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In this video you’re going to learn how and why you should use Featured Images

What is a featured image?

It’s the image that shows on your blog roll as well as featuring on your post. It’s the image that ties the two together providing continuity. People can get confused without continuity.

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Steve1958 Premium
Thanks Marion...
This training is going to be very helpful for me...
Hope you weathered the weather OK!
Hurry up Thursday...
Best wishes
MarionBlack Premium
It's supposed to reach 20 degrees tomorrow so that's getting better. Roll on Thursday to Sunday. 30 degrees on Sunday - WOO HOO!
Steve1958 Premium
WOO HOO indeed!
I think my poor next door neighbour is getting tired of putting the fence back together...again! LOL
Our fish n chippery man James will be very happy!
Sharon0228 Premium
Thank you. that was very helpful. I am still learning basics so I have saved this in my files.
MarionBlack Premium
Keep on learning the basics, the extras will still be here when you're ready for them.
AM0001 Premium
Thanks Marion, I love your little posts, they are always easy to understand, your voice sounds calm and reassuring and you give good examples. I will save this in my Go To area....
MarionBlack Premium
Thank you Annemarie.
mckm Premium
I've never used featured images. There's always something new to learn. Thanks for sharing. - Margaret
MarionBlack Premium
Now could be a good time to start using them Margaret.
boomergp08 Premium
Well done Marion. I always use featured images on my blog roll for the same reason you gave, though I do not always use the first image in my post simply because I may have an extra image I want to use. Thanks for sharing your video trainings.
MarionBlack Premium
It's always a pleasure to share with my WA family.