What are you BIGGEST worries about making money online? An AMA blog basically.

Last Update: December 23, 2016

Hey guys, so I'm doing research to get more ideas to write about on my blog, and I wanted to ask everyone here in the community who is new or not what worries them most about this business.

  • What questions do you have about internet marketing?
  • What are the most common problems you encounter when starting out?
  • Do you have any questions about your existing website?
  • Do you want to know if you're on the right track?
  • Do you want to know if you're using the right keywords?
  • Ect...

Basically, any type of worry, question, or doubtful though you have about this business, I want to hear it.

In my experience, there's plenty of questions and doubts people have and it really, really slows them down or makes them fail before they even begin, even though they're already in the best place possible to succeed (Wealthy Affiliate).

However, I hope to relieve these doubts and worries through this blog post (and also get some personal ideas for what to blog about) and help you guys move ever closer to success!

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StefanC Premium
Hi Vitaly, I get the traffic, but my bootcamp conversion is too low, sometimes, the average is 3-4%.
I have a huge crowd of referrals that doesn't interact with the community and doesn't seem to take advantage of the free training
Sometimes I get 8 free sign ups per day! And I don't get too excited about it because I don't get responses to my welcoming messages etc... Still, The majority who decide to go premium, doesn't stay longer than 2 months. They arrive full of motivation, set their goals, and then disappear!

So, my biggest worry is to stay in the dark regarding the reasons behind the low conversion. What's the most important reason so I can focus my energy on what really matters

Is it

Lack of money to pay for WA?
Targeting the wrong audience?
Bad content?
Bad marketing strategy?

All of the above maybe...

Thanks for your help Vitaly
VitaliyG Premium
I haven't seen your site Stefan, but based on the symptoms you stated, I'd say the problems are this:

1) You may be targeting a crowd that may not be as relevant to WA and/or perhaps thinks they are getting into a get rich quick scheme.

2) Your content may be a reflection of this and I would just alter it by basically pointing out exactly what WA is and what to expect (no get rich quick scheme), but point to success stories.

3) Let people in your salespage know you'll connect with them in WA and when they enter, give them that welcome message, something short, welcoming and link them to the training.

Maybe a paragraph or two.

4) LEave a few other messages offering your help and support. basically let your referrals know, you're there and the community is too.

People who join WA tend to not know this because their referrers do not tell them this so they get scared and walk away.

A 3-4% conversion rate isn't bad, it shows you're already doing something right by getting them here, so the key is to analyze where along the way they're deviating and get them back on track using the things I pointed to above.

Keep writing content and making an effort to explain where and how WA will help people so when people join, they will have a preconceived notion of what's up, that'll make it more likely they'll stay.
StefanC Premium
Thanks a lot Vitalty. Most of my traffic comes from online survey and gpt reviews. I also have IM products and scam reviews, but they don't bring as much traffic. So I do believe this might be one of the biggest factors. On the other hand, my results might not seem so bad, considering popular IM products are more difficult to rank. I might not experience a good conversion with these articles but I get more traffic... yeah, it's really difficult to spot one single factor
VitaliyG Premium
You should still write about products even if you don't think they'll rank high or get a lot of traffic, it still adds to your content base.
StefanC Premium
thanks for your valuable advice Vitaliy. I will keep on posting articles and increasing traffic!
All the best
jeremy111 Premium
Hey Vitaliy.

As not quite a newbie, I would like your input on the importance of email marketing and the role it has played in your success, if any.

As I'm still not able to commit "full time" yet due to the ever present constraints of time, I would like to know how vital email marketing really is.

Should I commit less time on content creation and focus on list building?

Your thoughts are appreciated
VitaliyG Premium
You have to always focus on traffic generation. Whether it comes from writing content or posting ads, traffic is what you will eventually need to make money and collect emails, so that is the main priority.

As for email marketing, I have had success and collected multiple email lists throughout the years, but I don't it because it's another responsibility after your site.

When for example, I send people to WA, there is email marketing taking place in that Kyle and Carson's followups take over and they make sure through email marketing that people stay.

If your niche is not about promoting WA, you can test email marketing on your site, but only with steady traffic first.
jeremy111 Premium
Sound advice.

My niche site has a nice steady flow of traffic, but only roughly 20% is direct with the majority being organic.

I just hate to see all those visitors go without at least "trying" to stay in contact, if you know what I mean.

Have you done any email training, or do you have any you would recommend?

Thank you sir for your response.
VitaliyG Premium
I think Jay may have done a webinar on email marketing and/or there's some trainings here by Kyle or Carson that may help you.

Don't worry about people coming and going, it's part of the business, if your niche is evergreen, there's always going to be a new flow.
NWTDennis Premium
I really didn't have any worries when I started my WA journey. I had spent a lot of time on Kyle's site (http://waystoavoidscamsonline.com/) and asking questions.

The fact that Kyle actually responded to my questions gave me the incentive I needed to try WA after a very long and costly journey in an internet training program to nearly made me give up my search for a legitimate home business in retirement.

I consider my first niche site (started while doing the Cert Training) a learning experience. I kind of ran out of ideas for posting relevant content. What I've learned is that successful Content Marketing requires that we become volume writers.

I enjoy writing, but have not yet learned how to turn this skill into a "volume" process. I want to focus on Bootcamp training, and my biggest worry is how I'm going to become a volume writer.

I've though about outsourcing, but most of my research has not eased my concern on volume content production. Most reviews indicate quality of outsourced content suffers.

So my biggest concern is how to increase my content output while maintaining the quality level without committing to an 80 hour work week.
VitaliyG Premium
Hi Dennis, read the last part from this post: It'll give you links to sites where you can find reviews and write them up, thereby giving you more volume to add to your site.

I also recommend Muncheye.com as an added resource.
waian Premium
Hello Vitaliy,

I just started the Bootcamp (have been working through the Certification Course for half a year now though), and I'm trying to write thorough, honest reviews about different websites such as Wealthy Affiliate, Swagbucks, etc. My reviews (so far I have 3) are all quite long - my shortest is well over 1,900 words long. In order to write honest, in-depth articles, I have to spend a lot of time and energy using the website that I review. So it's taking me about a week of using each website before I write a review, yet I know to be truly successful you should be doing reviews more like once a day or every two days.

What do I do? Should I continue writing 2,000+ word honest reviews once a week, which will generate little traffic (because I'm not writing content often enough), and wait for years before I'm making a full-time income?

Or, should I take the route that most people go, and write 750-1500 word reviews which are based mainly on quick research and not on "real" experience? That way I could pretty easily crank out one per day, but they wouldn't be as thorough, nor would they be based much on my own personal experience of having used them for a week or more (I WOULD join the sites I review, but I wouldn't really have the time to show stuff like payment proof, etc. for quite a while).

I like the idea of writing 100% honest reviews based on longtime personal experience, but I'm starting to wonder if it's simply impractical if I want to truly be successful at this. Maybe I should replicate what many other successful people do, and write a review once a day based mostly on research and just a quick experience (my first impression, if you will).

I value your opinion because you are obviously one of the most successful people here, so I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Sorry for throwing so much your way, but you asked... ;)

Thanks, and wishing you a Merry Christmas!

VitaliyG Premium
Hi Ian, while you're doing an excellent job of putting a lot of effort into reach review you put up, obviously, as you stated, time becomes the problem.

I spoke with someone in chat today who had a similar issue, was putting out 1 article a week, but it took them about 8 hours to complete each one.

My recommendation to them and you is the following:

1) Look at the most important highlights of the product you're reviewing and make that the thesis/highlight of your review.

2) It is not necessary to go into every little detail a product is about. As long as you answer these questions:

What it is.
Will it work.
Your professional opinion on it.

That is what counts.

3) As you write reviews and become good at it, you'll crank em out faster and faster and be able to figure out products faster than before, therefore producing faster results.

4) If you focus too much on things like images and structuring your writing too much, you'll get too caught up in that. Focus on #2's advice.

Should you get stuck, say on finding images or other info, publish your article as is (incomplete), then add the info later. At least then you'll let the indexing take place.
waian Premium
Thanks for the response Vitaliy.

I will follow your advice, it makes a lot of sense.

AMAs are a really cool idea for Wealthy Affiliate, perhaps other members will do some as well. That would be awesome. :)

Vasiliy Premium
Hi Vitaliy,

The biggest worry that I have just like many newbies who start Internet marketing is re-assurance that it is possible to succeed and make it a full-time income.
So I guess anything that helps to clear the doubts that it is possible to succeed and what does it really take.

I know all these answers already there in WA but something like this coming from someone who is already doing it gives more motivation to newbies who start.

Thanks Vitaliy.
VitaliyG Premium
Howdy Vasiliy, I am a product of the training here, and obviously started of as a newbie. By following it, I have reached these types of results: If that doesn't clear up doubt, I don't know what will lol. So basically, commit to the training and don't let the doubt get to you.