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Last Update: October 16, 2016

Recently decided to merge my first two affiliate websites built here at WA into ONE new website; so set out one day to learn all that I could BEFORE I began my task.

  1. Purchased my new website domain name:
  2. Backed up both of the older websites
  3. Installed a NEW plugin I learned about WP Optimize

Let me stop my list of tasks here ... to tell you that WP Optimize helped me by removing any and all post and page revisions, as well as optimize my wp database, making these sites easier to load ... and easier to transfer or EXPORT my posts and/or pages without transferring all of the revisions.

SIDE NOTE: Because my Disclaimer, Contact, About Trish, and Privacy Policy pages were (in many instances) EXACTLY alike, I didn’t need to merge all of BOTH site’s pages ... though I did have to tweak the About Trish and Privacy Policy pages for obvious reasons.

Anyway, what made me decide to share this nifty plugin with all of you is this ... that when I used WP Optimize on two of my VERY old websites (hosted out of Toronto, Ontario), this plugin saved one site nearly 20MB of space!

...and the other site nearly 10MB of server space saved. WOW!

There was much tweaking needed on my new website ... pictures had to be installed differently ... as featured images because I am using a purchased theme instead of a free theme. All embedded videos had to be coded differently in order for the theme’s responsive video embed option to work eliminating the need for my video plugin.

Now ... because of all of the editing in the NEW website, I figured I had better install WP Optimize here too, and clean up all the latest revisions. Look what it saved by doing this:

The author of the post who recommended using this plugin recommended for you to back up your website FIRST and FOREMOST ... BEFORE using this plugin.

You can either use the plugin Marion Black recommended using: .... or, for larger sites (like my two older ones hosted out of Toronto, as WP Clone can only back up 25MB) you can use your FTP access to download the entire site.

Once your website is FULLY backed up, you can then go ahead to install and activate WP Optimize.

Once activated, look to the left-hand sidebar under your WP Dashboard for WP-Optimize and click on it ...

At this page you will see the following boxes check marked for you, by default:

...all you need to do now is click on the big PROCESS button and wait.

Watch to see what will appear ABOVE these tables once your site is optimized, and you should see a list similar to the following:

...and then look to see how much of YOUR site’s database space was saved!

Now ... be sure to Deactivate and Delete this plugin as you won’t need it for awhile again, and there is no sense keeping a plugin installed that you won’t be using again for quite some time.

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StepChook Premium
Thanks Trish! Sounds like a great plugin. I probably have too many plugins, so I might need to think very carefully about adding yet another one!
Triblu Premium
You're not alone on having too many plugins Stephen. I still have yet to update my personal blog.

The theme is sooooo outdated (though responsive, thankfully) and there are far more plugins on my personal blog than those you listed as being on yours ... just so you know ;-)) ... y'er not alone ... guilty I am!
MarionBlack Premium
Thanks for sharing Trish.
Triblu Premium
You're welcome Marion ... and Thank YOU for having shared WP Clone ... I LOVE that plugin!
Me4TheWin Premium
I love this plugin! It's saved me a lot of space.
Triblu Premium
Hey Deedee,

I'm so glad I decided to merge my 2 sites ... I've learned A LOT this past week. New plugin ... fixed boo-boos ... advantages to using paid theme rather than free theme ... that sort of thing. :-))
onmyownterms Premium
Great share!
Triblu Premium
Thank YOU Mel!
adamnjames Premium
This is great to know. Thanks.
Triblu Premium
You're very welcome Adam.