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Everything Wordpress - Classroom Overview
Wordpress is the platform we have chosen to use here within the Wealthy Affiliate and our website builder…
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How is everyone configuring sassy social share plugin?
Hi WA Community,The Sassy Social Share plugin always drops my mobile load speed considerably whenever…
1 hour ago 0 Replies
Something is wrong with my website can anyone help me?
So someone notified me that they are not getting a notice from me or from my website every time I answered…
  3 hours ago 3 Replies
What are these recent comments on my website?
Hello everyone,I have noticed these trackback comments on my website. I have deleted some before but…
  3 hours ago 12 Replies
Who knows how to set up a business directory website?
or can point me in the direction of getting it done professionally?
4 hours ago 1 Reply
Maximum image size for upload?
My GIF image is too big to upload and I need to reduce it. What pixel dimensions do I reduce it to for…
6 hours ago 1 Reply
How do I change the main image in the theme?
When I first chose the theme Foodiz to build my website it changed the picture for me to one of vegetables…
7 hours ago 1 Reply
How do I put a clickable link in an image?
I am using block editor with Gutenberg Ultimate Addons plugin. I want to put my affiliate link inside…
  8 hours ago 7 Replies
Is there a plugin that cleans your website?
I am deleting a lot of pages. Changing designs.Is there something to clean everything up?
9 hours ago 8 Replies
Why cant I get help with setting up analytics and adsence?
I have spent so much time trying to set two simple things. Analytics and Adsence and I cant do it. Just…
  19 hours ago 6 Replies
How would you improve your site?
How would you improve your site if Google Analytics shows you data that you would like to improve? What…
  20 hours ago 3 Replies
How do you get an image when you share a post on facebook?
For Twitter, I have a plugin that shares the post with an image. When I share on Facebook, there is…
1 day ago 3 Replies
Is it safe to hide page titles using css code?
I find it annoying that page titles such as 'Blog' and Review' appear at the top of each published item.I…
1 day ago 14 Replies
How can I customize a sidebar in generate press?
Hi WA, How can I show my sidebar ONLY on my Home page in Generatepress without using a plugin?Thanks,Frank
1 day ago 3 Replies
Gutenberg for wordpress and translatepress?
I have a question about the editor in WordPress. Have I understood it correctly that the editor in WordPress…
1 day ago 12 Replies
?your site is running an older version of php (7.3.9)
Hi guys... can anybody help recommend what to do: Your site is running an older version of PHP (7.3.9)I…
1 day ago 11 Replies
Do I need to update php on my website or is this automatic?
Under site health on my website i'm being told i'm running an older version of PHP (7.3.9) and should…
1 day ago 4 Replies
What main factors influence getting better site health?
I have concluded that number of posts are important. But, what else factors must be considered?
2 days ago 1 Reply
Is it a must to do the draft in sitecontent?
Do you always write via the SiteContent? How would composing/drafting directly in Wordpress affect me…
2 days ago 10 Replies
Deleting a website from siterubix?
Hi,Could someone remind me how to delete a website. I want to start over on the siterubix but I can't…
2 days ago 3 Replies
Does adding "alternative text" to pictures add seo value?
Grateful for a steer from those more experienced with WP. Does adding "Alternative Text" to pictures…
2 days ago 32 Replies
How to use ftp to add standalone page?
I need to add a separate page to the website (client, not mine) in order for a financial reimbersment…
2 days ago 4 Replies
I'm having trouble logging into wordpress?
It keeps on telling me the reset password link is invalid.
3 days ago 1 Reply
Which plugins do you consider essential ?
Hi WA'ers ,Which plugins do you consider essential for your WordPress website and which ones do you…
3 days ago 36 Replies
Site health status - can you please help?
I went into my site health and it has found 1 critical issue and 3 Recommende Improvements. Can anyone…
3 days ago 3 Replies
What do i have to fill in on the social meta ?
i cant see any training in social meta so i not sure what fields to fill in
3 days ago 2 Replies
Why are some links in the training course (level 3) not openeing?
HulloI couldn't view the multiple product review on iphone cases.Here is what came up when I clicked…
3 days ago 6 Replies
Move video's in wordpress to the middle ?
HelloHow can I move my embedded video's to the middle of an article in wordpress, like I can with pictures…
3 days ago 2 Replies
Where are page id's??
I have been struggling a bit, trying to find Page ID's so that I can exclude pages from the widgets,…
3 days ago 10 Replies
Why have my engagement scores dropped?
My visitor engagement scores have dropped to 0 Is this something to worry about or just a glitch in…
3 days ago 3 Replies
Is anyone else having trouble logging into their dashboard?
I cannot log in to my dashboard. Is anyone else having that problem? If so, is it being addressed and…
3 days ago 2 Replies
Do we really need to do website backups?
Hi allOk - I know the answer is Yes we need to do a backup of our site.However if WA is taking a backup…
4 days ago 33 Replies
How do I remove content from old website?
Hi, I have moved over to a new website and I wanting to ensure I do not plagiarise my self.I have made…
4 days ago 10 Replies
Google analytics account token missing?
I am trying to set up my Google analytics, and it says there is a token missing. Does anyone know how…
4 days ago 2 Replies
Editing posts on my website?
There are 2 posts with duplicate paragraphs on my website on a domain that I own. How can I edit out…
4 days ago 2 Replies
What's the difference between a home page and a landing one?
I am looking at layouts, can I have both pages?
4 days ago 8 Replies
How to edit image on static page?
Hello,Please see the screenshot below. I am trying to center and possibly resize the image on the welcome…
4 days ago 15 Replies
Password protection will not let me enter page?
To prevent unauthorized access i put a password on the page. But when i try to access it i get a message…
4 days ago 3 Replies
How to add to your post amazon photo ?
I am using Wordpress and I have a post that I want to add to it a pictures of amazon products that I…
5 days ago 5 Replies
Affiliate link for amazon not working?
I am trying to use an Amazon link in a post. I highlight the text I want to link, I insert the link…
5 days ago 1 Reply
Changing website name so it is the same as url?
How do you change your websites display name name. I want the name of my site to be the same as my URL…
5 days ago 3 Replies
Please enlighten my site is not identifying as word press?
Hi,Got this from someone yesterday I could not find a Word Press follow on the site or within the Word…
5 days ago 14 Replies
New gravatar on each website?
Do I need to register a new Gravatar account for each of my websites?
5 days ago 15 Replies
Do I need to have hreflang tags if I use one language?
Hi allDo I need to have hreflangs on my website, if my website is only using one language only,
6 days ago 2 Replies
Is it possible to bulk edit the user on comments?
Hi, The user on my comments is inconsistent. This is because I had a different user profile on an old…
6 days ago 13 Replies
Why does my website cuts off posts on the phone?
When I open up my website on my phone and click into a blog post, it only shows half the screen. If…
6 days ago 1 Reply
Where did a 404 error come from?
Hi allI have received a 404 page not found warning but I am curious to know how it got there as I don't…
6 days ago 8 Replies
How do I boost my mobile pagespeed?
As you can see in the screenshot, my desktop speed is excellent but the mobile speed worries me a lot.…
6 days ago 9 Replies
Why am I unable to add an image to my new gravatar email?
I am following Kyle's video on adding an image to Gravatas, but having a problem. As part of lesson…
6 days ago 8 Replies