$9300+ on December 2022: Finishing the Year with a Bang!

Last Update: Jan 2, 2023

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Hey WAers, it's been a long while!

I haven't been active on WA much. So many changes were happening in 2022 that I needed to focus on/take care of.

However, I wanted to share this post on January 1st 2023, which I think will be inspiring to a lot of you.

Especially the newbies who just joined this training platform and not sure if Wealthy Affiliate or the whole affiliate marketing thing works.

Well, it DOES work.

However, it will take time, learning, and efforts to make it happen.

But let me start from the beginning...

September 2015: The Year I Joined WA

I joined Wealthy Affiliate on September 2015.

I'd just finished university and I knew I didn't want to continue my studies as a lawyer, so I was looking for online opportunities.

I tried freelancing jobs, but it wasn't my cup of tea.

I hated the idea of a 9-5 job, and I hated the freelancing too. Yes, it was remote and yes I was more or less flexible with time. but I felt like I had to run after people to give me a job.

So, I looked further, and landed on WA.

I vividly remember binge-watching the introductory course for free as a Starter account, and in 2 days I knew this is it.

I HAD to go Premium.


If I'm honest, for a year and a half I didn't do much and didn't see any spectacular results, because I was getting distracted by other "shiny" products, instead of just sticking with the training here and just DOING it.

2017-2018: The Worst Years of My Life

Some of WA members know this story (btw I encouraged to read my other WA blog posts) but 2017 was the worst year for me.

I had a foot reconstruction surgery, I was bed-ridden and couldn't walk for months, and was in so much pain and tears you can't even imagine.

(Not only from physical, but also going through a break up.)

This is so vulnerable to share...

But yea, definitely the most depressing year of my life.

With my head I knew that I "keep that up", then I for sure will become so depressed that it'll be hard to get out of later.

I knew I had to occupy my mind. I had a goal that once I'm able to walk again, I'd want to have some $$ flowing so I could start enjoying my life, travel, afford basic things without having have to rely on my family.

So, I started my main website end of Nov 2017 and starting working on it.

Literally through pain and tears.

With the goal in mind. (Even though my mind was very blurry during that time.)

And within a year I reached my first 4 figure month.

My Website Journey from 2018 to 2020

At this point, it's worth reading the old posts I've written if you want to follow my journey:

After the 3 year website update, I stopped writing posts for like 2 years.

And probably after this one that I'm writing right now, I may not post for a very long while haha.

Just wanted to document a HUGE milestone here today, and inspire fellow WA-ers.

December 2022: Almost Achieved My "Ecstatic" Goal

You know how when you join Wealthy Affiliate you write your goals?

Well, here were mine from 7 years ago:


With the main website that I have (which just turned 5 years old), I almost achieved my "ecstatic" goal of $10,000/month!

If you translate it to Canadian dollars, then I definitely achieved more than that :))


Currently my main site:

  • has almost 300 posts
  • brings 35K+ visitors monthly
  • is monetized with Amazon and digital products
  • still no display ads though (I was waiting to join the Premium ad network that requires a minimum of 50K sessions)

I also started a YouTube channel that has more or less than 20 videos (that I embed on my website). It's not a lot, but I'm certain some of those help with conversion.

Anyway, pictures or it didn't happen, right?

Amazon earnings for December 2022:

(This is just Amazon US only.)

Major earnings come from a different affiliate network though:

As you can see, the sales blew up in December.

And I have 50% commission rate there which is definitely much better than Amazon's 4%. (Pro tip what to look for right there.)

Here's one more tiny screenshot which probably doesn't include everything, but overall I've made over $9300 USD and finished 2022 with a bang!

It took FIVE years for my main website to almost achieve its $10K/month.

Clearly, it's a get rich quick system hahaha :))

Oh, and my business expenses were the lowest of all because of team changes (less than $500). Do the math :)

Business Plans for 2023

In 2023, I will be focusing on a new project with a business partner, and I'm confident that the results will be mind-blowing.

I can't believe it took me so long to partner up with someone (for some reason I thought people prefer to have all the business and money to themselves... heck I myself thought so!)

But the truth is, you'll likely make MUCH more money partnering up with the right person. Because you bring your best skills to the table and achieve the results faster.

(Thanks to Ian's Premium Plus webinar on that, by the way!)

I won't get into details here, but I'm confident that 2023 will be truly life-changing for me in so many ways.

What Can YOU Do to Create YOUR Bright Future?

So what's my best advice here for you?


1. Become a Premium member here on Wealthy Affiliate.

2. Start and FINISH your training here.

3. Keep learning, keep producing quality content, stay patient and persistent.

Remember that [success] is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.


Sometimes you just know that writing isn't your cup of tea and for whatever reasons website and affiliate marketing isn't working for you despite many years being at it.

Let's be honest, not everyone is cut out to be a content writer.

Then it's time you look at your strengths and consider learning about a new skill.

Perhaps you'll be better at local SEO? Or YouTube video marketing? Or simply being a freelancer doing whatever you're awesome at?

It's OK to pivot!!!

Listen to yourself, understand your true desires and strengths, and leverage that.

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Recent Comments


Very powerful and inspirational especially the fact that you didn't give up despite the challenges you had with your health. Thank you so much for sharing and the advice is great put as many hours as you can into the training and remember that [success] is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. I love this part.

Hi Zarina,

It is great to hear from you once again after all this time. I was looking for you not so long ago and wondering how you were getting on.
Well, now we have the answer.

Many congratulations on your fantastic progress and for hitting your "ecstatic" goal.
I hope you will keep in touch more often this year if only with short blogs to keep us up to date with your exciting new plans. I am sure many of us would love to follow your journey.

Well done again and keep up the fantastic work.


Hi Richard, good to see you! I'm not sure about posting here, but we'll see :)

I may start an Instagram page where I share my journey (some WA'ers follow me on my poker account but that's different of course). Time will tell.

Hope things are well, and best of luck to you in 2023! :)

Wow! What an inspiration you are! I loved reading your journey, and I've always known that although there are major ups and downs in life that we may not have control over, we do have complete control over how we choose to acknowledge, react/receive and persevere through those times. Kudos to you and your success! Thank you for sharing!

Exactly! I see that you just joined Wealthy Affiliate and already a Premium Plus, what an action taker you are 🔥

Follow the training here, learn and implement, ask questions, continuously improve, and more importantly be patient! Online business, as you can see, takes time :)

Best of luck to you in 2023, Holly!

Thank you! I'm definitely a doer and hard worker! Thank you for the great advice!

Hi Zarina,

Wow! That is amazing. I’m so happy for you, especially what you’ve gone through in recent years.

It seems like yesterday when I read one of your success posts back in 2020. You did again- but even increased you income more than before.

Your story is a great story for WA
members to read. It took some time, but you persevered and stayed patient.

That’s key to being successful.
Kudos to you.

Keep up the great work-
you’re doing awesome.



Hi Eric! Good to see you here, hope things are well!! :)

Appreciate your constant support back then and now! What are you up to these days, how's your progress coming along?

Best of luck to you in 2023!

Hi Zarina,

Absolutely. Yes, I've been staying busy building a website that's now 18 months old.

The past year has been creating content, content, and more content! Also, keeping up with the training and watching expert classes on here has helped as well.

So far, I've seen slow progress, but no big moments have happened (yet).

That's kept me busy, and I'm continuing it this year as well.

If I get a chance, I'll PM you with more details. Or if I need anything, I'll be sure to reach out.

Thanks for asking :)



Absolutely :) and good luck!!!

Zarina, Don't know if you remember me but we started around the same time( a year apart maybe) and chatted a few times here. I have been busy with my accounting & financial business and remember the conversations we had on your goals here. Congratulations on your success, especially the period when you overcame medical issues. Glad and happy to see you happy and with more change in your pockets. Keep it up!!

Hey Luis, yes I do remember you and our conversations years ago! Hope things are well! And thank you vm for your support! :)

Amazing as always Zarina! I remember your foot reconstruction surgery very well and even now I'm still in awe of how you pushed through that, especially as I fractured my hip in October and couldn't walk for 3 months - still absolutely nothing compared to what you went through. You have my utmost respect 😎

And now your business is just booming - and you're barely getting started!

I've been working with Dale123 for a year now and I can definitely say it's better than working alone - IF you have strengths that compliment each others and you can always have honest and real conversations.

I'm excited for what 2023 has in store! It's gonna be good! #doubleornothing 😂

Hi Simon, good to see you!!!

It's been a long while, hope things are well! :)

I actually thought about you when I added the "ecstatic goal" part/screenshot, because I remember how I was inspired by YOUR post some time ago!

Nice!! You and Dale are some of my fave WA members, love your content, stories, and personalities. So cool you guys partnered up too :))

And yes, very much agree on the complementing each other part! My partner and I certainly do - he loves doing KW research and is great at it, and I enjoy and great at editing the articles.

And overall, super picky/perfectionists and focus on top quality. So happy I reached out to him and we went for it.

I have a very good feeling about 2023, let's CRUSH IT!

And stay in touch! :)

Haha! That's so cool! And great initiative on your part!

I'll message you and I'm in with the whole crushing it thing! 😎

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