Styling Elements for Increased Conversions
1 hour Live Video Training
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JUN 2015
Presented by magistudios
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Is your awesome content easy on the eyes?

Would like to know how to make some simple styling changes on the fly?

Join Jay (magistudios) this Friday June 26th (5pm Pacific) where he will walk you through some awesome styling elements that will increase your content pages’ conversions.

BONUS: Styling Elements Cheat Sheet will be available

Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
What Exactly Are Styling Elements?
Basic Styling Element Formatting
Advanced Styling Elements
How to find out your existing styling elements
How to create a custom CSS file
Live Q & A Session
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Prestones rated this Webinar 10/10
This is a somewhat complex topic, and Jay hit the high points in just an hour and a half. Excellent tips on how to make your content easier to read. Making use of these tips will engage your readers further, keep them on site longer, and move them further along your funnel. Bravo!
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