Getting The Most Out Of Being A Group Member

These are some general tips for you once you join niche related Groups …They will help you develop a strategy and work it through your activities...

Promote Your Link in the Comments

You are always looking for better ways of getting engagement for your posts. In my experience, I get more of a response to an image or a video, but text can also work…

If you use any of them, try something new and test…Post an all text status update and then include the link you are promoting as the first comment.

I have heard that it can help increase organic traffic, although I cannot vouch definitely, because I have not tested this…

Upload Videos Directly to Facebook

Have you noticed videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook will automatically play as someone scrolls through their news feed page?

Using this little hack can increase the numbers of people watching your video and of course lead to more engagement and reach (Facebook favors posts that keep people on their site).

Be Brief

Did you know that posts with 80 characters or less get 66% more engagement?

Leverage Your ‘About’ Section

Take a moment to add an additional link within the ‘about’ section of your page to get more people clicking through to your site.

When other group members stop by, they have an additional chance to see the link and take action to go see what it is you have.

Optimize Your Cover Photo

This is the most visible part on your page, so make the most of it and feature a captivating graphic, a link, and even a call to action.

Consider adding in a valuable lead magnet (free gift) as a part of the photo and link it to a special landing page where prospects can enter their name and email to download or access your gift.

This is yet one more step you take to get ready when Group members stop y to check you out. Before I add someone, or when I like a comment a member makes, I will often go see what they are all about.

Make it clear to people like me who you are and what you offer…

Schedule Posts Ahead of Time

Planning is everything. When working with Facebook Groups the same holds true. Make some time regularly to schedule content to be posted on a daily basis.

You can use some of the many tools that are out there, or you can also increase reach by scheduling posts within your Facebook page.

Why is this so? Well, Facebook WANTS you to use their feature over third party apps and so they will reward using their platform by providing a greater reach for your native posts.

Optimize Publishing Post Times for Peak View Periods

Did you know that the peak posting time when you will get maximum engagement is generally from 1-3 pm? Of course every audience is different, so it would pay to check your insights too and follow what the audience is doing when scheduling post times.

Include Calls to Action with Keywords

If you add calls to action such as ‘like’, ‘share’, and ‘comment’ your engagement will increase dramatically…People like to be told what to do sometimes. Ask and you will get…Do not ask, they move on…

Do Not Use Short URL’s

This is something that surprised me, but statistics back this up…Because short links aresince these redirects and can take them anywhere people are leery about clicking on them…These days security is of evermore concern…

It may be better to use a direct link to wherever you want them to go…More people will trust this direct link, will tend more to click through, and get to the site you want them to go to.

Manually Upload Your Photos

Remember what we mentioned about videos above? Well the same holds true for images…Pictures that are uploaded directly to Facebook, rather than from a third party app will get you rewarded by Facebook with increased exposure and reach.

Don’t Abuse the Group Feed

This is a good one to remember – ‘Don’t abuse the Group feed’ - Keep your posts limited to 1 or 2 a day.

If you have a massive audience posting more than this is understandable but for the vast majority of pages one or two posts a day will do the trick.

If you have the urge to post more schedule those posts for the future to ensure you have a steady stream of content flowing for your fans.

Use Facebook to Grow Your Email List

Email marketing is a ridiculously powerful channel so use your Facebook page to build your email list.

You can then use email marketing to extend your reach by linking to posts you make on Facebook in the emails you send.

OK, let’s move on to the next step in this Facebook Group Adventure, Creating you very own Facebook Group… ==>

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