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October 05, 2014
I missed my seven week update! I have actually been away from WA altogether for a bit. I know I need to do this every day, but "life" got in the way. I haven't been away from writing though! I spent a an entire weekend at an event celebrating reading, writing, literacy, books, and magazines! I went with another writer, my daughter. We went on a treasure hunt, we talked to people about literacy, plain language, books, magazines, poetry, religions, publishing, editing... There was lots more.
September 23, 2014
Six weeks today! Time for my "accountability" post! How am I doing? Well, six is about a different perspective: rising above it all and seeing clearly. There can be euphoria. In fact, in the tarot deck I usually use, there is a six card that shows a ring of people holding hands in a communal circle and flying above... Sometimes I think it is a "higher" or "more ethical viewpoint: we see clearly when we ask "what would my higher, wiser self think?" Some think about this as the part of us that
September 18, 2014
I hope you are not all getting tired of my blogs about numbers. You seem to be liking them, and I like writing them, so here comes another one... Five weeks. I think I made zero progress week five. Except for my rank. I don't know much, but apparently my attempts at helping are doing something. I have been told I am good at moral support and inspiring people. I like that about me. But the help I seem to need myself is the more practical variety. I admit it. I can be impractical. Why t
September 12, 2014
Thank you all for reading my blogs here at WA. One commitment I made early on was to post "accountability blogs" at certain times... little progress reports, that keep me honest and motivated. I hesitated to write this one. I thought I might skip it because I'd envisioned having more to brag about at the one month mark. But then I heard myself telling someone about WA today, because he has a degree in marketing that he isn't using, and, like me, he has a fulfilling job but could use some ex
September 11, 2014
I have a little story on page 45 of Woman's World magazine, dated September 22 and available today, September 11. The section is "Circle of Kindness." The magazine is available at Safeway, for $2.75. They edited a wee bit, not much. The magazine is very positive and uplifting. The covers display "how to lose weight" articles, and delicious fattening recipes! BTW, all of the writers here at WA might like to know about this market. There are opportunities for short pieces, but some longer on
As I write this it is international literacy day in my country. If you've read my profile, you know this is an issue I care deeply about. I worked in the field at one time; it is ridiculously under-funded. I would like to make money and give a portion to various causes, including literacy. But my progress at WA is slower than planned or expected. I am at the four-week mark, and I am not where I thought I would be. Reading my title, you are probably expecting me to talk about a website, t
September 02, 2014
Today marks three weeks at WA. Three is a magic number. Three wishes. Good things come in threes. Bad things come in threes! In numerology, (and tarot cards, which I love and know a fair bit about) three is the number of motion. Two points form a line, but three points shape a triangle, and afford a lot more movement. But I digress... For me, right now, three weeks is a marker for me to take stock. Am I where I thought I'd be? No. I thought I would be a wonderkid. I am a dreamer. (Pe
Help! I'm being followed... and I like it. Week one was crazy. I looked all around, wanting to make absolutely sure this was not another scam. I didn't want to go premium and then find something around the corner and regret my decision. Like many of you, I've seen plenty of scams online. I came to the conclusion that the only thing hampering me was my own ignorance, and I'd found the solution! All the help and information I could ever need was right here. So I went premium. And then I
I joined a week ago. I have learned so much. I have had a feeling of "rightness" since this started, and I've been looking for that "intuitively right" feeling. My Dad was in sales, and I learned early about positive thinking. So, in recent years, I responded to movies like "The Secret" and "What the Bleep do we know?" I do daily practices like goal setting, inspirational reading, gratitude, meditation, mind treatment/positive prayer, visioning, and affirmations. But none of this wor