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How to Add An Image to My Website the Easy Way (and how to justify it)

Hey there folks,

This morning a fellow member of Wealthy Affiliate was asking me how to add an image to my website. The easy way is to do what I show you in the video. There is no audio, as my Mic is crappy and besides, the kids are making a helluva noise behind me. Anyways, words are not required for this demo.

Bare in mind, the image I added was already uploaded to my site and sitting in my media section.

The Simple Steps are...

1. Place the cursor at the beginning of the line of text you want the image to show up on. Make sure the cursor is blinking like it's waiting for you to type something.

2. Click on ADD MEDIA.

3. Select the image you'd like to place into the post.

4. Click update (or add image) at the bottom right.

5. Now your image is displayed.

6. Now you can click on the image and you will see a little options bar appear over the top of it.

7. Click the pen (edit)

8. Now You can play with the various settings as I show you in the demo video!

What do you think? Please go ahead and comment and Like...

Live Long and Prosper.


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PaulaLloyd1 Premium
Being a newbie I appreciate this video. I'm at that point so this will come in handy. Thanks, Jim
Jim-Bo Premium
Thanks, I know it's a little boring with no audio but I will get a mic one of these days that works! Coming soon!
vanbot Premium
Really enjoyed that training Jimbo, very easy to follow:-))Steph
Jim-Bo Premium
It's mainly for newbies, I think most experienced people will know this.
nyaaba Premium
very simple and very easy to follow.
Jim-Bo Premium
Thanks, sorry no mic
JewelCarol Premium
So easy and cool, thank you Jimbo. :
Jim-Bo Premium
Thanks JC, maybe next time I will have a mic that works
Ivine Premium Plus
Hi Jim-Bo, the training is really good. Irv.
Jim-Bo Premium
I made it simple as possible for newbies, but I think you can already do this by now, Irv!