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Hi, I’m Mary. I was born in Russia but currently, live in the US.

At the age of 15, I left my mother's house and moved to another country with $20 in my pocket. It was not really a choice, as she was sick and I had to survive alone, which was too bad in Russia in the mid-'90s. My mom passed away two months after I left.

I spent about 20 years in Israel, starting from a public boarding school and moving on to college and graduate school. Luckily, I found an adoptive mother who became my family and my soul support during these years.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and management, MBA in Finance with Magna Cum Laude and Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification. You can count on my financial and risk judgment.

I moved to the US with my family in 2013, seeking a better education for my kids and better career opportunities for me and my husband.
English is my third language.

My resume lists more than 15 years of experience in consulting and FX trading and hedging. Several years ago I transitioned to the Risk IT Business Analysis domain. This is what I do as my full-time job.

Before I had kids, my hobbies were mountain biking, tennis, gym, theater, and books. Now I have 3 active munchkins, 4.5, 7 and 9y old, so my hands are full 24-7. But I still manage to go to the gym 3 times a week (it's a commitment to my physical health) and read some books during my lunch break (for my mental health).

I dare to say I know how to manage time, budget and priorities, making some time for my own development and learning new skills. This is why I’m here at WA. If it will bring me some more money for another vacation with my family – perfect!

My niche is personal finances. It includes ways to create an online business, work from home, make some extra money without too much effort, save on purchases and get more from what you already have.

I launched my website "MoCashForYou" in July 2018. You are welcome to visit. The link is in the right bottom corner of the profile, as we are not supposed to put it in our posts here to avoid any spamming.

In many cases what's good for our wallet is also good for our health and our planet. No smoking, no disposal products, just to mention a few.
I hope that my blog will help people to understand this idea.

Update (Nov 2019):
My progress so far is slow (at least that's what my perfectionist-self thinks about it). The blog has 42 posts, my Pinterest profile has about 335 followers, Facebook page - 90. Income is very low, as I don't focus enough on promoting affiliate products with reviews. However, I did get commissions from a bunch of products already, so the proof of concept is in place. In summer I had a huge traffic spike caused by one post, and it earned about $350 in AdSense income.

Let’s enjoy our time and company!
Feel free to follow and reach out

“If your way feels too easy, you are probably going down” (My mountain biking group mantra)
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
1000 per month
Money I would be ecstatic earning
5000 per month
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
4 hours a week
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May 24, 2018
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MaryFRM Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?
1000 per month

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
5000 per month

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
4 hours a week
A-rup Premium
Nice goals. Follow the training, ask questions when you are stuck, and always stay motivated. Good luck to you!
Carson Premium
Great goals Maria,

The first step to achieving success online is to set some goals and now that you have done this you can start working towards them. Your goals are absolutely achievable and realistic. Dedicate yourself to working through the training, taking action, and getting help when you need it.

I am personally here to help you and there are many others within the community that will reach out to help too.

You are already doing great, keep it up!

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CJardin Premium
Great to meet you Mary! Wow, what an impressive life you are living and proof that time is of the essence and each day is the next step to continued success. No matter what we have to do within our 24 hours, you have so graciously explained this with regard to taking the time to enjoy the steps we take in life. So look forward to reading your posts and future ones as well! All the best to you~
DKaiser Premium
WoW, you are awesome!! I just read your bio and am very impressed!! FOREX is something I am super into myself! However, I have never actually traded any money yet. I've just been learning a lot about it and when I get a little bit of money I will start trading for real!
MaryFRM Premium
If you ask my opinion - don't do it. Even professional FX traders usually can't produce steady profits. For newbies it's more like a casino, with a risk to develop addiction. You need strict discipline and ability to cut losses.
If you want to try - put in the money that you are ready to loose.
Hi Mary. Thanks a lot for following me. I am extremely interested in personal finances management right now, basically how to use funds wisely, stretch the dollar, save up and start investing. The way I learn is to start from basics and build up. Where in Russia were you born? I am from Russia, lived in Australia and moved to Ireland a few months ago. Thanks for following me. Tanya
MaryFRM Premium
Nice to meet you Tanya
I'm from Chelyabinsk.
I just started to put content on my free website here. Still (over)thinking the name for my own domain. PM me if you need advice. I know the best place to keep saving account if you have one, good way to save on online shopping and couple of more tricks. But building your own business here should be the main investment of your time, as the upside is unlimited.
AaronGriffin Premium
Hi Mary, Thank you for following me here at WA it is awesome to see so many successful people coming together. I wish you continued success and if you would like to follow me via social media my links are in my Bio under my posts.
All the best Mary!!!

Actions lead to success - Aaron G.
Madek Premium
Hey, Mary!

I feel great having you as a follower! Wish you high achievements and success in your marketing venture at WA. Keep moving forward! Come to me on my G+ through https://plus.google.com/u/0/116531398108257503951
I also invite you to cast a glance on my website www.lifeandhealths.com
Hope you enjoy! Cheers!