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Images, likely one of the most confusing and scary aspects of building a website for folks. To be honest, there is no reason to feel like this. Within this training I am going to show you some of the most popular sources of "royalty free" images for your website.

I am also going to be offering you two strategies for creating your very own images, covering the spectrum within absolutely any niche.

Royalty Free/Free Use Images

In this training I refer to a few different royalty free/commons images sites. These are:

Do note that just because images are on these sites does not mean they are copyright free. Some authors will want you to give them credit for the photo, some will give you "full purpose" access. This is an image on image basis.

And there are some CC0 (Creative Commons ZERO) sites, which essentially means the images are full public domain and you can use the images how you like.

One thing you can do to find the "full purpose" (ie, no rules) images, is to do a search in Google:

"I grant anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law." + type_of_image

In this case, if I was searching for a picture of a raspberry, I would search:

"I grant anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law." + raspberry

Screen Captures

I also walk you through taking "screen captures" for your website. To do this, you can use the following software:

  • SnagIt (30 day free trial)
  • Droplr (completely free)
  • Print Screen (on PC) or Apple + Shift + 4 (on Mac)

Taking Your Own Photos

Almost all of us have a camera these days attached to our smartphone or tablet. This is a perfect opportunity to take photos of ANYTHING. If you are in the dieting niche, you don't have to go further than your fridge to get some high quality images of food. If you are in the "dog training" industry, take a picture of dogs when you are out and about. Electronics, go to your local electronics stores and start snapping away on products you want to review and put on your website.

You take the picture, you OWN the picture and rights to that. Make use of this technique, it is very powerful.

Using Paid Images

I also tend to use "paid" images sites, sites in which you can just search and buy an image for usually less than $1 per image (you can get cheaper with subscriptions). One of the main sites I recommend with super high quality images is..

You can use these images several times throughout your websites after you buy them, there typically are not royalty fees for ever use of the image.

Inserting Images into Your Website

I also walk you through the process of uploading and inserting these images into your Wordpress website.

If you have any questions about "images", please leave your comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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RayBergeron Premium
I would like to add an image to my home page header, or just below the header. I know how to add images to post on my home page but I can't figure out how to add an image to my page itself, like a logo or something beside the title of the site. Does anyone know how to do this? I would also like to have a "Home" tab on my main menu to bring me back to the home or opening page of my site.


Triblu Premium
Hey Ray,

The following video tutorial will show you how to upload a logo to your website:

Hope this helps you.
Stuart777 Premium
Hey Ray,

I just did this today, go into your site through your dashboard in wordpress, in the top right hand corner the best way to go in.

It will bring you to your website, but you will have a Wordpress task bar running across the top of your site. There is a section there called "Customize", go in and you will see a section for "Header" of your site. Click on that, then you can upload images from there and manipulate them to the way you want on your site.

My advice would be, to mess around in this area, to see what you feel is the best layout for your site from there.

Hope this helps?

Cheers Stuart
RayBergeron Premium
Hey thanks Stuart, I will give this a go.

Sftat Premium
Finding the images, editing them and inserting them is a breeze, but getting them to display properly is a problem. They look great when I edit them and in the edit mode when I publish, but online is a different matter. Some are blown way up and ugly when viewed online on a PC or a phone, and Tech Service has no cure but to contact the theme developer. Here is an example of the mess:

Have I chosen a "Bad Theme" from my WA theme selections? Any suggestions as to what I should do next to resolve this?
billyghawaii Premium
It could be that the theme you chose is meant to be a fixed width across and yet you have it trying to dynamically fit in the available browser window. Try viewing it on the web and make your bowser size less than full screen. Now grab the bottom right corner of your browser window and resize it slowly ... doesn't the text creep around the displayed images as you make the browser window smaller? If yes than it is a dynamic theme.

But the thing to worry about is that large images doesn't give the text wiggle room so that it can look good on smaller window sizes. So you may need to make full size images smaller.

Hope this helps
Sftat Premium
Thanks for that input and for the browser sizing trick. Unfortunately that experiment does show dynamic action, but shows no trouble with my widest images, just with some of the small ones. I have several wide (over 1100 px) images and 4 smaller ones under 400 px. I only have trouble with two of the smaller images, one of which is less than 190 px wide. As I vary the browser size, the text adjusts and the images keep doing what they were doing, bad or good.

Tech service gave me a contact with the theme developer, so I've thrown them the ball. Hope they don't blame EWWW Image Optimizer. That's probably what I would do :-)

Speaking of smaller window sizes, the problem is identical on the PC wide screen and the android phone in portrait orientation or landscape.

In any case, thanks a heap for your assistance. If the theme tech service folks don't come through soon I'll try another theme, while hoping that EWWW Image Optimizer has nothing to do with the issue.
Darren69 Premium
I don't comment much since I'm so focused learning what I can with the free time that I have, but I have to say that since I joined WA, none of my free time has been wasted. The tutorials are excellent and with each lesson I get an AHA! moment. This one was definitely an eye opener.
wealthwoman Premium
When I signed up for the Starter pkg. in 2012, I wanted to sign up for the Premium pkg. so I could keep going. WA can be a bit addicting.
sjulien Premium
Most stock photo sites now require a buy-in to download images. They usually start around $15 to $30. Depending on the size and quality of the image, they charge you 1 to 5 credits or so to download the image. One of the best ones I found is You can sign up for $9. Small photos are around 75 cents each. is now Adobe Stock. They charge $30 for their buy-in. No longer a cheap option.
donyutuc Premium
Thanks for this information, Sharon! You've passed me and you just joined! Awesome!

sjulien Premium
No problem! I've been a web designer for years, but I joined this community for the marketing and general support. Thanks for your feedback! :-)
Gamborreta Premium
Let's then take the Rolex example... If I were promoting Rolex watches in my site, would there be any problem if I go to Rolex official website and take images from there? After all I would be promoting their products anyway.... I mean, I wouldn't mind if I were the Rolex's owner....

So, can anyone go to the official websites of the products they are promoting and take images from there.... to keep promoting them?
MarkPerkins Premium
Interesting question.
I personally would email them and ask for permission, explain what you are doing.
As a photographer, I would appreciate that.
I have done that for some videos as well and they have always been happy.
Also, draws their attention to the fact that you are promoting their products

Gamborreta Premium
Thank you Mark.

What you say it seems the right thing to do.

I appreciate it.