The key to being successful within any niche, is being able to effectively research and expand upon an audience. Breaking down an audience allows you to derive new marketing angles, and uncover a lot of untapped keywords. Keywords which can then be targeted within your article marketing efforts and your website SEO via blog posts and pages.

I am going to break down one of these target audiences for you in detail. This can be done with any of the target audiences from the previous page and I think you are going to find this quite revealing.

Minimum Wage Workers

What better audience than the minimum wage worker audience. These people are typically vastly underpaid for the work they do and are often taken advantage by their employers during weak economic times. You likely know several people that are in this situation, maybe it is even you?

What if you could point this audience to a resource like Wealthy Affiliate and point out the reality of success online for part time or minimum wage workers? You would likely be in for many referrals and sizable monthly commissions!

Along these lines, people are always looking for lower paying, unskilled jobs. Let's take a quick look at some potential searches that people may type in using the Wealthy Affiliate Research Platform (free to use). You will find this under the "Research" tab in the top menu as shown below.

If you go into that too, and under the Keywords tab you can perform your kewyord research. In this case, I typed in "minimum wage".

Some of these terms get several 60,000 searches a month. There is one problem though, some of them are a little bit too broad. You are facing some stiff competition if you try to get ranked under the search term "minimum wage" in Google as you are up against massive websites like Wikipedia and Government sites.

You can quickly check competition by clicking the "Get QSR" button, if it is not already visible to you. In my case, my entire QSR column results are available (as shown below).

Minimum wage has 300 competing websites within the search results, which is basically the maximum number of websites that search engines will index. That is WAY too much, we are aiming under 100...ideally under 50 with a newer website. I need to go a little more niche with my terms to get more targeted searches.

I took a term from the initial search, "current national minimum wage" and I plugged it back into the keyword search.

Here are some of the results from that search:

You can see with the check marks, that there are 5 keywords already that I found that meet my "low competition" criteria.

This is just a few of the queries out of many that were yielded within the search results. This small little sub-niche of making money has just become much larger and much more apparent very quick.

Now what you want to do is collect a "group" of keywords that have low competition, yet get a good amount of traffic (ideally 50 searches per month). These keywords will act as keyword ideas for a pages or posts that you will be publising on your website.

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Being a newbie, one of the things that I'm blown away with is that all of the sidebar tasks related to getting the job done is somehow condensed into a few steps or click of a few buttons. You don't have to over think things to complete sidebar tasks which allows you to keep moving forward.
Again...Thank you
verna8767 Premium
This is really great information because this is just the way I want to promote WA; to everyone!

I understand the task behind this I think. I think it is to promote to all this different type of people separately by going to where each of these groups hangs out, so to speak. But, I'm thinking just promoting through social media would catch all these groups of people. Is that right?
onmyownterms Premium
Social media is a wide net, to be sure, but there is still no better way than by writing audience-specific content on a website.
verna8767 Premium
Okay, I will go with the audience-specific content.

Thanks for your response.
Jfield64 Premium
Yes I can see where you're coming from. Here in the UK there are thousands of people on a minimum salary and quite a lot on a stupid scheme where employers put there staff on a no-hours contract, meaning they can phone the staff and tell them they are not needed on any particular day or time. How sad!
seanasmith1 Premium
This bit of information is going to be useful through out this online business journey and will continue to be useful even after! There are so many people in this world in search of information and knowing that I can serve others by helping them solve whatever it is they're in search of is truly a wonderful feeling!

Reaching out to others and helping in many ways with this incredible platform is unimaginably AWESOME!!!!
onlineflow Premium
You had me at a Million Dollars... just by deliberately focusing on one particular audience... Wow, That's huge!!

This means that building my WA Affiliate business to just 1/10 of that ($100,000 per year)- in 5 years, is so incredibly doable...!

This way of thinking could actually get the fire going under anyone remotely perceiving how big this can get, right?

I keep remembering what you said earlier that every expert... everyone making big money today-including you and Carson, was just a newbie not long ago... Wow, Somebody slap my mama!

Thanks again