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First: I Am going to be using the

“Sparkling Theme” Click Here to download the Theme if you want to use the same one I do through the training (Recommended for Newbies). Download Page is set to Open in New tab. Just Close the Tab to Return Here after the Download.

Second: Choose your Website Design

On your WP Dashboard Go to Appearance.>Themes .Here you can look in the WP Library for more themes, some are free

  1. If you want to use a Free Theme then just simply Select and Download Theme and them Activate it.

  2. Most of these themes have Pro or premium Versions and so the functionality is much greater and the Likelyhood of Clients Coverting is Much Higher and the Likelyhood of Errors or Problems is greatly reduced and should you have errors or problems you can always reach out to the theme's support for help.

  3. Go to Google and do a search on the theme name you chose. Find the provider and go to their site and Purchase the Pro version of the theme. Follow any and all directions and download the premium theme at the level you chose and remember where you downloaded it to.

  4. Go back to your Membership Wecsite dashboard and Go over to left side under Appearance > Theme> Click Add New. If You Bought the Pro Version of your theme or if you are going to use the one I am then you want to click the “Upload Theme” buttom and find your theme and install and it.

  5. Once Installed, Click on Activate Button

  6. Now your Website's Theme is Up and Running.

Third: On Dashboard go to Settings> General (Note: If You are using a WA Sub-Domain on the SiteRubix Platform you will not have this Option)

  1. Fill in required information : Name your Site Title, add your Tagline. In WP Address add www . before the http:// address and then if you are using your own domain you need to insure you have an “s” after the “http.”
  2. Note: The Sockets Security Layer (SSL) is not an option for the free websites at WA at this point. Do the same for the Site Address
  3. Click Save Changes This will probably prompt you to login again.

Fourth: After Login Go to Settings

  1. Hover over Settings > Permalinks. >Tick Post Name> Save

Fifth: Go to Plugins

  1. Deactivate the ones we don’t need.

  2. Later we’ll be installing more plugins.

Sixth: Go to Pages

  1. Delete the Sample Page and the Hello World Post.

  2. Before we get into the Membership part of your website , you need to know the difference between Pages and Posts.

  3. Pages, like Contact Pages, Frequently Asked Question Pages etc., you can not add a category to any Page.

  4. Posts are used for article writing and you can add Categories to Posts.

  5. Categories are very important for Membership Functionality on your site.

Let's Make This membership Training a Membership Thingy Inside of WA and ALL are welcome to Join.

Make Sure You are all following one another and help one another out and if you discover something cool share it with us all.

If you do not see your name and want to be a part of our widdle group then tell us below by adding your name and the next highest Number.

Wow!!! Look How Many People are Committing to Stay With Us Till ALL Our Membership Websites Puke Money Together....Reach Out to Each Other...

  1. ArnoldH1
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  4. cbuffone
  5. CCraig3129
  6. celiacman
  7. ChrisScott
  8. cjtemple7273
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  11. DaleMaz
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  13. DianneWB52
  14. DoubleTap
  15. Easy-Moneys
  16. elizabeth77
  17. Happy2Learn
  18. Hope10
  19. Howardc
  20. Isabella4198
  21. Jaunesk
  22. joejr49
  23. JooKwang
  24. julesnp
  25. kevonwilson
  26. Kickbacked
  27. kiliwia62
  28. KimberleyR
  29. ladyTD1
  30. laparra1
  31. LarrryN
  32. Lazyblogger
  33. LouisaB
  34. MarionBlack
  35. MCrim
  36. melpeace36
  37. Memorylaneuk
  38. mikewood1975
  39. misazag
  40. MKearns
  41. MMarcus
  42. musicgirl
  43. Nick-at-WA
  44. Nkaujzeb
  45. number1wastudent
  46. PaulaKeen
  47. rich6153
  48. Rich908
  49. RoseAnn1234
  50. rroesel
  51. rwaite3613
  52. sasselin
  53. schexjr
  54. Seth2
  55. Sftat
  56. sheikave
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  58. sofie1337
  59. subcpo14
  60. Sylvies
  61. TammiP
  62. TCraig1
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  64. Tirolith
  65. Tjennings122
  66. zucko212

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cbuffone Premium
Excellent Chris. Thank You.
ChrisScott Premium
Thank you, Claudio. I appreciate you, buddy.
ChrisScott Premium
Thank you so much for attending. Please enjoy
subcpo14 Premium
Nice. Thanks as always. Jay
ChrisScott Premium
Thank you, Jay
ChrisScott Premium
Thank you so much for attending. Please enjoy
MKearns Premium
Saving this Chris. It goes right alongside part 1 in my archives. Thank you buddy!
ChrisScott Premium
Most of us are going to be moving through together, Michael. However, whatever works best for you buddy. I know you will be travelling over the next few weeks so please be careful.

ChrisScott Premium
Thank you so much for attending. Please enjoy
joejr49 Premium
I'm not nearly ready for this yet, but I'm bookmarking it all for future use, and am very excited to have it--thanks a bunch!!!

ChrisScott Premium
Joe, you are more than welcome now as there is a list above of people to follow you can ask for help if you get stuck and you can always PM me or ask questions below.
ChrisScott Premium
Thank you so much for attending. Please enjoy
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Chris.
ChrisScott Premium
You bet, Roger. Did you want to join us through this series? I'll add you above, bro, so you can network with us and get your membership site going. Just let me know.
ChrisScott Premium
Thank you so much for attending. Please enjoy