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Everything Wordpress - Classroom Overview
Wordpress is the platform we have chosen to use here within the Wealthy Affiliate and our website builder…
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How do I add html tag to claim pinterest business account?
Ok, after watching a pinterest webinar fom Jay, I've been working on a pinterest business account and…
  44 minutes ago 6 Replies
Are social media icon plugins usually weird like this?
I am about to install the Ultimate Social Media Plugin, but upon learning more about the service, it…
1 hour ago 3 Replies
How to remove the category slug from website?
I went into my back-office because I'm tired of having to see an annoying category slug on all of my…
3 hours ago 2 Replies
How do I edit the home page on my wordpress site?
Hi Kyle! Can you tell me how to edit the "HOME" page on my wordpress site? On my header, it still reads,…
4 hours ago 3 Replies
Using pretty link I get a message "nothing found" why?
I want to click on one of my posts using pretty link.I get the message"nothing found"I can find the…
9 hours ago 4 Replies
Why can I only add the banner to site content and not wp?
I just published a review and wanted to add a other banner only to find out the the HTML will not transfer…
10 hours ago 7 Replies
Home page for website. why not a static one?
Hi everyone I have started a website in the make money online niche and have finished an about me page.…
10 hours ago 2 Replies
Looking to resize a panoramic image by shrinking the length?
Hi, Guys just posting a question regarding, panoramic images. What I am hoping to do is shrink the image…
12 hours ago 21 Replies
Re email addresses - can I modify?
My URL is very log, Can I abreviate tat all, (to shorten for example), when creating an email, or must…
15 hours ago 5 Replies
Monetizing podcasts and email subscriptions ?
Does anybody know which is the easiest way to monetize podcasts.I was thinking of using an email subscription…
16 hours ago 2 Replies
Changing the size of gallery images, and adding image?
My website is here: http://rentalsandrealtors.com/ I was wondering how to set an image instead of the…
16 hours ago 1 Reply
Generate press premium update to version 1.10.0-alpha.1?
Hello to any Generate Press users! I see an update available to the premium plugin to version 1.10.0-alpha.1…
18 hours ago 18 Replies
Woocommerce which plugin do you use?
I tried to add woocommerce and it auto downloaded jetpack which wouldn't activate. Can anybody help…
1 day ago 5 Replies
Everybody knows where to paste ads.txt ?
Hi! Can someone tell me where do I paste this ads.txt form adsense as they are warning me to fix this…
1 day ago 5 Replies
Who do I close the other tools on my plug in?
How can I close the othe tools on my plug in becuse it causes very slow on the speed of my website thank…
1 day ago 6 Replies
Update: I have marked the comment as spam?
Thank you everyone for your input, I love this community for so many reasons, one for your generosity…
1 day ago 25 Replies
How to transfer complete wa-hosted site to new domain name?
Hi friends!I built a site with a ".life" domain but then I bought the same domain name as a ".com"How…
1 day ago 3 Replies
What happened to all of my images in wordpress?
As I was going through my 9 articles on my website I noticed that almost all of the images that I had…
1 day ago 22 Replies
Google index on website pages?
Soooo, I just received an email to tell me my newest site has been indexed. The ink wasn't even dry,…
1 day ago 10 Replies
Concat forms - which do you prefer?
I've used Contact 7, and am considering the WP forms drag & drop.The contact form is a simple default…
1 day ago 3 Replies
How do I close the other plug in on my word press account?
How do I close the other Tool on my plug in because the speed up of my website is very slow thank you…
1 day ago 3 Replies
How can I preview my theme on my website before publishing?
Does anyone know how I can preview my Theme on my website before publishing it? It doesn't show on the…
1 day ago 6 Replies
If I create a blog in word press will it automatically update in wa?
I am on level 2 lesson 6. I am adding imaging to previously submitted blogs. Did that. Now, I created…
2 days ago 4 Replies
Why do I keep getting an error message?
I've spoken to support several times. (they keep telling me the same thing even though I've told them…
2 days ago 7 Replies
About 'thumbnails',.'regenerate thumbnails' ? see my post please!?
I am in 'Wordpress' at the moment!I am at Regenerate Thumbnails.Does,.....'Regenerate' mean to make…
2 days ago 9 Replies
Site map plugins using all in one seo?
What is the best plugin to use to generate a site map in the wordpress all in one seo?
2 days ago 3 Replies
Anyone with training video for this?
Hello guys, can anyone help me to solve ? Search ConsoleBreadcrumbs issues detected on https://bwjmarketingandentrepreneurship.org/To…
3 days ago 19 Replies
Which is the best dropshipping to use with woocommerce?
I am trying to set up a store on my website. I have indtalled the Woocommerce plugin. Which is the best…
3 days ago 14 Replies
How to change the name of your website?
How to delete a website or rename it?
3 days ago 2 Replies
Convert post into page in wordpress?
How can i convert my post into a page in WordPress?
3 days ago 3 Replies
Do you think this conversion rate is good?
Hello,I hope everyone doing fine and healthy during these difficult times. I myself as a physician have…
3 days ago 4 Replies
Why do I see different fonts on the editor vs the website?
I recently went into the Customizer in Wordpress to change my font, so that it would be easier to read.…
4 days ago 2 Replies
Which is the the best word press theme for m.o.l site?
Am taking the bootcamp course and i dont like my actual WP theme need some advice on the free theme
4 days ago 1 Reply
Beaver builder plugin permission settings?
Hello,I am having trouble with the Beaver Builder plugin. This is the message I am getting:Beaver Builder…
4 days ago 4 Replies
Menu content not displaying in order saved?
I customize my menu under appearances I have 2 posts, 1 home and the privacy policy. I want them and…
5 days ago 4 Replies
Can I delete and repost my blogs?
Hi all. The links to my blog posts are longer than Google likes and as I can't edit them once posted…
5 days ago 8 Replies
Can anyone help with wordpress? please :)
Site health in WordPress saying that some files are not writable by WordPress. I cannot update the theme,…
5 days ago 7 Replies
How to get to wp editor. please advise the steps?
Please help me get to the Word Press editor. I do not remember the steps to get there.
5 days ago 2 Replies
Word press editor to add media?
Please advise how to get to the Word Press editor. I am trying to "Add Media"
5 days ago 1 Reply
Efficient html auto upload, daily?
What is the most efficient way to upload html file, daily to WordPress? I generate HTML file daily (charts…
5 days ago 3 Replies
Website has vanished ? - asking for a friend
I just received this message from a close friend this morning:'My website crashed last night because…
5 days ago 1 Reply
How to change the domain name on my site?
I want to change the domain name on my site and was wondering how to do this.
6 days ago 12 Replies
I think I didnt ask a question right ? a niche . a blog
Hi ! Hope you are well .. am I supposed to be blogging along or was create a blog one blog and only…
6 days ago 12 Replies
Can you block someone from your site?
I just got an AWFUL comment on my latest post. Seriously terrible and attacking me. Wow. Before I spam…
6 days ago 31 Replies
How desactivate a web site without delete it?
I don't want a web site not being publish anymore but I don't want to delete it.
6 days ago 6 Replies
How do I change the picture on my website?
I want to change the picture on my blog roll home page how do I do this?
6 days ago 11 Replies
Wordpress performance page system status-help?
On the performance page under system status I have an error beside SQL. What do those letters stand…
6 days ago 2 Replies
Best plugins to use for your blog?
Since the limitations to plugins are around 5-6 which plugins do you guys recommend as essential (non-analytics…
6 days ago 3 Replies
How can I create a grid of product reviews?
Hello all, I want to create a grid of product reviews. I have installed WP Product Review Lite but it…
6 days ago 3 Replies