Target Audiences for Wealthy Affiliate

When you sit down and think about all the people in the world that would like to make more money, you could pretty much include just about everyone.

Every person from every little corner of the population could use extra cash and that is really the target audience. So in essence, your target audience consists of the close to 7 BILLION people that live this world, 3.4 of them have high speed internet and would love to have access to a platform like Wealthy Affiliate.

That is a pretty MASSIVE target audience, so within this tutorial I am going to give you a hand with some more targeted examples of audiences and show you exactly how to break them down.

Pretty big and pretty broad right? That was intended to prove the scale of the market that you can promote to, and within this section we are going to explain smaller more niche target audiences and also let you in on some ways in which you can research and market to these audiences.

When many affiliates begin to work on their keyword and industry research for Wealthy Affiliate research, they typically think of the most obvious marketers that are highly relevant to the services offered at Wealthy Affiliate. The main audiences that come to mind are:

  • Making Money
  • Work From Home
  • Internet Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • PPC Marketing
  • Email Marketing

These are fine and they are definitely targeted, however marketers typically run into a wall when they attempt to promote WA under these keywords as they are very competitive. They convert, but they are competitive.

Because of this, we recommend also venturing into other very targeted niches. I have included a list of these below:

  • Entrepreneur Programs
  • Website Marketing
  • Local Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Linked In marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Google content network
  • BingAds
  • PPC Marketing
  • Clickbank
  • Data Entry
  • Home Business
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Article Marketing
  • Getting Rich Quick
  • Become a Millionaire
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Self-Employment
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Wordpress Plugins/Theme/Hosting
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Builders
  • Internet Marketing Tools

These are all hot topics and highly related to what is offered within Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone looking for help in any of these areas can easily get help and get training within the Wealthy Affiliate community if you look a little deeper you find that there are even more than the obvious.

These can all be target audiences and I am going to show you how to elaborate on these in a second. However, there are complete demographics of people that should not be forgotten about. Massive groups of people that are looking for opportunities, to create businesses online or to expand their existing businesses online.

  • College Students
  • University Students
  • Retired Individuals
  • Middle Class Populous (large majority of US consumers)
  • Retired Veterans / Disabled Veterans
  • Disabled Individuals (who can work from their computer)
  • New Career seekers
  • Career Development/Advancement seekers
  • Laid Off Employees
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • People with massive hospital/health bills
  • Low Salary Employees
  • High Salary Employees that Want More
  • Minimum Wage Workers / McJobs
  • Passive Income Seekers
  • Residual Income Seekers
  • Baby Boomers About to Retire
  • People Who Vacation Lots (like the freedom)
  • Loans/Cash Advances
  • People with a mortgage
  • People that are forced to foreclose their homes
  • Debt Consolidation
  • People with Undesirable Jobs
  • Office Workers
  • People looking to win the lottery
  • Computer Jobs and remote jobs
  • People interesting in computer programming
  • Residents at business and Internet marketing schools
  • People looking to get a marketing, finance, or business education
  • Someone who wants to quit their job
  • Franchising/Franchisees
  • Ebay Sellers
  • Summer Job Seekers
  • Part-Time Employment
  • People seeking any type of employment!
  • Employment Search Engines (JobSearch, Monster,
  • Criminal Employment (employment for criminals)
  • People seeking post secondary education (can target University and College names)
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Online Surveys Takers
  • Related Forums and discussion rooms
  • TV Shows (Apprentice, Deal or No Deal, etc)
  • Famous Rich People (Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Rich Dad Poor Dad)
  • Hard Copy Books (The Art of the Deal, Buzz marketing, etc)
  • Affiliate Network Keywords (CJ, Clickbank, Linkshare, Shareasale, Kowabunga, etc)

These are some demographic based audiences that you can target. These above ideas alone will give you enough ammunition to promote Wealthy Affiliate for a lifetime!

With what we have already given you, you could easily scale a campaign to make over $1 MILLION per fact, if you put your effort into just one of these target audiences, you could likely make that with just one.

Remember, the average affiliate referral for Wealthy Affiliate is close to $150. Commissions and recurring revenue add up very quickly!

In the next section, we are going to elaborate on a few of these so you can get a better idea of how to research and find keywords within them, and and how to effectively set up campaigns targeting them.

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gjshawk Premium
So if I understand this correctly, I write blog posts on my website using the key words and Google will notice and rank my posts in their search engine. Is that correct? Is using keywords in the title of the post enough or should I pepper them throughout the post content?
GaryHorton Premium
Hi, Grant!

That's right. Use your keyword in the title of your post and again in the first paragraph, but don't over do it. Targetted keywords are like hot sauce. A little will enhance the flavor, but too much spoils the dish.

Google penalized "keyword stuffing." That is just what it sounds like. The best policy is to use your targetted keyword in the title and again early in the post. That will satisfy the search engines.

Once you have a keyword in the title and early in the post, write for the reader.
Sys Premium
I've been with Wealth Affiliate over a year and only got the upgrade three or four days ago. My procrastination has been at a all-time high lately. It took me spending the money for the upgrade before I could get focused.

Now I see what an incredible resource I've been missing out on this whole time, PLEASE, DON'T BE LIKE ME!
Kettei Premium
Totally feel you, dude.
I joined a year ago and did nothing.
It was only when I subscribed 2 days ago that I started to take action - just being able to talk to the community here makes such a huge difference!
LouisaB Premium
You have the right idea. Demographically, you will want to target the audience that your niche will attract. In this lesson, Kyle offered us a awesome list of hot topics that are basically related with WA

He also gave us a massive list to choose from. These are people, businesses, groups, jobs, organization;etc. They are looking for opportunties that are affiliated with online marketing like Wealthy Affiliate.

Use this list to your advantage.

Through these tunnels, there are interested people that are hungry for this great opportunity

Go ahead and spread your wings, and soar!
new profitir Premium
Good follow-up
bernierosa Premium
Everytime I click on links that says make money online, it turn out that they are the ones making money online by offering something to me. At first with free offers and the I have to upgrade with additional upsells. plugins. Everyday we are bombarded with ads in social media.Lots of videos to watch every day. Almost everyday. there is a new program, new plugins,new software.Information overload.
wesivins Premium
Yeah, I have had that same experience. With that in mind I am coming at this from another angle. My blogs and articles will actually provide valuable information necessary to start an online business, however they also will promote an easier way for folks who do not have endless time to spend getting started. That's where I will promote WA.

I will guide them to the affiliate boot camp. Because it is free I will not be pulling a bait and switch. After all the object here is to make money online and if one follows the affiliate boot camp to the letter one will make money.

Having two Esty shops already that are generating sales, I know from experience once one realizes they can make money, that it is not just fluff, their entire perspective changes. And with an introductory offer to go premium for only $19.00 for the first month giving them the full benefit of all the tools and collective knowledge here at WA many will go for it.

Just using the Key word tool alone is worth that, not to mention web hosting which on average cost over 100 per year if you have WordPress service with it. I especially will be promoting the support one gets here. I know of no other quality platform that will guide one through the process of starting an online business that is both affordable and all encompassing.

new profitir Premium
Yeah!! 90% of what is being promoted onthe line is like "Fake News' for real
new profitir Premium
I like your comments... very true of many offers online.
Salhousebell Premium
I know who my target audience is . I just need to step back and go over everything maybe tomorrow , so will be back .I need more information before I commit to putting it on paper, Not worried about 3 pages at beginning .think I can do that easily .worried about adding pictures and things
PaulaKeen Premium
I hear you! I'm concerned about it all! Am I going to have the content I need? Can I use pics from google images? and so on... haha. I think it'll all come together once everything is said and done. Keep movin' forward! You are an awesome affiliate!