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Welcome to my About Easy-Moneys Page!
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I joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA) in January 2016 using only an iPAD and an iPhone for the first 9 months! Boy did I need that Mac Book Pro!

I struggled mightily on my own for 9 months, then it dawned on me - I don't need to re-invent the wheel! Why don't I research what the Top 50 & the Top 100 WA-ers are doing to Earn Money Online?

I was reading every WA & Website Blog & Training strictly focussing on "Earning Money Online" information and guidance.

When I reached the gentleman in Rank 49 position (November 6, 2016), I read one line embedded deep in a remote post in time that got me earning in 1 day and I've been earning ever since!

I am happy to help any and all WA-ers (not just my own Referrals) to learn to increase Website Traffic, WA Referrals, Social Media Presence and Revenue Online from anywhere in the World!

Wishing All Good Things for You & Yours for the remainder of 2018!


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smartketeer Premium
Hi Barbara,

Thanks for following!

Here are my recommended WA posts for you: To YOUR success!

Mark120 Premium
Barbara, good morning from Jerusalem, I'm wondering if I can now start promoting my links / banners at the same time with the training-lessons. -How can I do this? -Have I matured enough to promote links? Now you are my Teacher and I am your obedient student. I asked a natural question. Thank you.Mark
CarlasGoal Premium
I thought I would send you a message for I like your title Easy-Moneys, not that I want to make lots of it at this point and history of being here but I was wondering if you can tell me what is the best training on getting the links set up properly on my websites?
Much appreciated for any leads: All the Best to you here at WA!

Friend and helper

Carla: See you around
KeithJ2 Premium
Thanks, Easy-Moneys! You are tempting me. Today I’m packing up, travelling back to the UK after a biz trip of 2 weeks. Let me get my head sorted out a bit (!). Plus set myself up and get organised a bit properly...I’ll sure be back to you. I like your sentiments. It’s nice to be nice. When we get ‘a break in life’, it’s good to show appreciation and pass same on to others. Waddyasay? I feel that just being born of good parents is a good break...It all starts here, eh? Yeah, having come across WA is a big break too...Wishing you well and much success too. KeithJ2
Easy-Moneys Premium
Dearest Keith!

Temptations can be for the greater good if it leads people towards service to others....oh yes, and to chocolate....milk chocolate....not the healthy >70% Cacao dark chocolate or that "White Chocolate"??? How can chocolate be white? Albino???


I digress ...when you are sorted come and fine me here or Private Message me and I will add you to my Easy-Moneys Group if you wish - I share all my REAL ACTIONABLE TIPS for you to MAKE MONEY. PERIOD. FULL STOP.

You are well educated, well travelled, and super-smart as I read between your "Multi-lingual" Lines!!!

IQ > 150?

I was practicing female Family Physician for 30 years - then I got sick - go figure!

"Doctor Heal Thyself, Right?"

So, Wealthy Affiliate is my:
-nocturnal pain-reliever
-memory and problem solving practice area
-my "Helper-Addiction" zone
- place to write and create and be goofy with other like minded hard working smart people who like to help others and goof off occasionally (actually, truth be told- I'm just a silly goof all the time because I make myself Laugh!!!1 LOLOL!

I have some ideas for your Niche Selection and building out a Multi-Site Portfolio for you with your skill set.....

I'll be BOSSY-COW and tell you what sprung to my mind immediately as I read your Profile Bio which was fascinating -by the way!

I suggest that you create a MEMBERSHIP WEBSITE (WA IS ONE -PEOPLE PAY YOU A MONTHLY FEE).....you provide Language and Travel/residing in different locales as an expertise...


You could do what I tell you to do in the Make Money Online Niche...

Or you can do whatever you please!


Look very much forward to brainstorming!

Your new WA Friend from Canada...

Dr Barb
KeithJ2 Premium
Just getting over the jet lag from Prague to Gatwick (1.40 hours trip normally...such a long trip, eh?) and the last day of packing + the previous hectic days of labour...I have to say, Dr Barb...it was nice of you to write once again. I take it I’m writing to a lady, correct? It’s just that it’s nice to know these things. (The inference to chocolate might have clinched my thinking...How ‘sexist’ if I’m right, eh?...Yet, there’s a wonderful sketch on a wonderful - well, to the average Englishman like me - comedy series called simply ‘Harry and Paul’. (From approx 10 years ago now). Have a look-see sometime. It’s very subtle humour and to the point on many things. The sketch in mind concerns chocolate and ladies...But yeah, tap in Google for the South Afrikaans gym coach sketches on their series (and ‘I Saw You Coming’ ‘antique’ shop ones ++: pretty outrageous..).
Listen, Dr Barb, please...the big thing uppermost in my mind is that (generally speaking) SMEs (you have this expression in Canada?) and ‘sole-traders’ need the knowledge of e-marketing and the likes of WA can give it to them. I’m convinced it’s such people who do more for a country’s identity, ‘expression’ (also economy, it’s been shown to be) than all the ‘corporates’ and similar. I’m all for individual’s ‘self-expression’...you know what I mean?...It’s a ‘healthy thing’. Yet the same principle applies to nations and their feelgood factors (to use an expression). Get the rest of the world knowing what they do...So important. Nay, vital. And they’ll purchase a lot of it. I could go on. Shan’t. Too big a topic. I worked a while in Canada. Only 6 months - in my 20s - ‘Toron’o - a belt and buckle shop I helped to open with my then-chum from Chicago. Tempus fugit, eh? Where you be in Canada? The only Chamber of Commerce I’ve only bothered with in Prague (where I’ve spent a fair amount of time) was the Canadian one, just so you know. Finally, yes, if you ever can advise me on a ‘niche’ and I do pretty well, understand I’ll be giving a lot away to further other people’s hopes and dreams an’ fings (Cockney for ‘etc’). WA is ‘where it’s at’. The spark and platform and spirit which can and shall do mucho. Far more than the co-founders ever thought possible. I endeth this reading, Dr. Barb! It takes good folks doing good things in collaboration which will change the world forever...in the best possible way. (I can’t stand most politicians, BTW, and what they represent. I’ve gone out of my way to meet a few. Once and never again. A few only are decent. (Is only my opinion, of course) These are hard to come by....But I digress. It’s good to digress...Caio, Dr Barb. Ciao bello. Till the next time(s)....Your new friend from li’l ol’ England (and ‘Blighty’...You heard of Blighty?. (Errors and omissions please discount in the text. Too long to go over!)
Easy-Moneys Premium
Greetings Jet-Lagged Keith!

What a wonderfully dense bit or word-smithing to delve into and enjoy!

To address a few salient points needing clarification:

1) Last time I checked my Genetic Material does contain the XX component...yes...I am all-woman ...Barb is short for Barbara...British derived...my mother looked exactly...and I mean exactly - LIKE Queen Elizabeth...so I grew up in a rigid strict but lovely British Household....turned out when I was 24 found out I was adopted- SURPRISE!!! So, I'm actually HALF-SCOTTISH and HALF-IRISH SO....ESSENTIALLY "I AM FIGHTING AMONGST ME-SELVES"!!!


2) Milk Chocolate is my one and only addiction! Well, there are shoes also...

3) All the rest of what you wrote is dead on...

I'm pooped too but I will search for the comedy - there are never enough laughs in this world!

KeithJ2 Premium
Thanks, Barb. Appreciate your reply to a very long (I must read it again...Wot the heck did I say?...) note to you. I’m a bit at sea with so much going on my way. Already posted I could well have to give up WA. And then...on reflection...perhaps I can - after all - keep a tenuous connection going just now. Just don’t wish to waste people’s time...Meanwhile, enjoy the w/e. Thanks for the rundown on your background. Have to say, interesting, eh? None of us have a choice with many many things. Let’s try and accept what we have...and enjoy it...as in ‘The Prophet...Otherwise we’ll all go potty. Take care just now. Will catch up again....If I need you to ‘keep me straight’ now and then on WA matters and ways, be so kind to. Cheers. How do we do a private message?, for example? Or is this one? (So much to take in, eh?(
CandP Premium
Hello there and thanks for following us. We follow you back. Sounds like you have achieved success and this is very motivating. We are new and still doing the training and we appreciate the offer of help. WA is wonderful and clearly it is working for you. Continued success to you! Colette and Philip
louisaparson Premium
Thanks for the heads up on following the Top 100. I saw the tabs but didn't know what that exacly meant.

Is the Top 100 for Affiliate Bootcamp or niche track?

I'm in the niche track since I'm focusing on expanding a concept I came here with. I'm trying to learn the mechanics of traffic and SEO.

BTW, Thanks for following me.

Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Louisa!

You are most welcome regarding the Top 100 here at WA!

The WA Rankings refer to a multitude of factors:
-creating content (i.e. Trainings)
-I can't recall the other! LOL (Ive been up all night with a friend in hospice- her father is dying of cancer)

You will learn quickly who you gravitate towards!

Regarding Traffic, I can definitely help in that area as I have developed expertise in that area!

SEO is best taught by Kyle in the WA Trainings in my opinion! He's been doing it since 2002/2005 I believe!

Dr Barb

PS Please Private Message me regarding the Traffic Help! Long term of course your CONTENT AND FOLLOWING KYLE AND JAY NEIL'S live trainings - click on Live events on left dashboard...
louisaparson Premium
Dr Barb.

Sorry to her about your friend.

I will PM you when the time comes in my training to answer questions about traffic.

I will put in my Marketers to Watch notebook with the tagline TRAFFIC.

Thanks for offering your help.

PSeatts Premium
Wow! My Grand Father use to say if you have Idea chances are somebody has already bet you to it. You Proved him right. With easy money.com. When I finish my train here if I reached out to you would you be willing to give me some pointers. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you for sharing your can do's Be Blessed
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hello Pahrin!

Wisdom is wisdom no matter where you find it!

I too was in Health Care x 30 years until I became ill - nece my journey here (divine guidance)!

I am more than happy to start mentoring you now if you wish!

Many people do not get the appropriate support from their WA Mentor at the beginning when it is the most crucial!

Please Private Message me ASAP!

I accept 30 people per month to mentor but usually the group slims itself down to 3 of 30 then 1 superstar per month!

If you want or need to speak with any of my current happy ea$y-money$ earners (we focus entirely on gaining WA Referrals and Commissions while doing "ALL OF THE WA TRAINING" I can connect you here at WA! You may know some of them - they are in the Top 50 and 100 here at WA!

So, divine guidance has brought us together! Please Private Message me and we will go from there!

I work on WA 24/7/365 and I will explain why in PM! Mostly because I love to serve!

Your new WA Friend!

Dr Barb from Canada
PSeatts Premium
I have a question is it okay to put my Face Book Fan Page together like you have done with easy money.com. Or would face book have a Hissy Fit and close me down. Because That is what I wanted to post on my fan page. With the few Affiliate Training Programs that I am familiar with put it out there. There's a question that I will ask my face book followers post a link to my fan page and let them choose. My thing is I don't know how to navigate the mechanic of face book and it's not like it comes with a manual. I have a lot of Idea's but I don't know how to apply them. So when I go to Private Message what do I put in?
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Pahrin!

I am so glad that you have reached out to me with your facebook question!

Facebook has recently become even stricter about its' business policies so that the average user is not inundated with information and business links that they do not want nor are interested in.

I myself do not use Facebook at all for personal reasons (confidentiality etc) so I will not comment. I use Pinterest primarily.

Kyle's Training goes through most of what you need to know in the Affiliate Bootcamp Training ....I will find the link shortly.

You can Private message me by I believe clicking on my Easy-Moneys Profile Pic but this has just recently changed....I will get back to you on that as well....thank you ....these questions are all new again with the recently changed user interface here at WA!


PS I would suggest also that you enter your facebook question into your "questions search area" at top of your Dashboard and also write a WA Blog Post question and ask some other Top 100 members who use Facebook:


Just search Facebook in the WA search bar above.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Here is one Facebook Training by Tony Hamilton: And, the way to Private message anyone here at WA is to click on the ENVELOPE ICON BUTTON on the very TOP RIGHT ON YOUR PERMANENT WA DASHBOARD!
PSeatts Premium
YES Thank You so much. Will keep You posted
RegularJoe Premium
Hey there Barb, (that's my wifes name). Thanks heaps for the follow. Thanks also for keeping it real on your profile and encouraging people to get stuck into the training. And also to tap into the knowledge of others who have already 'travelled the path'.
Your posts are very informative. I have saved some as my favourites - "Newbie Money Earning Tips"

Keep up the great work!!
Joe :)
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Joe!
Your Bio in infectious and laugh-out-loud funny - truly!
If there is ever anything that I can do to help please don't hesitate to ask!
RegularJoe Premium
Thanks so much for your kind words and offer to help this rookie.

I'm thankful to have come across WA and all it has to offer with training to earn online. And I'm also thankful for the community of like-minded positive people - all givers and sharers. But most of all I'm thankful for people like you. WHY? Because I've read that a key ingredient to be successful is to surround yourself with successful people. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

Have a Fantastical Day!!
Joe :)
Easy-Moneys Premium
And you have a "like-wiseable Fantastical Time" here at WA!
Your WA Friend Barb
Marcus2020 Premium
Hello Easy- Moneys,
Thank for your following note . I will be following you back.
I definitely will read your posts and for this, you having made money or not to me it is not the point . What I see as great was yours intention to help newbies make money. I particularly had stumble on my previous platform because I was a bit beyond stubborn and tried to outsource my social media and social media tools work and learning as I was moving along my sales. Well my sales were irrelevant and the ones I made it was thanks to people I know. I lost money outsourcing the services as it seems that I managed to pick and choose the top of the worst and the end result was to spend more money to clear the mess created by their services.
Thanks for your hand and I am trying to move forward with a keyword that will be unique and It hasn't being easy so I have decided to read about and understand much further. This is frustrating because it is taking a lot of my time in one topic before move on. Hurdles are there to help us get stronger ( I would prefer not having them but ...).
Thanks Barbara ,if this is your name, your altruistic spirit will boost a lot of newbies.
I wish that your success be extended to all aspects of your life. By the way I love Vancouver .
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Marcus!

Thank you for taking the time to write such a thorough response and commentary.

You are very astute - you have identified my modus operandi - my altruistic spirit ..... couldn't hide it from you could I?

Please keep in touch and let me know if I can be of any help!

Marcus2020 Premium
Thank you Barb.
Entrep2018 Premium
I'd like to tag along to tried and proven experience.Here on WA's community with persons like yourself who values others enough to show them a proven process to success. Well done and continue to do well. I will definitely do my best to learn from as many as possible that I will be able to impart as you are doing!
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Princess!
I am more than happy to assist you! Now that we have each followed each other I can communicate via Private Messaging and share my "Follow Me On" Links on the lower right hand column of your Profile Page...please check under my Network and Posts and Trainings and there you will 7 "Follow Me On" Links....it is the appropriate place to share our website(s) and Social Links with others so that we can learn from one another.

I am going to your Profile Page now and check your progress.

Please send me an Private Message with your Top 3 Priorities for this week...

Please, follow and complete all of the WA Training an the Bootcamp Training as your top priority!

I will attempt tp guide you gently towards earning money while promoting the Wealthy Affiliate Website itself as you grow your private website(s).

Sound like a place to start?

Barb of Easy-moneys &" Earn While You Learn!"
markdeit Premium
Hi Barb,

Thanks for the follow. I'm heading out as I'm reading your profile and glanced at your post headlines and realize that you are a true gem of a resource here at WA. I'm in "learning everything my little brain will absorb mode" so I'll be back soon to read your posts and of course LEARN new stuff. lol Thank you!

Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Mark!
How is the "learning going"?
Any questions?
markdeit Premium
Hi Barb, it's going. I need more sales and I think my first niche site probably wasn't the best choice. :)
markdeit Premium
Hi Barb, it's going. I need more sales and I think my first niche site probably wasn't the best choice. :)
PRS72 Premium
I was informed by WA you had started following me today, my first day !! Only on Step 1 of Lesson 1, and came to your place in WA to read how you grew so fast from a phone and IPad to now in such a short period of time. Congratulations ! I can only hope to succeed like you have. I look forward to my new life within the community of WA for a long time to come and look forward to learning from your experiences. Thank you
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Patricia!

I am so very glad that you have joined the WA Family!

And, Grace or littlemama is a fantastic mentor to have! By joining under her at WA you have a wonderful start!!!

I and all of the WA members are here to help!

I am all about service to others and helping people learn!

If you cannot reach Grace or are reluctant to ask something in the Live Chat feel free to contact me here at my Easy-moneys Profile Page or via Private Message anytime!

Barb of Easy-Moneys

PS You look 52 not 72!!!!!!!
bspmedic Premium
I am so glad I came across your page. I am still in the early early phase, writing my content for my site. I really like your style and candid advice. I look forward to reading your blogs and training. Thanks so much for helping out the newbies!!

All the best!

Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Brian!

Great to meet you!

I love to help people get "Earning While They're Learning" here at WA by advising you tostart to share your Specific to you Wealthy Affiliate Sales Commission Links: Feel free to check out all of my "Follow Me on" Links at the bottom right hand column under my profile picture and network and posts and trainings....you will want to add your Social Links and your Website(s) as soon as you can so you can start helping people as well!

I'm a Family Physician of 30 years experience in Canada - retired early unfortunately due to Parkinson's -WA is my Mental Therapy and outlet to Pay-It-Forward!

Think of your journey here as like we are trained in the Health Care Field:

"See One...Do One...Teach One"!!!!

Journal your journey in the WA blog posts here!

We have an amazing fireman, ericcantu who in 1 year has done amazing things!

Oh you are in for the "ride of your life on a full moon" here at WA!!!

I'm here to help 24/7/365!

Barb of Easy-Moneys
pamelawilso1 Premium
Hi, Easy-moneys (barb) I Would like to say How grateful I am for You to step across my path to interduce me to wealthy affiliate. When I came to wealthy affiliate site to see what it's about what they had to offer an boy was i in for a sharker in my mind. I was like! This is amazing, this is sooo awesome! Thats all i kept Saying to myself. Smiling from ear to ear. I new i was in the right place with that being said. I thank you, you being my mentor as well. As
Need help I sure Will email you. I know i will. Thanks !
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Pamela!
I am so very glad to be hearing from you in person! This means that you are finding your way around the platform and are learning how to reach out to me when you need me! That is what I am here for - to help you in any way that I can!
PS How did you find your way here? I like to know where my Referrals come from? Do you remember where you were when you clicked on my link? (Meaning Global Moneyline, or from a blog post, or from Pinterest etc?
AugustNapoli Premium
Hello Easy-Money! Thanks for the follow. You are definitely someone I'm going to keep in mind. Your name is not easy to forget so I'll keep watch as I follow you. Its great to meet people who are having success and willing to help others. That's whats so great about WA.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi August!
Great to meet you!
Glad you like my Easy-moneys name!
The reason I chose this name is that earning money online is way easier for me than my 30 year career!
And it's fun too!
"When I reached the gentleman in Rank 49 position, I read one line embedded deep in a far back post in time that got me earning in 1 day and I've been earning ever since!"

Do tell, what was the one line you read? :-)

And thanks for the follow as well LOL.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Don!

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my Profile Page!

The information I read was about traffic - he had found a place to share Wealthy Affiliate and was having great success!

I joined also and began earning the very next day and also have gained most of my WA Referrals that way as well!

We are not supposed to promote links outside of WA unless people ask or other than on our "Follow Me on" links - this area is located on the right hand column of my Profile Page - look under My Network and My Posts and My Training and there you will see a list of my links. There is a video on traffic in position 4!

If you need help understanding the site (it is a bit clunky) please Private Message me anytime!
IngoHoffmann Premium
Hi, Easy Money.

I hope I can learn from you about, how to make 'easy' money ;-)

I just would like to share my first success here with you and the 'Wealthy Affiliate' Community, if you don't mind?

If you have seen it already, I'm sorry to have bothered you again. ;-)

I just simply love that place here and I am sure, I can learn A LOT more, as I did already to succeed my new online marketing business.

Thank you guys, for all the help I got so far, to improve my new Website and that's the result so far ;-)

I hope, I will find soon some time, to check out more about your Profile and business success.

I am very open to any comments, advice or critics, please leave a comment here and on my Website.

You are also, very welcome to add me on my Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SteadicamProduction

Enjoy my two new Blogs:

All the best,
Ingo Hoffmann (Venerable Nanda)

Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Ingo!

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my Profile Page!
Just some gently information....WA has a strict policy on where you can show your blogs and Social links and website links...there are really only 2 or 3 places :

1. The "FOLLOW ME ON" links area on the bottom right column under blogs and training

2. the Share Comments thread

3. certain training threads where Kyle has OK'd it

4. The Comments Request area

Please search "Spam is a No No!" post of Kyle's!

I would not like someone to report you and you would lose your posting priveleges.

I hope you accept this information in the gentle way that it is intended!
IngoHoffmann Premium
Hi, my friend and thank you a lot for the advice.

I am definitely no SPAM ;-) but, you're right. I will follow the rules. I just want to get in contact with the community and show my little success so far.

Kind Regards,
DarrellJ1 Premium
THANKS for the follow Easy money. I get excited all over again when I hear of someone starting with nothing and getting this platform to work for them. I'm still working on my first site. Made a few mistakes during the start-up process. It will be up and running soon. I've been doing the same thing, reading and studying the most successful affiliates. I've come up with good ideas for my WA site. I will desperately need your help for sure. I will greet you at the top.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Darrell!
I hear your frustrations!
WA will help you get to where you want to go!
E-novate Premium
Thanks, Barb.
Lol! I wish I could convert the screams into some money soon. I'm really thankful to WA and the community for the support & encouragement. Guess I need to move forward with the good start I made here and do whatever it takes to make it happen here as well :-)
Easy-Moneys Premium
Just keep stepping forward every day!

You will get there!
lakbar12 Premium
Hi just stopping by to say hi and nice to meet you. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your network. I look forward to this WA journey with you and every member here. Have an awesome week!

To your success and I wish the best!
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hello Lakisha!

Just catching up on some WA fun!

Great to meet you as well!

The week was awesome - I earned $925.911 CAD this week and that does not include my Bitcoin Earnings!

Every week just keeps getting better and better!

lakbar12 Premium
That is Awesome, sounds like you are having fun...!
brichnow21 Premium
Whoa, Easy!!
I don't know a thing about...other than you liked, my song???
How is anybody ever to find, you!
What's going to attract YOUR people!
Quality...Not quantity!
You've already been over to my sandbox..
Day 10 and 14!...always, good for a laugh!
See ya, when you've done your homework!
Easy-Moneys Premium
Bonjour Jaouen!

Comment ca va? Je suis très bien!

I am Canadian and we are bilingual - just barely!!!

As the song "COOL CHANGE" goes:

"I was born in the sign of water (Pisces)
and it's there that I feel my best...
the Albatross and the Whales
they are my brothers!

It's kinda' of a special feeling...
out on the sea alone...
waiting for staring ago the full moon
like a lover"

or something like that!!!!

Aaaah....you have awakened the dreamer in me - I have toiled x 30 years as a Doctor and barely took a break - need to learn how to have fun - us old dogs can learn new tricks!!!!

Bonsai wherever you are????

skizilla Premium
Hi Michael and thanks for the follow, I have followed you back. I have been here at WA for about 2 months and so far it has been a great challenge, but I enjoy that. Been busy busy on building out my content. Hope your day goes well and talk to you soon!
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Patrick!

Barb of Easy-Moneys here!

Don't know which Michael you are referring to but just wanted to let you know that your message arrived here on my Profile Page!

Build away on your content!!!

Postum99 Premium
Hi Barb,
I'm so new to this that I have very little idea what you said. I can't even get photos from Amazon to anywhere on my computer. It has stopped me completely. I'm running Windows 10 plus the Site Stripe on Amazon doesn't work as shown. I don't know what the process is to get the transfer. Wow there's a lot that I don't know.
Thanks for the follow, I followed you back.
Anything that you can think of that might help me would be much appreciated.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Believe me Dan, this Online Computer Marketing Stuff is "Tuff"!

You just joined July 26, 2017...you are only "2-months-old"!

Don't expect yourself to walk let alone fly!

I get everything you are saying!

Keep asking your specific questions in the Live chat- if you are in Washington State ( Im in BC Canada) , if you stay up late on WA you'll see Rich on the Live Chat...he's brilliant!

Boomergp08 has great trainings...Marion Black....Loes....so many!!!

Keep trying - you will get it!
PMindra Premium
Hi, Barb.
Paul here from Ontario, Canada.

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your network. I graciously accept by following you back.

I came across WA back in May 2016. So far, so good.

How are things on your end?

I look forward to learning, sharing and serving with you as we all move forward here.

Kindest regards,

haiderkh87 Premium
Thanks for following me. I'm following you back :)

I've been part of the Wealthy Affiliate community since August 2017 and absolutely loving it.

Please feel free to follow me on social media:

Twitter - https://twitter.com/HaiderKhalid_HK
Google+ - plus.google.com/+HaiderKhalid_198
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ourtechplanet/
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/haider-khalid-82689722/

Share yours as well and I would love to connect with you on Social media as well. Wish you the very best :)

Haider Khalid
kdforsman Premium
Hi Barbara

Thanks so much for following me - I'm following you too :)
I've been part of the Wealthy Affiliate community since June 2017 and absolutely love it. The support and training are awesome and my sites are starting to generate revenue which is awesome.

You might be interested in my recent blog update here, which talks about the things I learned at WA in the first month; Please feel free to follow me on social media;
(and drop me a line with yours and I'll follow you back)

All the very best with your online affiliate journey, it's exciting times ahead.
Best wishes,
Cheers, Karen
AnthonK Premium
Hi Easy-Moneys, thank you for your support and follow. I can see that you must be doing well according to your ranking of 179. The accomplishments of Wealthy Affiliate members, like yourself, are encouraging to me and also confirmation that the WA system is working, provided that we do our part. I am new to the online business environment and very excited to be part of the WA family. To me, this is the place to be if your are serious about making a success of your online business. Wishing you success and lots of blessings with your WA business.

Have a wonderful day.

TomassAff Premium
Hi Easy-Money! Thats a pretty Cool name btw.. :D
Sadly there is no chance of me getting that name here in Latvia, but at least i'm connected with individual who's has the name, score!
Thank you for connecting with me, I appreciate it!
Haven’t spent full 24 hours here at WA, every new connection, is worth celebrating, haha.

Occasionally tasks you are working on may appear more complicated than they really are, whatever you are working on right now - You Got This!
Best of luck.

See you around!
Easy-Moneys Premium
Thank you Tomass!

I am sure you will figure out your own brand name and it will be "Cool" as well!!!

All the best here at WA!
NickHanks1 Premium
can I get some homepage likes, shares, and comments from the community and I'll like, share, and comment back to you, if you can thanks a lot, https://centurysurvivalist.com, this is a great benefit of WA, we can all help each other rank way faster in google my regularly doing this guys, it's a big deal, we all win, remember to confirm and leave your URL for me and everybody else so we can do a round for you!
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Barb,

I see you have been in WA quite a bit longer than I have. By now you must be an expert. I still struggle with the technical stuff but like the more artistic part as layout and writing.
I always tell the new people I meet here if you need a good source for writing have a look at my WA post on the Spanish priest and the world library, you might find it helpful.
Thank you for the follow and good luck.

Regards, Taetske
MizBurke314 Premium
Good morning, Barbara--

Thank you for following me. I am following you, too. It is good to meet you and network with you.

I clicked on your Wealthy Affiliate Referral training link below. The pictures being upside down or sideways was not a problem. Your general idea is clear to the reader. :)

Wishing you the best of future success here at WA!

phil01 Premium
Hello Barbarra, thanks for following me on WA. Always nice to meet new people. I life in Bulgaria but have Belgian nationality. I looking forward to hearing from you and what are your interests? My hobby’s are traveling, music and a good movie. If you like traveling, my niche is the capital of Romania, the city Bucharest. Take look at the website and i really appreciate your comment on one of my pages you like. Also your feedback about my website is more than welcome.
You can follow also on:
Website: www.citytripidea.com
Goolge+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Philip-pprt
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bucharest.citytrip/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/philippoupaert/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Philip_pprt
Have lots of fun and enjoy
wolffia777 Premium
Thanks Barb for welcoming my year (2017). This particular year is so special for me, since I love number 7. The day I was born, the month, my year of birth all contain the figure 7. This year to me is a new beginning, a new era, I really need to enter the promised land.

It is great to see that you live on the beach. I just read the post below. Thank you so much for the following, I actually followed you back.
Easy-Moneys Premium
My lucky number is 7 also.....this is kismet or serendipity or the greater power bringing us all here to our WA promised land!

Seek and ye shall find!

Dr Barb
DaveSw Premium
Hi, Barbara...

I just followed you back after your follow, now popping over here to have a look at your profile! Easter eggs...Cool!

Good to meet you and I still find it amazing that after 21 months I still run into other members regularly who have been here a long time who I have not run into somewhere....

It just goes to show you how big the membership is and with all the features, training, posts, tutorials, etc, it should not be a surprise hehe!

Best of luck to you and enjoy your Sunday - it is a warm spring day here in Dubai and we are getting up to 34 C - ooof the heat is coming!

Dave : )
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Dave!

King David! Very special name! My husband is a David also!

My dogs names are Bob and Buster!!!

Sometimes they are all 3 in the Dog House!

Whew-hot in DUBAI! Great place to live!

I hear you on the meeting new WA-ears all the time; kind of like a big business social group!

Lucky us!

Dr Barb

PS It's a beautiful Sunny Day here in the Okanagan Valley.....10 degrees Celsius!

PPS Gold Star to you for recognizing my Easter Eggs! You go to the top of the WA Class!!!
DavePancost Premium
Hi, Barb,

Thank you for following me. I just followed you back. I see that you have been with WA for over a year. What do you like best about it? Do you have a web site?

In your picture you look all bundled up, do you live in "cold country"? ;-) I'm in the Pacific Northwest in Olympia, Washington. It's normally pretty mild here during the Winter months, although this year it has been quite cold.

Once again, thanks for the follow and I wish you the best in all your online endeavors.
Easy-Moneys Premium
I live in Canada and I had just been Cross Country Skiing!!!

I grew up in Vancouver and I love Olympia and Deception Pass!

My website is listed on my Profile Page on the right hand side below my picture & posts - under the heading Follow Me On...

I never list my website anywhere as I do not to appear self-promoting!

Hope you are enjoying WA!!!

despatis Premium
Dear Barbara, thanks for sharing and for adding me to your WA network, most appreciated. Seems you're doing very well, so keep on track and let's stay in touch.

mama2karsten Premium
Dr Barb… thank You for choosing to follow my network. You are now a member of a wonderful Online business community where sharing and helping new members is a way of life. I am now in my 5th year with WA and never intend to leave :)

In my experience... much of success, in life and business, is a mindset and commitment. Each new lesson and every new experience at WA is one part of the building blocks to creating your own online destiny. WA provides the tools, the training and an amazing community of support. How you use them is up to you. Don't be shy... ask questions about those things you do not understand. Live chat is a quick way to get answers to your questions in the beginning. There are many experienced members working in the background that will step up to help when available or needed.

The path to building your own business is filled with challenges yet so many possibilities. You will learn much here. Follow and master the lessons while gaining new skills and knowledge. The skills you master will open many doors for you now and in the future. This is your opportunity to make your dream a reality. Build something great! :) Julie
beckilisl Premium
Hello, Dr. Barb! I love your attitude. I need more of that in my life. I also love your great pictures! I always try to smile when the camera is pointed at me too. It makes for a better picture, for sure. ;) I hope you are having a great 2017 so far and I look forward to seeing your future posts. ~Becki
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Becki!

You sound like a kindred spirit! Someone to share a tea or coffee and gossip about nothing!!!

Is that your cat?- very cute!

Congratulations on your son - you will succeed in a monetary way here!

If there is anything I can do to help please don't hesitate to Private Message me any time!

Dr Barb
beckilisl Premium
Thank you, Dr. B! Yes, kindred indeed.
Yes, that is my cat; my first son. He was taken too young by kidney failure, so he's watching over me now, making sure that I succeed for my family and future.
My baby boy couldn't make me happier if he tried, thank you!
I get a great feeling here. Thank you for supporting that feeling. I will certainly call on you for help, thank you!
DouglasPeake Premium
Hi Barb!

Thank you for referring me to WA to build out my Golf Pro Website!

I didn't realize I could turn my passion for GOLF into a supplementary retirement income & buy more golf gadgetry!!!

Next website....music...base guitar & keyboards!!!

Can't wait!

Like a kid on Christmas...oh ya...that just happened!!!


DouglasPeake Premium
You are most welcome...I knew it was a perfect fit!!!
Easy-Moneys Premium
Happy for you! Great niche by the way!
Nursepreneur Premium
Hi Doc! Nice to meet you, and thanks for the follow. Isn't it exciting to be a part of a platform that has so much to offer with so many individuals who are successful here in Affiliate Marketing?
Please take a moment to visit my website and check out my newest post, I would appreciate any feedback/comments. I will definitely return the favor. Thanks :-) Mae.

IveTriedThat Premium
I hope things are going well. I know you are getting rolling within the training and there is ONE thing that always tends to confuse people and that is "what is my niche?".

I know, same thing happened to me when I started.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am here if you ever want to run any niche "ideas" by me or you have any questions about finding your niche.

Get back to me when you get the chance! :)
Dmtorre Premium
Hey there,
I am starting a Facebook group for comments basically because I want good comments and not the 2 for one deal at WA.
I have one other person interested right now and I want to make the group around 10 people in size and we all just comment on everyone’s postings.

I figure each person can put up what posts or pages that they would like to be commented on.

Let me know if you're interested
Give It A Go Premium
Hi Barbara,
Thank you for including me in your friendship circle here at WA. It's a pleasure to meet you. Great to hear you following all of your other passions now. It must feel really good to be able to do that. Wishing you much success with your journey here.
defytr Premium
Hi super-smart Dr. Barbara... Thank-you for the follow... I followed you back... With your over-achievement ethic, you'll be quickly on the rise and a force to be reckoned with... I see you've already been racking up the badges... How's your website (s) coming along? PM me if you'd like me to visit any... Best regards...
HelenpDoyle Premium
Barb, nice to hear from you. I look forward to getting to know you my new WA friend.

I went to UBC for a while but decided to go travelling. Ten years later I did my Civil Engineering degree in Sydney Australia.

You sound like a well rounded person with lots of interests so I look forward to reading you website once you publish it here.

Work hard, have some fun and don’t forget to ask questions.

A very nice boss once told me, ‘Helen, when you ask a silly question everyone else breathes a collective sigh of relief because they don’t have to!’ And that is so true. No question is silly so ask away.

If I can’t help I might be able to point you in the right direction.

Now let us keep in touch.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Nice to meet a UBC Alumnus here!

Thank you for the lovely welcome!
HelenpDoyle Premium
OK today when I came to read your comment I found your websites. This particularity is bewildering - the lost and found websites.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Helen!

Yes, I've noticed some glitchy things happening!

I hope WA is not under attack?
andrewjmat Premium
Hi Barbara, Thank you so much for taking the time to follow me. I see from your credentials you have a BSC in Genetics at UBC. I have a question. Do you know of Bruce Lipton and is work? I would be very interested in your opinion. I have found his work in epigenetics very informative.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Live in Love and Light

Andrew M.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Andrew!

Bruce Lipton is amazing and inspirational!!!!

Thank you for following me!

I always enjoy your comments when I see them!!!

Dr Barb
Capu1 Premium
Hi Barbara,
Thank you for following me. It is a pleasure to connect with you.
You already have a lot of skills under your belt and I am sure you found our community to be a fantastic place to learn and/or develop our skills.
happy that you are following your dreams.
Wishing you success.
Thank you again and looking forward to keeping in touch.
LindaSMcRae Premium
Hi there, friend, thank you for following me! Hope you are following your training and getting your website built. I wish you all the best with your online business! This is the most awesome community I have ever found! If I can help in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me! I am including my most used blog here on WA and training posts that I hope will be helpful.
With Kind Regards,
MAHlR Premium
Hi Barbara,

It's very nice of you to add me to your network :)

How wonderful is this community, it's a great place to meet and interact with like-minded people like yourself.

If you ever feel stuck or need help with anything eg feedback on your website, and any sort of assistance, don't hesitate to contact me.

I wish you much success on your journey forward, and may all of your hard work pays off!
MsMerry Premium
What a pleasure it is to meet you Barb. It always astounds me how the busiest people within their careers have so much more they offer. Thank you for following. WE have one thing in common, well maybe two, writing and poetry. I have done several poems for family and friends....the best gift to give when you have no money is the gift of yourself. For me, that came in poetry. It is certainly not something you can force. I love that I can do it tho'. I will return the follow and look forward to staying connected here. All the best.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Great to hear back!!! Would love to read one of your poems!

One of the First INTERNET Success Stories I read about was an elderly couple, in their late 70's, who combined their loves of poetry( her) and art (him)! They built up a Daily Devotional following with Memberships on the Internet!!!!! Great business model for you!!!

Secondly, it seems we are both Right Brain ( creative ) & left Brain ( logic)!!!!

If you are interested in "EARNING WHILE YOU LEARN" , please Private message me!

I will share with you my own free special assistance to members here at WA!

"Your success is my success!"

Dr Barb

PS Please read my Blog Post today explaining the WA Black Friday $130 Commission Promotion & WA ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP SALE $299!
MsMerry Premium
Thank you, Barb. I am always nervous about my poems but will share my last one with you. It was a wedding gift.
AlinaD Premium
Hi Barbara, thank you for following me!
I`m a newbie too but as far as i`ve seen and experiment all is great, doing the work too for results and success.
I wish you much success and will, i`m sure everything will be easy for you.
I`ve noticed you`re working in genetics domain? Maybe we.ll discuss in future about psoriasis combined with arthritis., dna malformation..disease that is transmitted genetically from one generation to the third....maybe we.ll find out more together and maybe why not resolve it.
Can`t wait to see more posts from you, see you around!:)
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Alina!

Psoriasis is such a despairing disease!

There is a Company called "23andme"

I am not affiliated with it in any way but I suffer from the condition and you can have genetic testing done through them
Roybretton Premium
Hello Barbara, thank you for the follow, I am now following you! I have just been reading your profile and it looks like you have achieved much and are still going for it big time! I wish you every success here at Wealthy Affiliate and look forward to reading your blog posts and networking with you.

All the best to you Barbara, Roy.
OlderGuy Premium
Hi Barbara,

I find Wealthy Affiliate great; there is so much to learn.

Thanks for following me; I will definitely follow you.

Wow! A physician, that’s great.

Maybe later, when you have time, you can give me some of your thoughts on my website, which is presently bare-boned, just starting.

It’s about how stress affected my kidneys. www.stresstalks.com.

A doctor’s feedback would be great.

Thanks again for following me.

Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Mike!
I like your site and posts...they are straightforward and genuine!
As a Canadian Physician we are not allowed to use our medical knowledge other than for specific patient care so I cannot be medically specific.
My site:


is a barebones site to refer people to WA! I've utilized a mobile friendly format as I believe that's the future with online marketing.
Ali-M Premium
Dear Barbara, how are you?) Hope you are fine and everything is great with your business progress ). I've recently followed you in WA.

My site is about technology and since I've started to build my network, I would like to have you in my network and your following back )
Here is my links and I would be happy to have you in my social networks too (If you like of course : ) ). Also if you leave me your social network links; I'll be able to following you back.

Here is mine:
Google: https://plus.google.com/+AliMonajemi
Facebook: http://goo.gl/Plbnhj
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ali_monajemi

Wish you great success in your online business,

DaleOdom Premium
Hey Barbara,
It is a pleasure to meet you Doc. I want to thank you for the follow and I am pleased to do the same. I see you have a lot of different interests which you could make any number of websites about.

I wish you every success in life and with your online businesses.
Coraline Premium
Hi Barbara, I am really glad to meet you! Can I just call you Wonder Woman? Lol. (I have a big Wonder Woman coffee mug collection.) I am looking forward to being a part of your network and am following you too. Hope you have a fun and empowering day.
Compsol99 Premium
Hi Barbara!
Thank you very much for following me and welcome to the WA community! Be sure to follow all the training that is available on this site and don't be afraid to ask questions. The people in the WA community, myself included, are happy to help you. Best of luck to you in your endeavors.
Shawn - Yearly Premium Member

P.S. Please check out my websites on my profile page to get an idea of what the Wealthy Affiliate training can do for you. Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated.
Loes Premium
Hello Barbara,♫Welcome! Nice to meet you ツ I wish you a lot of learning pleasure and fun on WA. Thank you for following me.

From the start, I have written training for every issue I had problems with myself. I also made a list of 1001 niche ideas, a checklist with 25 points to go through before you publish a post, 101 blogging ideas when you get stuck and an A-Z WA dictionary. I just love lists:) It has been very helpful to a lot of people. I have listed them in one blog you can find on my profile. It's the first website link on the right (click on my picture to get there). I hope to help you with those.

If you have any questions, please add a comment to this message or leave them on my profile.
Success building your business in 2016. See you around, Greetings Loes
Easy-Moneys Premium
Thank you Loes...I will check out your lists and teaching content!
I admire your approach here at WA-you are definitely someone to attempt to emulate!
kmer6 Premium
Good evening to you Barbara, my name is Ken and I welcome you to WA and thank you for the follow. I'm following you back. You should find this new adventure exciting and full of drama. Once you learn the basics in Get Started Here [top left green box] , you will be ready to start earning some income.
I look forward to working with you and helping whenever you may ask. I wish you much happiness and success as you meet and exceed your goals.
ChrisScott Premium
Hey, Dr. Barbara.

Someone a guy name don wrote this blog at WA and I mentioned your name in my comment on the blog. I hope this is okay. If not, let me know and I will remove it.

Thanks a million, The Teddy Bear.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Always OK Teddy!!!
Dmitriy Premium
Hi Barbara, thanks for following me - it's nice to meet you here at WA!

I wish you to become an AWESOME online marketer (if you aren't already :) ) and live a life of your dreams!

My greatest passion is video games and I strongly believe that games can influence our lives in a very positive and beneficial way. I'm always ready and willing to discuss the topic, so feel free to contact me anytime, if you're even slightly interested.

Also, if you ever need anything, have questions to ask, thoughts to share or just want to chat – just send me a message and I will try to help as best I can.

Cheers, good luck and see you around!
Robert-A Premium
Hello Barbara and a belated welcome to wealthy affiliate.
Why do you want to follow me now though after all this time?

Apart from that. Since you joined way back in January you will have found out that internet marketing can be a steep learning curve.
If you haven't already been doing so, can I suggest you browse some of the 200+ blogs I have published within WA.
Thank you for the follow anyway and I will follow you as well.
Remember, if you get stuck you ask ok.
Enjoy your day.
Robert Allan
Kyle Premium
Barbara, I see you are making some good progress through the Affiliate Bootcamp. Just wanted to pop by and see if you need a hand with anything?

I also wanted to mention the success rates of Bootcamp. Absolutely everyone that has taken action on all of the phases of Bootcamp has a business that is generating consistent income online. MANY of these folks are going to be at our super affiliate conference next year.

I want this to be you and I want you to succeed with your promotions. So, please promise me that if you ever need a hand or feel stuck as you move forward, that you will get in touch with me!

Trust me, I know things can be a little overwhelming sometimes and I don't want you feeling like that.

Anyways, just checking in. Get back at me if you need anything Barbara.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to respond personally (or better yet via autoresponder lol)!!!

I love learning about this process but my Rate-Limiting-Step is my complete lack of knowledge of Wordpress (finally utilized a Banner!) and accessing the monetization via Social Media (while wanting to maintain anonymity) and eventually PPC.

Many Thanks,

Kyle Premium
Haha, some of my messages are automated but this one definitely is not. It sounds like you are making some really awesome progress Barb and if you do need a hand as you blast through the training let me know.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Glad you get my Quirky Humour!

I'm absolutely loving the site - your educational videos & Bootcamp are very clear & concise! It feels like digging into Med School Finals all over again and I am hyper-focussed on understanding & simplifying processes for ultimate performance!

Oh my gosh.....I guess I've got my Nerd-On....settle down cowgirl!!! (Sorry, I've been awake since Friday-on-call and resultant insomnia are making me giddy!)

Just call me "The WA MASTER BLASTER"! Hoping to complete Bootcamp in no time. Earn my extra millions and salute you in Vegas!
Kyle Premium
That is our ultimate goal, to simplify the process in a very controlled and concise nature. There is so much junk and misleading information out there that it is hard to know what is what. We teach what works and walk you through the process.

It isn't going to be long before you are very proficient at this and I have my feeling that you are going to be a natural You have a great personality, you are great writer, it is sounds like you have some amazing work ethic.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Kyle!
Hope you are having a "Super Sparkly Day!!!"
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Kyle!
Oh my gosh....let me pick my jaw up from off the ground!
I just saw this post so I apologize for the delay in responding after you went out of your way to say some of the nicest feedback about me that I've heard in a long time!!!!
I like the idea of being a NATURAL WA CRUSHER!!!!
Thank you on the personality front-can't wait to meet you and Carson in Vegas!!!!
Writing is one of my true deep passions! It flows like I'm speaking and I love just kibbutzing with people!!!
And I love love love working-playing too but my mind needs hyperstimulation!

Most Family Doctors & Emergency Doctors have Hyperfocussed ADHD & I am blessed with a photographic memory!!!!

I'm glad I found you and your site!!!!! You must feel so rewarded for helping people since the 2008 US Crash to get their footing in life back.

Sincerest of Thanks! You are a true, humble, & generous leader/teacher/guru! Your family is lucky to have you!

Dr Barb

PS What's your Vegas game? Blackjack or Poker?????
Kyle Premium
I know you are going to be a natural at this and you have an exciting journey ahead. Just remember that in order to achieve any level of success, you need to work hard and give yourself time to achieve that. It WILL happen though. If you ever need a hand along the way, just let me know.

BTW, I like a few table games in Vegas. I like BJ, Craps, Roulette and Poker. I would have to learn towards Craps being my fave though. :)
Easy-Moneys Premium
Craps it is!!!!! Very "Monte Carlo...James Bond-ish"!

This is one of my "Dr Atkins-completely-unstudied-assumption-based-Personality-Profiling-testing-ask people what type gambling they prefer....or sport(s) ....or cars etc!!!!

The more superficial it is....the more right on I usually get it....INVERSE PROPORTION!!!!

Thanks Kyle!!!! Dr B
Kyle Premium
For sure, I have actually been to the original Monte Carlo casino (although I played roulette there, the amount people were gambling with there was far beyond me lol). :)
Easy-Moneys Premium
Roulette is fun too as long as it's "old school" in my opinion!
50:50 odds on red/versus black and odds even...then rows, clusters etc....interesting probabilities!!!!!

Maybe some day , we all take a Luxury Seabourn Cruise on Almalfi Coast Italy and along to Monte Carlo and French Riviero at time of Cannes Film Festival!!!!

Dream Big!

Dr Barb
Kyle Premium
Yeah, that would be awesome! Super Affiliate Conference 2020, the Amalfi Coast!