Target Audiences for Wealthy Affiliate

When you sit down and think about all the people in the world that would like to make more money, you could pretty much include just about everyone.

Every person from every little corner of the population could use extra cash and that is really the target audience. So in essence, your target audience consists of the close to 7 BILLION people that live this world, 3.4 of them have high speed internet and would love to have access to a platform like Wealthy Affiliate.

That is a pretty MASSIVE target audience, so within this tutorial I am going to give you a hand with some more targeted examples of audiences and show you exactly how to break them down.

Pretty big and pretty broad right? That was intended to prove the scale of the market that you can promote to, and within this section we are going to explain smaller more niche target audiences and also let you in on some ways in which you can research and market to these audiences.

When many affiliates begin to work on their keyword and industry research for Wealthy Affiliate research, they typically think of the most obvious marketers that are highly relevant to the services offered at Wealthy Affiliate. The main audiences that come to mind are:

  • Making Money
  • Work From Home
  • Internet Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • PPC Marketing
  • Email Marketing

These are fine and they are definitely targeted, however marketers typically run into a wall when they attempt to promote WA under these keywords as they are very competitive. They convert, but they are competitive.

Because of this, we recommend also venturing into other very targeted niches. I have included a list of these below:

  • Entrepreneur Programs
  • Website Marketing
  • Local Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Linked In marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Google content network
  • BingAds
  • PPC Marketing
  • Clickbank
  • Data Entry
  • Home Business
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Article Marketing
  • Getting Rich Quick
  • Become a Millionaire
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Self-Employment
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Wordpress Plugins/Theme/Hosting
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Builders
  • Internet Marketing Tools

These are all hot topics and highly related to what is offered within Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone looking for help in any of these areas can easily get help and get training within the Wealthy Affiliate community if you look a little deeper you find that there are even more than the obvious.

These can all be target audiences and I am going to show you how to elaborate on these in a second. However, there are complete demographics of people that should not be forgotten about. Massive groups of people that are looking for opportunities, to create businesses online or to expand their existing businesses online.

  • College Students
  • University Students
  • Retired Individuals
  • Middle Class Populous (large majority of US consumers)
  • Retired Veterans / Disabled Veterans
  • Disabled Individuals (who can work from their computer)
  • New Career seekers
  • Career Development/Advancement seekers
  • Laid Off Employees
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • People with massive hospital/health bills
  • Low Salary Employees
  • High Salary Employees that Want More
  • Minimum Wage Workers / McJobs
  • Passive Income Seekers
  • Residual Income Seekers
  • Baby Boomers About to Retire
  • People Who Vacation Lots (like the freedom)
  • Loans/Cash Advances
  • People with a mortgage
  • People that are forced to foreclose their homes
  • Debt Consolidation
  • People with Undesirable Jobs
  • Office Workers
  • People looking to win the lottery
  • Computer Jobs and remote jobs
  • People interesting in computer programming
  • Residents at business and Internet marketing schools
  • People looking to get a marketing, finance, or business education
  • Someone who wants to quit their job
  • Franchising/Franchisees
  • Ebay Sellers
  • Summer Job Seekers
  • Part-Time Employment
  • People seeking any type of employment!
  • Employment Search Engines (JobSearch, Monster,
  • Criminal Employment (employment for criminals)
  • People seeking post secondary education (can target University and College names)
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Online Surveys Takers
  • Related Forums and discussion rooms
  • TV Shows (Apprentice, Deal or No Deal, etc)
  • Famous Rich People (Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Rich Dad Poor Dad)
  • Hard Copy Books (The Art of the Deal, Buzz marketing, etc)
  • Affiliate Network Keywords (CJ, Clickbank, Linkshare, Shareasale, Kowabunga, etc)

These are some demographic based audiences that you can target. These above ideas alone will give you enough ammunition to promote Wealthy Affiliate for a lifetime!

With what we have already given you, you could easily scale a campaign to make over $1 MILLION per fact, if you put your effort into just one of these target audiences, you could likely make that with just one.

Remember, the average affiliate referral for Wealthy Affiliate is close to $150. Commissions and recurring revenue add up very quickly!

In the next section, we are going to elaborate on a few of these so you can get a better idea of how to research and find keywords within them, and and how to effectively set up campaigns targeting them.

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Jojo520 Premium
I think I will have to sit with the flurry of ideas I have right now, and see how my target audience and my goals fall together. I want to help people like me, who love to travel and be creative and do what they can to help others, but are somewhat (to extremely) limited by the need to remain at a traditional job for financial reasons...
Jewelia Premium
Hi Kyle and all,

Thank you. Most of this makes sense, but...

Here is what I don't understand about finding and then using the keywords... I don't see how I could naturally target most of the keywords, which in reality often turn out to be low hanging fruits... How could I write a post that aims to bring minimum wage workers to WA using "how minimum wage affects businesses" or "...higher paid employees" or "...unemployment" keywords? Actually, in this case, I don't even see the connection between my chosen audience and either of these keyword phrases: why minimum wage workers would care about higher paid employees, businesses or even unemployment? I don't think my niche people will ever google these keyword phrases. And yet, my article has to organically lead to "join Wealthy Affiliate" message from one of these keywords, which I am supposed to use in the Title and in the first couple paragraphs. How? What am I missing in this concept? Kyle, would you really use any of the keywords from "how" group, or was this just not a very good example, and you'd continue searching for other more relevant keywords?

Thank you,
~ Julia
Labman Premium Plus
Many unemployed workers are trying desperately to find an income. While WA won't provide instant success, it can be a long term solution to people that are in the hunt for an income not dependent on the whims of a low income manager with delusions of grandeur.
Jewelia Premium
Hi Craig,

I appreciate your response, but that's not what I asked... I understand that minimum wage workers are great as a targeted audience for WA referrals. I don't understand how to use these keyword phrases: "how minimum wage affects businesses" or "...higher paid employees" or "...unemployment". If you don't mind to re-read my original question, I'd love to learn from you.

Thank you for your time,

~ Julia
A potential WA affiliate may see or want to determine the connection between: minimum wage mindsets, and higher paid mindsets, minimum wage and business owners, the comparative fees (capital) to get started in different programmes, or to even do campaigns about the economy, minimum wage, and the looming risks and gloom of unemployment without any backup. Remember that the reader in the audience may not necessarily search those keywords verbatim, only partially, but may still pull your content if ranked well.

These type of keywords may return high quality affiliates as well, since they are persons seeking to understand how to satisfy an audience that is looking to get out of the 9 - 5 rat race, or rigidity and lack of freedom of traditional corporate jobs.

Also you don't have to use it in the first few paragraph's but spread it out and make each of your paragraphs have a relation to campaign topic, theme, or issue.

Hope this helps, however it may be just an example here.
Jewelia Premium
Hmm... Thank you very much, Paul. You brought up several good points, which are helpful. But I am still not convinced that "how" group of keywords in Kyle's example is appropriate for the task he defines.

The assignment Kyle sets in this tutorial:
1. Point your audience to Wealthy Affiliate as a resource for success online.
2. Your target audience is Minimum Wage Workers
3. And closer to the end of the tutorial:
Use any of these 4 search terms:
"how minimum wage works"
"how minimum wage affects businesses"
"how minimum wage affects higher paid employees"
"how minimum wage affects unemployment"

I read your response 3 times trying to mentally plan my own blog targeting these keywords (#3) with a goal of delivering "join Wealthy Affiliates" message (#1) to minimum wage workers (#2). I still can't connect all three.

One or even two of three given conditions fall out of the picture... I hear you saying that the topics addressed by these keywords(#3) may find "a potential WA affiliate" (#1), but "a potential WA affiliate" in this case is not " minimum wage worker"(#2), which would not be a problem if... the rest of my blogs were not focused on targeting this group. But they were and therefore most of the visitors to my website ARE minimum wage workers.

I am very meticulous in this particular example, but of course, I am not running this exact scenario. I am trying to understand the line of thoughts for my own niche and for a different target audience in WA referrals.

Do you understand my confusion? What am I missing? If all pieces don't seem to fit together, what should I do: move on to different keywords, or not to worry about the originally chosen audience? I am sure I am over-complicating something and somewhere... What and where, please?

Thank you,

~ Julia
bctraci Premium
Hi Julia - as a minimum wage employee constantly looking for income opportunities outside of work, I can tell you that in my quest I certainly googled things like "how to get a higher paying job" or "unemployment alternatives"
When you have that mindset to break out of the rut, you try to think outside the box and you look up not only what you want but what you don;t want.
Hope that helps.
Jewelia Premium
Thank you, Traci! I never thought of that. This certainly helps.
SylviaH1 Premium
Thanks for sharing. So true. Minimum wage employees and students are always looking for ways to make additional income.
DeborahsLife Premium
I so absolutely get what you are saying. I have that trouble creating new posts for my site. I just don't get the connections sometimes, and I see exactly what you are saying. I wish to see the missing bit is as well.
Hi, I’m no expert but I understand what you are asking and I believe you create a list of these keywords to ensure you use them in Articles you post on your blog that the search engines will pick up.

You could choose anyone as a niche. Like you could use many unemployed workers have now chosen internet marketing to earn extra cash and replace working 9-5 etc. or one on higher paid employees are often made to do more work than is required etc and promote wealthy affiliate within that article. I hope this makes sense.
Jewelia Premium
Thank you for your response. You are absolutely right. My question was very precise regarding Kyle's example of minimum wage workers niche and the exact keywords he found.
Thanks again,
edensbox Premium

You have two choices on what type of site you want. Or, you can have two sites! LOL First, you can pick a niche that you are very interested in and build it from there. I have always loved to create things so my niche is customized printed items. Second, you can build a site that drives traffic back into WA. You need to decide what is more exciting for you and gets your juices going. If doing the WA site is uncomfortable try something different. A hobby you love or something you have always dreamed of. The process should always be fun and exciting.
Jewelia Premium
Thank you, Eden, for your comment.
All the best,
~ Julia
CLandi Premium
To All: beware of Pay Per Click (PPC). It can easily cost a thousand dollars or more. Try Article Marketing. You can write an article about your product. At the end of your article, you can provide a link to your product. Your article should be close to or more than 400 words.

Great list! The ONLY 1 that I personally would stay away from is the tagline of "Get Rich Quick"...From my own experiences as well as many other individuals experiences, whenever I read on a site about getting rich quick, I automatically call BS and tend to keep moving on...The rest of this list is amazing! Just giving my 2 bits on it...Thanks!
CharlesC Premium
Is there a newer version of this article? After reading it through once, i decided to go back and substitute with my idea of target audience. When i click on the View Result button, a pop-up window comes up titled keyword competition and states the competition QSR is xxx number, not what the image above that shows what appears to be a google search result. Am I misunderstanding the directions?

Thanks in advance for any help.
NicoleJBN Premium
It appears that the article has been updated in June 2017 as seen underneath the title. However, the images are showing the older keyword tool version. It has since been updated and the window you're talking about is showing you the competition directly without having to use the Google search feature.

This is for your convenience and to give you an instant idea how competitive the keyword you're searching for is. If you prefer the Google search results as shown in the article, you can always go to Google and perform a manual search using the following search term.


For example, your keyword is baby seats. You'd search in Google like this:

"baby seats"

This helps Google to search anything using this keyword only. This gives a more direct result in terms of competing websites and articles focusing on the same keyword.

To get to the point, the popup window with the QSR result is the shortcut to the manual Google search. The lower the competition, the better you can rank for the keyword. Rule of thumb is to try to find keywords with a QSR of 300 and less. More would be too competitive. It'd be harder and take longer to rank for it.
CharlesC Premium
Thank you for your fast response and explanation!
NicoleJBN Premium
You're welcome.
NicoleJBN Premium