Third time lucky?

Last Update: August 07, 2014

After an absence of more than three months, I try to start again.

The only thing I did concerning WA was paying my monthly premium membership fee. Automatically.
Now I start again and strive for working on my websites without long interruptions.
The reasons I was inactive are different ones. There were several people in my family with serious problems concerning their health. Further, I studied a lot and had many speaking engagements on spiritual topics and so on.
I do my utmost for breathing new live in the interaction with my followers.
I apologize for not answering your remarks and so on.
I hope that the saying: third time lucky, will become true!

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necopam Premium
It always fascinates me when I see reference to websites (Plural) when we novices struggle along with one lol
KatieMac Premium
It is always difficult when family emergencies come up, I have had a couple of months away, you will soon get into your stride again, hope those that are unwell are doing a bit better, wish you all the best
Warner43 Premium Plus
tntgoodrich Premium
giludi Premium
Glad to have ou back.
Warner43 Premium Plus
I am glad too!
Jaweda2k Premium
Looking forward to having you back.