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February 22, 2015
I started my working life the second I put my foot outside the school gates after my last exam at 11 am on a Tuesday morning in 1982. I was already thinking, after all the revision, the encouragement from my parents and teachers, answers written on my wrists, just how bad my results where going to suck ( and they did ). Those first steps where the loneliest steps of my life as I did not have a clue of what I wanted to do. I lived in quite an industrial area so there was some hope for me, so I s
I first looked into earning a living online about 5 years ago. Like most people, I just typed "making money online" into google, and an avalanche of opportunities sat before me. I filtered through a few and was spoil't for choice as to which system I was going to use to help me retire by the end of the following week. Must be possible, google sent them to me. Getting excited now. Within a few hours my spam folder was more compact than Father Christmases belt, overflowing with messages from all
That was one of the opening lines of my old Pastor's talks, an amazing Man God bless. Patience is not one of the virtues I have been blessed with in my life. I start a project, and a day later I'm already trying to see the end product, not the way to do things. Impatience is the one thing I have promised myself not to let myself get seduced by here at WA. I have struggled a little to hold myself back to ensure not to settle for poor results. Patience is something you can teach yourself over tim
January 13, 2015
Sinse the day I had my first Mecca-no set to the day I had my first car I have always been the same. I open the box, throw away the instructions and start pushing buttons, then wonder why things don't work. I can make almost any part of a car engine, but if it breaks down, I'm not the one to ask to fix it. I overcame my first dilemma today which has taken a few days, to sought out my domain with WA and caused a few headaches for the support guys (apologies Guys). All I had to do was spend a lit
January 09, 2015
Having beaten my eagerness to run before I can walk, I have been advised to get into the right mindset. Setting out a set schedule seems to be a good way foreword and sticking to it, by only allowing myself 2 hrs a day. At the moment I'm waiting for my domain names to propagate, I think is the correct terminology, (if this is the wrong terminology, can some one please advise me, lol). As they say, content is king, I have plenty of that, I'm just looking foreword to have somewhere to put it.
January 08, 2015
I joined WA about 1 month ago and went premium 2 days ago. At first I was so excited and enthusiastic with all the information and help at hand, that I almost reached level 10 in a few day's, but I had to stop myself and think of how much information I had actually taken in. The answer was, not much. I have been trying to run too quickly instead of walking carefully.The times I have said this to other people, I do not know, So I have just taken a bit of my own advise and gone back to do a lit