The key to being successful within any niche, is being able to effectively research and expand upon an audience. Breaking down an audience allows you to derive new marketing angles, and uncover a lot of untapped keywords. Keywords which can then be targeted within your article marketing efforts and your website SEO via blog posts and pages.

I am going to break down one of these target audiences for you in detail. This can be done with any of the target audiences from the previous page and I think you are going to find this quite revealing.

Minimum Wage Workers

What better audience than the minimum wage worker audience. These people are typically vastly underpaid for the work they do and are often taken advantage by their employers during weak economic times. You likely know several people that are in this situation, maybe it is even you?

What if you could point this audience to a resource like Wealthy Affiliate and point out the reality of success online for part time or minimum wage workers? You would likely be in for many referrals and sizable monthly commissions!

Along these lines, people are always looking for lower paying, unskilled jobs. Let's take a quick look at some potential searches that people may type in using the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool (free to use).

I typed in "minimum wage" in the the Google keyword tool and here is what we got:

Some of these terms get several 100,000 searches a month. There is one problem though, they are a little bit too broad. You are facing some stiff competition if you try to get ranked under the search term "minimum wage" in Google as you are up against massive websites like Wikipedia and Government sites.

You can quickly check competition by clicking the "View Result" button.

This term has 322,000 competing sties. That is WAY too much, we are aiming under 400...ideally under 300. I need to go a little more niche with my terms to get more targeted searches.

I took a term from the initial search, "current national minimum wage" and I plugged it back into the keyword search.

Here are some of the results:

This is just a few of the queries out of many that were yielded within the search results. This small little sub-niche of making money has just become much larger and much more apparent very quick.

Another quick "View Result" search revealed an awesome keyword...

Now what you want to do is collect a "group" of keywords that have low competition, yet get a good amount of traffic (over 50 searches per month). These keywords will then be used to base "articles" off of (which lead to traffic), or will act as the keyword theme for a page or post on your website.

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Sys Premium
I've been with Wealth Affiliate over a year and only got the upgrade three or four days ago. My procrastination has been at a all-time high lately. It took me spending the money for the upgrade before I could get focused.

Now I see what an incredible resource I've been missing out on this whole time, PLEASE, DON'T BE LIKE ME!
Kettei Premium
Totally feel you, dude.
I joined a year ago and did nothing.
It was only when I subscribed 2 days ago that I started to take action - just being able to talk to the community here makes such a huge difference!
LouisaB Premium
You have the right idea. Demographically, you will want to target the audience that your niche will attract. In this lesson, Kyle offered us a awesome list of hot topics that are basically related with WA

He also gave us a massive list to choose from. These are people, businesses, groups, jobs, organization;etc. They are looking for opportunties that are affiliated with online marketing like Wealthy Affiliate.

Use this list to your advantage.

Through these tunnels, there are interested people that are hungry for this great opportunity

Go ahead and spread your wings, and soar!
new profitir Premium
Good follow-up
bernierosa Premium
Everytime I click on links that says make money online, it turn out that they are the ones making money online by offering something to me. At first with free offers and the I have to upgrade with additional upsells. plugins. Everyday we are bombarded with ads in social media.Lots of videos to watch every day. Almost everyday. there is a new program, new plugins,new software.Information overload.
wesivins Premium
Yeah, I have had that same experience. With that in mind I am coming at this from another angle. My blogs and articles will actually provide valuable information necessary to start an online business, however they also will promote an easier way for folks who do not have endless time to spend getting started. That's where I will promote WA.

I will guide them to the affiliate boot camp. Because it is free I will not be pulling a bait and switch. After all the object here is to make money online and if one follows the affiliate boot camp to the letter one will make money.

Having two Esty shops already that are generating sales, I know from experience once one realizes they can make money, that it is not just fluff, their entire perspective changes. And with an introductory offer to go premium for only $19.00 for the first month giving them the full benefit of all the tools and collective knowledge here at WA many will go for it.

Just using the Key word tool alone is worth that, not to mention web hosting which on average cost over 100 per year if you have WordPress service with it. I especially will be promoting the support one gets here. I know of no other quality platform that will guide one through the process of starting an online business that is both affordable and all encompassing.

new profitir Premium
Yeah!! 90% of what is being promoted onthe line is like "Fake News' for real
new profitir Premium
I like your comments... very true of many offers online.
Salhousebell Premium
I know who my target audience is . I just need to step back and go over everything maybe tomorrow , so will be back .I need more information before I commit to putting it on paper, Not worried about 3 pages at beginning .think I can do that easily .worried about adding pictures and things
PaulaKeen Premium
I hear you! I'm concerned about it all! Am I going to have the content I need? Can I use pics from google images? and so on... haha. I think it'll all come together once everything is said and done. Keep movin' forward! You are an awesome affiliate!
wesivins Premium
OK, with the domain, I have rather broad niche and I would likely be over run by the completion if I rely solely on my web domain to funnel traffic to WA. But I am thinking with such a huge niche, I can use it as an umbrella taking advantage of countless key words in articles and blogs to draw people interested in learning how to make money online. Especial those folks who want to try before they buy.
see that was my idea with tv or computing. Television is ever increasing popping out new shows every few weeks and even finding ways to carry on with older ones. And with computers there advancing every day I first started out with technology. but then i knew that was far too broad so i have to shorten it somehow.
wesivins Premium
Have you purchased a domain and set up a web page yet?