My Next Step - Get Inside Google Information

In 2010, Google launched what Google Instant. You have probably become very accustomed to using it by now. What I want to do is take the root of my target audience, in this case 'minimum wage' and start typing it into the Google search bar to see what sort of results it gives me.

What Google is doing is giving you terms that are commonly typed other words, based on historical searches, they are trying to predict what you may be looking for based on popularity. The cool part about this is that they are basically telling you which keywords are "good" ones. From this you we already have THREE keywords that can be leveraged for our Wealthy Affiliate campaigns.

Lets dig a bit deeper though. As I continue typing, I get more results. I type "", here is what Google Instant gives me:

Then I type in another one of the keywords from my initial Google search, "minimum wage workers".

As you can see, another FOUR keywords. Seven additional keywords on top of what I already had within this audience. These are piling up quickly.

Lets try something else, a technique that you can use to get many more "questions" that people are typing into Google. Add the start of a question to the beginning of the phrase. In my example below I type in "how minimum wage"...

Another FOUR search terms that people are actively searching, looking for help and response within.

These are all within the realm of this target audience, and again, these keywords can be leverage to get traffic and get rankings in Google. And remember, this is just a small component of one of the "original" target audiences we gave you. Hopefully you can see the potential for 100,000's of keywords, because the keyword opportunities are pretty much endless.

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SquidooSlfMstr Premium
Hey Kyle:

I was looking through this tutorial and had a question.

You started with a seed keyword and entered it in the WA keyword tool. You dug deeper and found one below the 300 QSR competition.

Then, you went to Google and entered the seed keyword again to get suggested keywords. However, you did not see what the competition / QSR was to determine what keywords to attack.

Why did you use Google to find suggested keywords? For one, isn't that what the keyword tool is for? Plus, you can see the competition when using the KW tool.

Thanks for clarifying.
manne13666 Premium
Hi there!

I believe what he did was called the alphabet soup technique to get ideas for keywords that he then put into the keyword tool to see what the QSR is.

It basically allows Google to come up with keywords for you by filling in the blank. Here's more info should you need it.

Hope this helps,
SquidooSlfMstr Premium
Hi Michelle/Anne:

Thanks for the reply.

What you said makes sense. If he had the tutorial in that order, i.e. "alphabet soup" for keyword ideas > Keyword Tool for more ideas and competition check, then I wouldn't have any questions.

If you understood what he meant, then it's just me and my ignorance :( Thanks for clarifying that for me!

manne13666 Premium
I'm so glad I could be of help!

Good luck!
Nickoy Premium
My niche is football and I make my website focus more on the English Premier league's club manchester united. So would that mean my target audience is football fans who follow the English premier league matches and who are likely to be Manchester United fans?
my website domain is:
Please visit it and tell me what you think. Thanks.

dagrinsonis Premium
This is awesome Kyle. So glad to be here. I am printing this one out to refer to from time to time. It took me leaving WA and trying to find something else similar online and there is NOT anything else like WA out there. I am confident now I am where I am supposed to be. Donna
kristiel1961 Premium
i agree with you dagrinsonis, I too have ventured from WA and found nothing out there compares to the platform here.
To our success. Kristie
chardin4 Premium
I left WA too! I felt that I couldn't retain the info enough to do anything with it. I came back, because I realized that I can always go back through any lesson I want to, and redo it, or go over it as many times as I need to learn it right! Great choice, that. Carol
dagrinsonis Premium
Much success to you @kristiel1961
Mstish232 Premium
OH EM GEE! I thought I was the only one. I had to do the same thing and found that WA is for me. There may be something better
out there but I believe this is it for me!
MorneOlivier Premium
we must remember our audience is the "IT" they are the "GOD" of what you are aiming for.
Customer service is so drilled into us in the retail environment I work in and guess what the customers know it and more so online. If they don't like your shop they go to the next one and online it's by the click of a button.
What I am saying is, if you have this super dooper site with amazing dazzle and incredible content it means nothing if no one is reading it.
Therefore choosing your audience and pinpointing there needs and keeping them satisfied is the answer to anyone's success out there.
I am busy learning to focus in on just that.
Aiukli-1 Premium
Great advice! Bells and whistles mean nothing without great customer service. That is what keeps bringing them back, with friends.
DenzelSr Premium
Yes Hello World.
Nickoy Premium
To be honest. I don't think I understand the Lesson Target Audiences for Wealthy Affiliate. Are we suppose to select one or more of those audiences mentioned to target with our website or should we search for persons in the audiences we choose and send them Wealthy Affiliate links for them to join Wealthy Affiliate?
SeanGreentre Premium
Hi there,
The key here is to choose an audience that you feel comfortable with. That may be one of the examples used by Kyle, it may be something completely different. You are not tied to any of these, but you do need to choose an audience (a niche) to market to. This decision will determine what your brand will be, your website domain, look and feel, it's content and promotion. If you can, try and think about a completely different niche to everyone else - one that has great traffic potential and no competition. It's a research exercise in Jaaxy, but you'll eventually find the perfect niche. The examples given by Kyle are just that. I'm sure you can think of others. It requires some creative thinking, but you'll get there. And when you do, the world is your oyster.

DenzelSr Premium
You got it stick in there .