me told me that…
5 days ago 9 Replies
Giving access to my website ?
Hi colleagues, I want to give my niece access to my website so that she can help me with the layout…
5 days ago 3 Replies
How do you renew paypall api certificate?
I received an email from Paypal stating that my API certificate will be expiring. I updated my certificate…
5 days ago 1 Reply
How do i add and amazon image?
how do i add an amazon image......i can find the link but how do i convert that into the actual image
6 days ago 1 Reply
I need some "theme" help?
I have 2 questions. first of all, I'm using the theme "skin" and,1 I'm wondering if i can add a "header"…
6 days ago 1 Reply
How to create leave message on post or page?
I want to add a " leave a message " at bottom of pages or post. I forget how to do it. Can you tell…
6 days ago 4 Replies
Is greengeeks a good choice for a blogger?
I am considering to use greengeeks for my travel blog. In the past few month, I've experienced Siterubix…
6 days ago 9 Replies
How to change the theme of my website?
Hi! I started creating my blog when I wasn't premium and I used a normal theme, how can I change it…
6 days ago 3 Replies
Where the message send from my contact form go to?
I have added a contact form in my website. I did a few tests by sending messages from the contact form.…
1 week ago 4 Replies
Wordpress wont let me view or visit my site,?
it takes me to the page that says log into my WA account, but my other site comes up just fine, what…
1 week ago 2 Replies
Where to find the wordpress login details?
Hi,I want to change my Gravatar picture, but I cannot seem to log in. Where can I find these details?
1 week ago 4 Replies
Is hiring a wordpress developer okay?
To my amazement, I’ve discovered that Wordpress themes don’t come with instructions on how…
1 week ago 6 Replies
I'm not finding wordpress very easy to setup my website, is there any tutorial on how to use wordpre
Hi Kyle I'm not finding Wordpress very easy to setup my website, is there any tutorial on how to use…
1 week ago 4 Replies
How do you add an image to your article summary?
On the home page for each article I wrote how do I insert a feature image on the left side of the summary?Thank…
1 week ago 6 Replies
Avatar picture in blogsite replies?
Can anyone out there please tell me how to display my avatar picture in my reply to comments on my blogsite?
1 week ago 4 Replies