A Celebration!

Last Update: October 05, 2014

I missed my seven week update! I have actually been away from WA altogether for a bit. I know I need to do this every day, but "life" got in the way.

I haven't been away from writing though! I spent a an entire weekend at an event celebrating reading, writing, literacy, books, and magazines! I went with another writer, my daughter. We went on a treasure hunt, we talked to people about literacy, plain language, books, magazines, poetry, religions, publishing, editing... There was lots more. We went to workshops about various things, all having to do with writing and publishing. We enjoyed ourselves for two days, and came home with bags full of books, magazines, pens, sticky notes, and information.

At the end of the last day there was a mainstage with music. The music at that point was soul, and the singer was amazing. So we sat on the steps of the library, and listened and felt and clapped. We were enjoying watching a baby, around one year old, "dancing" in the way babies do at that age. The baby was on our left. An older couple, on our right, were smiling at the baby. They were one of those "cute" older couples we all hope to emulate, holding hands and clearly in love. And then the man removed his jacket and started dancing, while his partner sat on the steps beside me. I smiled. His partner said it was his birthday. I wished him "happy birthday" and he volunteered that he was eighty-five years old!

What a way to celebrate words and writing!

Then I had a demanding work-week, but I did writing practice every morning without fail. And the first meeting of our new writers group was this week.

So, now i need to start back with the techie stuff I tend to avoid. But if I keep my eye on the prize, of writing and blogging for a living, I expect I will make some progress.

I hope that you, all of my wonderful friends at WA, are doing well. Maybe I'll leave the techie stuff a little longer, and enjoy a little catching up... ;-)

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Christabelle Premium
What a wonderful time! I am so happy for you that you had that special time! :) Christa
jazminf Premium
Sounds like you had a great time Alice, Welcome back:)
dhayman Premium
Sounds like you had a great time. We're happy for you.
BenORourke Premium
What a lovely story! Felt like I was there, you have a talent for description and great to see you back.
CarlaIves Premium
Sounds like fun, Alice! Welcome back to WA!