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If you've noticed a significant loss in visitors to your website lately, you might want to see if your site was hit with Google's most recent algorithm update.Apparently, Google Link Spam algorithm update was released sometime in early November 2021, and is said to be about Google filtering out what they deem as harmful or dubious websites.It is also said to filter out websites that add no value, as well as those using black hat tactics.Claims are even made that this algorithm is more effective
Yes, of course there is a LOT of junk products out there on the internet that are being offered by popular marketing websites. And, I’m sure that those platforms were initially simply intended as a means of offering vendors with an easy-to-use method of selling their products online.However, now the Big 3 most popular platforms today are being accused of offering nothing but junk, and that is not the whole truth. There are the hidden gems that are being offered on all of them.It is up to
Back when I first moved my personal blog over to the WA servers, this plugin (Broken Link Checker by WPMU DEV) that I relied on a LOT for informing me of any broken links on all of my websites (even my client’s sites hosted elsewhere), was found to not work properly.Had guessed that it was due to the security scripts that were on the WA hosting servers at that time. Being thankful for the heightened security of the WA servers, I simply removed this plugin. Though I have to admit, I have m
When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA) back in 2016, I have to admit, I was highly suspicious that this would turn out to be yet, another pipe dream. Thankfully, that was not the case.At first, I used a hummingbird image supplied by WA as my profile image, eventually moving to using a cartoon depiction. It wasn’t until I truly felt comfortable that WA was an honest to goodness learning platform that I finally decide to show my face.It wasn’t long after that when I started to fee
This should serve as proof to us all as to the priceless value of the Wealthy Affiliate website hosting servers.The most popular, widely used themes and plugins become the most sought after for targets to hack from the less scrupulous scripters out there.So, if you have not yet updated your All In One SEO Pack plugin when you are reading this, then PLEASE do so immediately. Doing so will resolve that issue discussed in the Wordfence Blog.However, it is still vital that we EACH do our part in pr
This post is meant for those of you who prefer to use Google XML Sitemap and have that already installed.The recent update to the All In One SEO Pack plugin pushed their XML Sitemap to be installed on EVERY website using their plugin. Many of us have been complaining to the developer the last few days… and I found a resolve.If you see the following nag screen after updating your All In One SEO Pack plugin, there is an easy fix.And here it is:
Given all of the many different products that I have purchased and wrote reviews on over the past year now, I get a lot of spammy time emails. Seldom do any of the offers actually come addressed to me personally.Guess that's what made me suspicious of the one I just now received. The writer is Diego Hernando and he sounds soooo generous... but then I've learned to not trust just any software. And, his offer came with an offer of FREE software along with his tutorial.In reading over his email re
It is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada today and I would like to share a list of things that I am thankful for, as I have never done this before… and I truly think that it is time that I did.I am thankful for the amazing, world-class training platform that Kyle and Carson have created for all those of us who wish to learn how to do affiliate marketing properly.I am also very thankful for all of the costly inclusions that Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has provide for their premium members. Especi
The best of WordPress themes are those that need NO page builder, AND... a theme that allows a webmaster to customize a website for different uses. This post is my shout out, as I FINALLY found a developer that offers such themes!Having had to suffer through soooo many awesome looking themes only to discover they were created with a page builder, I truly have wondered where all the great WordPress theme developers went to. Then I recently stumbled upon a great WordPress theme... LZ Cleaning Ser
While trying to help another person out with moving their website from one host to another today, I went to retrieve the URL for this once awesome plugin only to find it now seems to be deserted by the developer. It is now labeled with a WARNING: "This plugin hasn't been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress."Knowing that a lot of us have this plugin ins