From my experiences to now, here are some general goals I think you should add to your planning stage for your Group…They are somewhat generic, but important.

- Increase Your Organic Reach

There is so much competition for traffic these days, and although content remains your number one focus, you must look for other ways you can pull in more traffic to your website.

Facebook groups can help in this chase for that traffic and set you apart from that competition. If you have a group that is focused on your particular niche, it will draw in that demographic and audience…

If you add information to that Group that is focused on members’ interests and needs, you will have a much higher chance of that shared content being clicked on and read by members.

Because the group members are already interested and engaged there’s a much higher chance they will interact with your content on the Group page and to your website.

Note these members are extremely valuable, so make sure the content you are share is helpful for them.

I recently published a post here on Wealthy Affiliate about the effectiveness Facebook Groups can offer for organic traffic and the reach to a targeted audience.

Within that post I referred to an article on the Moz website. Here are the details:

A gentleman named Ryan Stewart used his Facebook Group to draw in 6,000 organic visits to his website. The article on Moz noted that he conducted an experiment wherein he published a link to his Facebook Page and to his Facebook Group.

He realized 15 times the traffic through the Facebook Group! So yes, this is just one example how Facebook Groups can benefit your traffic, and more effectively than your Facebook Page.

You can mirror these results if you follow the guidelines I have added here…

- Leverage Facebook Groups to Get More leads

Most people join a Facebook Group because they are interested on the focus of the group. They will want to know about what it is you and other members are offering.

As mentioned already in this tutorial, you can play Groups two ways, creating your own and through joining other Groups within your niche, where you can share what you bring to the table with other members (when appropriate)…

Here are some tips for finding leads through Facebook Groups:

(1)Join active Groups where lots of discourse is taking place, lots of valuable content is being shared, and where some of the well-known people in the niche are hanging out.

(2)Look for problems that members are discussing.

(3)Create and add posts that address these problems.

(4)Make sure you have added your business contact information on all your pages, groups, and your personal profile.

(5)Focus more on useful content than on other members, this will be more effective…

(6)Share your expertise or research abilities, help others.

- Use Groups for Post-Event Connections

This is where Groups can shine for you. How many events have you been to over the years where you go home with a pile of business cards, and they are added to the already BIG pile you have. Never to be viewed or used again…

This is the old-fashioned way to networking, and I have my own pile(s) of cards…These days though there is a better way to actually use these connections you build…Your Group!

You can make a Facebook Group and add these people to keep the contact connection alive and further build relationships and leverage opportunities.

The Group can allow more conversations, keep them going far past the event itself, and all can learn more, network, as they have time and interest…They can do this from the comfort of wherever they may be too…No need for a person to person meeting!

Now let’s discuss how to best manage your Group…==>

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