Vegas 2016: Just when I though it couldn't get any better.

Last Update: February 01, 2016

My second time at the WA Super Affiliate conference has come and gone and I would like to share with everyone what I learned because it directly affects EVERYONE who is a part of WA, so you all need to read this:

Back when I attended it for the first time. I was very nervous about meeting Kyle, and the other affiliates (Steve and his wife, Ian, Nate, Eddy and Vincent). But I was welcomed very well and this year, the same people welcomed me back like good old friends.

Man we had a BLAST this year. I must have partied with these guys more in one week than I do in a whole year. We did things every single day, had a ton of laughs and had great memories.

This year, we also had the return of a good buddy of mine from a previous year, Alex as well as new faces: Mike, Pete, Scott, Wendy (and her sister), as well as the old ones too. This time, Jay and Carson were also present and it was great to finally meet the complete WA crew!

We all connected instantly and began exchanging stories, affiliate marketing jokes, and offering each other great advice. Technically we're all competing against one another, but honestly, with the way WA has trained us, we don't look at it that way. We're happy to share ideas and many of us have become great friends in the process.

So what did this year's conference teach me?

Mainly that us as WA members really do NOT know how good we have it by being here. Kyle and Carson are CONSTANTLY making improvements to this website, all to make it better for every member.

If you guys only knew how deep and detailed these guys are in the things they are adding and how much this place has evolved, you would understand maybe a small portion.

Of course in our meetings, we discussed ways to keep things improving and as I said in my 2015 Vegas blog, the focus is YOU, the WA members.

Your success within WA is a direct reflection of the training and genius put into the site and as the numbers have shown, more and more people ARE experiencing success with WA.

More people are sticking around longer.

More people are becoming super affiliates.

More and more people are creating businesses that they want.

The 3 little internet marketing pigs!

You all know the classic story right? Well I want to change things a little bit because if you get THIS, you are going to have an incredible 2016:

MANY members are still making HUGE mistakes when forming their businesses:

They are rushing. They aren't reading the MOST IMPORTANT PIECES OF INFORMATION:

PLEASE stop skipping these training modules, the lessons inside and blasting through them. When you skip steps, you get lost, and when you get lost, you have to go back and repeat things.

What do you think all the super affiliates and success online businessmen and women did to get where they are in WA? They COMPLETED THOSE COURSES. DO THEM.

And as for the 3 little internet marketing pigs, well...

One built his business on straws. Rushed.

One built it on sticks. Somewhat rushed.

The other built his on bricks. Took his time.

When the big bad wolf came around and blew on them, only the brick business remained. When you rush, you are basically just making your business easy to break.

When you work hard and make your house brick by brick, when it's built, you know nothing can blow it down. Work to do that.

So just know Kyle and Carson and WA already have every brick you need to set. You have to set it yourself though, but when you do, I'll be seeing you guys in Vegas OR reading your success posts. Either way, I'll be happy.

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MoritzS Premium
I wasn't planning to promote WA, but I think it might be nice to meet the peeps. ;)
And I also think I should go through the training once more.
Feeling a little stuck.
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Well that's the beauty of it Moritz, you can promote it if you want or you can make your site on any niche, either one has the tutorial to make a successful bizz.
whitsunday Premium
Hey I'm so glad to hear your views.
NatNiches Premium
Cheers for that Vitality - I'm working on it! I intend to make it there one day :). I agree with everything you've said and take it on board. :)
Vasiliy Premium
Hi Vitaliy. This is pretty inspiring. Thanks a lot for sharing. Keeping my hopes up. I hope one day will be able to meet you guys in Vegas.
siamjerry Premium
Thanks Vitaliy, this is very good to know. One day I am going to make it to Vegas too and be happy to meet you in person.
VitaliyG Premium Plus
I look forward to that Georg! We actually did have a few people this year who were referred to by other Super affiliates. Was really cool to see their success and I hope to see you there.