mistakes are not all bad.

Last Update: February 22, 2015

I started my working life the second I put my foot outside the school gates after my last exam at 11 am on a Tuesday morning in 1982. I was already thinking, after all the revision, the encouragement from my parents and teachers, answers written on my wrists, just how bad my results where going to suck ( and they did ). Those first steps where the loneliest steps of my life as I did not have a clue of what I wanted to do.

I lived in quite an industrial area so there was some hope for me, so I started knocking on factory doors looking for work, which was an uphill struggle. this went on for a couple of weeks when I was offered a job in a small engineering workshop.

I was taught the basics on how to use some equipment, and a little about welding, and that was it, everyone was either too busy or too boneheaded to teach the newbie, but this didn't bother me too much, I was keen and enjoyed what I was doing. Although I did not have experience, the one thing I have been blessed with is common sense. I just watched all the other guys and picked their brains, well some of them anyway.

I was going so well I thought I was invincible, until I made my first mistake, I thought my world had ended. There was a screaming voice across the workshop from the Foreman and a load of laughter from some of the other staff. The world could not have opened up a big enough hole for me to fall into. The foreman called me in the office, slammed the door, sat me down and he sat down the other side of his desk. He just stared at me for a few minutes, I was so scared, my rear end was cracking walnuts. I was expecting the worst, then he said, You ------ up Jones, thank god for that, now I can start teaching you.

The reason I got to know the job so quickly was because I looked for all the shortcuts the other guys were making, which they had learnt from years of experience.

Internet marketing is no different. Most of us have spent years searching for success online and getting nowhere rapidly, but from all our mistakes we can find these little shortcuts.

Keywords seem to be a large issue with many newbie marketers, like myself and many others. There is one little shortcut ,or you could say a cheat you could use to find ranking keywords. You have found your niche. Go into Google and look for 1st page ranking sites in your niche. Open the site and right click on the page, click on view page source. A page of HTML will appear. look down a few lines, you will see a line like this <meta name="keywords" content= , which will be followed by all the keywords that got that site ranked.

It's ok to make mistakes, as long as something good comes out of them.

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BNeki Premium
Lol! You ended up getting help from the top! and thanks for the tip...:)
jvranjes Premium
It seems such an info is not always available, I just checked a few randomly.
gadifi Premium
that was great info thanks for sharing this
Kathy331 Premium
Nice one! :)
TheOldSilly Premium
Hey that's a cool shortcut I hadn't known about. Thanks for sharing!