Hi - I am having trouble with finding keywords and writing posts for my site. It's about pet supplies and it seems you can only write so much about it unless you write about certain items for your pets. Don't know what key words to search and drill down for. Could you give me some advice on what I should be looking for? my site is
http://mybestpetsupplies.com Hard to write 4 or 500 word posts as I am not much at writing articles. Thanks in Advance

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KD6PAO Premium
Hy Wayne…go visit a couple of those pet supply stores. Walk around the aisles…you'll get some ideas...
Traveller75 Premium
Thanks, I know what you all mean now , write about supplies like flea powder.toys,collars, leashes etc.
techhound Premium
Hey Wayne,

Here are some ideas right off the bat:
pet supplies online
pet supply discounts
pet supply market
pet supply coupons
pet supply from vets
best pet supply stores
best pet supply
top pet supply companies
how to get the best deals on pet supplies
pet supply wholesale(r)
pet supplies for dogs
pet supplies for cats
pet supplies for exotic animals
how to save on pet supplies
how not to get ripped of when buying pet supplies

Also, find out who your competitors are and see what they are writing about. Go to article sites and search for the term there.

Hit up pet supply forums and blogs and see what people are discussing with regard to pet supplies.

Hope this helps.
Traveller75 Premium
Thanks Jim, I'm getting so much help, this is great. Thank you everyone
bennyrolls Premium
I was always working so hard on keywords. I lose focus on the actual
niche so i just write then look for keywords to fit in if i need to. Just keep writing what you know or learn about your niche and it will work out. {:
Traveller75 Premium
Thanks, sounds good
success2010 Premium
I know how hard it can be to write material. Write what you know and research, research everything else to form your opinion on different pet items. Then start to write your opinion on each item. Here is something that could help also. Good luck! https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/kyle/blog/keyword-marketing-strategy-picking-green-peaches/a_aid/Ul4TaEZe
Traveller75 Premium
Thanks, gives me some better ideas, will get to work.
Jaweda2k Premium
I have found that when I am getting stuck to use the Alphabet Soup technique that Kyle reviewed in the training works great.

Traveller75 Premium
Thanks, I've used this and then go to jaxxy to drill down,I guess what I mean is do I search about care of dogs and cats or do I write articles about supplies, like toys, back packs, makes of food Etc. or should both work?
Jaweda2k Premium
I would definitely stick to supplies since that is what your theme is about. The occasional article about pets but not so much the supplies would still be ok. I would still even try to gear those to lean toward care and the supplies though.