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December 24, 2016
"We wish everyone a merry Christmas, notwithstanding all the facts, that contradict the intentions of the One who came as the Prince of Peace.To all the people who do not (yet) celebrate these days, we wish you all what is needed to be happy in your world and world-view. We are all in the first place human beings and have to love each other with respect and understanding. Inclusive thinking is not always easy, but the sine qua non of living together in peace".These are the wishes of me and my
October 10, 2016
With pleasure I make a new start with Wealthy Affiliate. After a long time of absence, I try to pick up the thread. It feels a little bit as if I am back to square one. To be honest, I missed the WA community and I am very happy to have the possibility to be a part of it again. I apologize for the fact, that I did not answer all the comments. From now on I try to be an active member.again.WarnerPS: I try to eliminate the backlog in reacting to followers.That's the reason I did not react as per
November 21, 2015
Today I read 45 life lessons. The wisdom comes from someone who has much life experience. On the World Wide Web is said, they come from a 90 year old woman. In reality the woman in question wrote them down the night before her 45th birthday. She was diagnoosed with breast cancer. Here the link: lessons for every one of us."The most important days in our life are the dayyou are born...and the day you find out why."
November 20, 2015
One of my WA friends and followers recently wrote: "I am gonna miss you my lovely friends!" Words precisely expressing feelings I experience today.All your warm words and heartfelt wishes move me deeply. My sad feelings of discouragement disappeared like snow for the sun.In comments to new members or followers I frequently wrote: "You are here at the right place to reach your goals" , or "Wealthy Affilliate is a unique and wonderful community of people mutually assisting each other."All your
November 19, 2015
Some weeks ago I started again with my lessons and made great progression. I was very motivated and in a flow as never before. My goal was to build first my site in three months and then work at my other project, writing a book. Now I have to stop already , because I cannot in due time pay my membership fee for this month. How long it will last before I come back I don,t know. at this moment. I find it a pity that I must interrupt the flow I am in. I shall miss the interaction with all my fri
November 08, 2015
1. Always be curious.2. Be happy for no reason.3. Fight tielessly for what we want.So however I am stuck I keep fighting tirelessly for what I want: a website that allows me to reach many people to win them to this unique WA community.
November 03, 2015
A weed is a plantthat has masteredevery survival skillexcept for learninghow to grow in rows (Doug Larson)
Some little comeback problems A few days ago I started for the third time my adventure with WA. After more than four months, I have a huge backlog accumulated in responding to followers etc.. Recent days I have been trying to catch up. I would like to give more extensive commentaries, but given the large amount I cannot do that. I find that very sorry and ask for your understanding. . During the next time I try to respond in some detail, and also read the profiles more carefully. In the f
August 07, 2014
After an absence of more than three months, I try to start again. The only thing I did concerning WA was paying my monthly premium membership fee. Automatically. Now I start again and strive for working on my websites without long interruptions. The reasons I was inactive are different ones. There were several people in my family with serious problems concerning their health. Further, I studied a lot and had many speaking engagements on spiritual topics and so on. I do my utmost for b
“Tomorrow is uncertain. Don’t wait a second longer to do those things you’ve always wanted” The above saying I read on Facebook this morning. I saw it as a hint to write something concerning procrastination. I resolved that some weeks ago, but postponed it till today. I can write from a lifelong personal experience. The most part of my life, I have seen it as a problem. Now looking back, I see also some advantages. The first time I suddenly realized that, was around ten years ago. I