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Hi all, I'm Ben. I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I'm married to Dianne an Awesome Lady! I operate a Garden Maintenance service business part time. Mostly





Should I publish about me page now?

Should I publish about me page now?

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I have finished writing some blurb on my about ben page, should I publish it now or wait until I build it out more with a photo of me + banners, etc?

Check your email...I thought it was something different.

Ok. I've added a closing blurb and email so its finished. I'd like further comments, anything to improve?...thanks :)

Let me see...

Hey, sorry...your email should be boostyourincomesolutiononline.com.

ah no its the one on my page but when I click it, I get a Microsoft email window popping up

The one on your page doesn't match your website url.
Last night, I checked a different email address. I checked the one on your About Me Page. Because it worked, I told you good job. I didn't even see it was a different address.
Take a deep breath. We can fix it.
You say the one on your page is correct. Were you aware it doesn't match your website url?

I assumed the one on my page was it, I don't recall training re url email set up...what now?

I'd tell ya but then...lol! You will need 2 emails to forward your business emails to so use Yahoo and Gmail, for example.
Kyle will show you how to set up an admin@yourwebsite.com AND Bob@youremail.com.

Thanks a lot, you're a gem! :)) cheers :))

HAHA...get it? Cool! You're welcome!

go forr it.

Yes, it is always a good idea to Publish as soon as something's ready!

Thanks a lot, please let me know what you think, feeling nervous though :)

Sure! What is your link?

Ok...looks good! You explained how you got there and why you created the website. Just one thing...you need an image! Then, add a closing with your name and email....
So Ben@BoostYourIncomeSolution.com

Good job! I am looking forward to your next Blog!

Thank you! I feel relieved! Yes I'll add a photo...how do I add the email you suggest? Thanks again :)

You set it up already...I tested it.
Remember, from the training? Anyway, it works.
Just copy and paste.

Ok! cheers :))

I was waiting to see if you remember setting up your domain specific email...
See, I am a thorough gal...SURPRISED ya!

Ah I can remember I need to go back and check...


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My about ben permalink ends with a 2.why ?

My about ben permalink ends with a 2.why ?

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Everything Wordpress

http://boostyourincomesolution.com/about-ben-2 is this normal? If not how do I edit the #2 out

your site did not load up when i clicked on.

Hi Gary, thanks for your help, I've not yet published my page because its still a work in progress...I have 7 revisions in trash...don't know if this is the cause...cheers

Umm yeah I did delete the original about me page...

Have you published that page? Did you start one, delete it, and start a new one? The old one may still be in your trash folder... Just a thought...

Hey Gary I follow your reasoning and permanently delete the old one and fixed the problem, thanks again...cheers :)

When I click on the link, it says

Oops! That page can’t be found.

If there is a two that should not be there in your URL, go into your WP Dashboard and edit your URL name. It is located under the space where you have your title for your post.

I attached a screen shot to show you what I mean.

Hi Stephhill,
Thanks a lot for your advice. I've not published this page as its a work in progress. I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers :)

Problem solved cheers

Awesome! I hope you get it done!

Very glad to hear that!

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Can I combine a niche with another related niche?

Can I combine a niche with another related niche?

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Getting Started

I've decided my niche is inside the make money from home niche, say people who want to quit their job and work from home. Can I also promote WA affiliate program as well?

Of course!
WA is one way to work from home, isn't it. ;)

Thanks, why didn't I think of that :))

Sometimes it needs another mind to see the obvious. ;)

Good luck with your site!

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