The next 3 pages of the tutorial will go over various tips and hints that will help you create and build an EFFECTIVE facebook Group...

Here they are:

Engage Consistently

Once you have things in place, you must create and share valuable content on a regular basis. Just as with your website, constant new material will keep your members coming back and adding to the conversation.

I advise posing questions to the group, then offer your expertise to their comments or THEIR questions, and help keep discussions going. Mix up your content and include images, gifs, video, short articles, and other influencer posts to keep your group members engaged.

Make sure that you are very responsive and answer questions or comments quickly. This will help build trust and prove the value of the Group to members. Id you show your members that you’re are committed and care about the connections that the Group provides you will get a highly engaged audience and it will enrich your business relationships.

User-Generated Content

By you setting clearly the rules and enforcing them, plus offering engaging content and encouraging discussion you are setting the stage for a true community. The members will feel safe and be open to sharing their true feelings and thoughts.

That is when you can ask members to share their favorite relevant content, provide more feedback, and discuss. Support their uploading of useful videos and links to articles they find interesting, and also make sure you provide feedback via comments and likes.

You will notice that there is an area where you can create and also upload documents within your Group. This can be used to get members to contribute their relevant, useful, and important information. This can serve as a library or reference location that all members can access and use. This is a powerful feature indeed that you need to leverage to add value to your Group.

Another use for this feature might be members wanting to collaborate. Documents can be reworked, improved, and made more useful by members for all other members. You are creating an environment where the community can flourish and all people will be the better for being a member.

Create and Conduct Polls

One great way to engage members and determine what they are looking or is to publish polls to your Facebook group. Carefully craft your questions that are relevant to your niche and use the responses you get to improve the Group.

Using polls makes it extremely easy to get opinions on directions for your Group and helps identify pain points they may be experiencing. If they feel they can be part of solutions you will help build the strength of the community, and will provide more content they need and are looking for, a good thing.

Remember that just as what we have here at Wealthy Affiliate, your Facebook group is only as good as the members it has, so focus on making it a place where deep and meaningful relationships can form, and just as with Wealthy Affiliate, your Group will be around for a long time and benefit many.

Encourage Discussion

I suggest actively working to prompt engagement around different subjects of interest to group members. By providing a safe and secure environment you will generate a lot of interaction and also get true opinions and thoughts to your posts.

As any good leader does, you can lead by example by responding to comments others may make on posts. This shows other members it is OK to add their input too. Let members know that you want this discussion and offer them support when they make the effort.

Increasing Organic Traffic

Provide a day for promos when members can add things they want others to look at or take action with. Outside of the designated time, make sure this is not allowed and enforce it so it becomes the norm to follow the rules.

People will test you on posting promotional material on other days and delete these with a warning, and if they do it again, delete them from the group. Other members will appreciate and value the community for this and over time they will self-manage the norms.

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