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I have been looking for a long time to work with e-marketing and thinking being an affiliate would be a good start. I am Sophie, and





How can I change a page to a post?

How can I change a page to a post?

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Everything Wordpress

How can I change a page to a post and vice versa?

Hey Sophie
I wrote a blog post about this same subject may be you like check it out Wishing you well, continued success and a terrific day.

Thank you, Lula. I have found the plugin.
Have a lovely weekend.

There is a plugin called post type switcher which can change the post to a page and vice versa wishing you well
Once done you can deactivate the plug in as you don't need to keep it active.


Thank you, it was so simple and quick.

You are most welcome and yes it is very simple to use.

Enjoy your weekend as well


Oh yes, already the weekend! With the lockdown here, I lose time.
Hopefully, we will get some freedom from the 3rd of May, after 6 months.
Have a lovely weekend then.

Take care and stay safe.


Wow, Andre! Nice new profile pic!😎👍👍


You need a plugin to help you
Thus training will show you how to do it I hope you find it useful

Thank you, It was very helpful and simple. I should have asked earlier.

It is ok
Now you know

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How to recover a website structure?

How to recover a website structure?

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Everything Wordpress

I have a website, but no more structure. I have three posts, one after the other and all my keywords on the tops. I try to rebuild the theme, and I am told that it is already t

Hi Sophie, how are you doing with this? You can private message your website address if you'd like and I can have a look.

Hi! I have made a mess of my site. Too many keywords titles and no structure. Shall I start all over?
I have sent the details down below to Mr Feigner.

Thanks to Site Support, I understood where I went wrong.

Site support has helped me through quite a few quandaries as well 😃

I still have a lot to do to improve my site. It takes time, but I will do it.
Have a good evening.

You as well. And don't sweat it.. I have sites that are years old and still need improvements. In fact, I don't own a single site that doesn't need improvements, lol. They are always a work in progress :-)

But how can Google index me again today for the 2nd time?
Does Google read only the content?

I'm not sure what you mean. Did you get a second email that your content was indexed?

Yes, tonight.

And it’s the same website URL as the last time it was indexed? It’s possible it fell off the index temporarily which does happen sometimes if Google is doing an update.

When all else fails, I hope Site Support takes care of the issue for you, Sophie!


if it is on your blog roll it maybe that you are showing the whole of your posts rather than the summary...
to check this go to settings>>reading and check whether the summary box is selected...
i hope that get back what you want

I have tried, no result. As well, I can't sign in to my siterubix (where I originally built my site), they ask me for my password, but I can on my.com.
Thank you very much,
I will try to find a way.

Have you tried site support?

Thank you, good idea. I will try.
Have a nice evening/

Let me know how you get on :)

Thank you. I will tell you how it goes.

Thank you

That is how it looks like. Pretty messy isn't it?

Did you not try site support?

Yes, I thought I could go back to siterubix.com to recover my initial site, but not. I had probably erased it when I transferred it to my own domain.
Thank you for your help.

So sorry about that

No problem. That is part of the game.

I rephrased my question to site support and, I got an answer.

Well done

And I get a second email tonight that my second posts has been indexed by Google. I don't know how as it's a mess. Lol

Sophie, indexing simply means that Google has crawl the Internet and found your articles

The fact that you think your site is a mess has no impact at all

Keep writing and keep the momentum going

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How to erase the reviews in site content?

How to erase the reviews in site content?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I have 40 reviews on the Site content, would like to keep 2 only.

Hi Sophie, are you referring to the site content platform here or your site content in Wordpress?

Yes, but I wanted to say the revision next to the auto-saved. I had 40 and wanted to keep a couple. But I've erased the template and copy and paste the previous revisions I wanted. Thank you for asking.
Have a good evening.
I will have more questions tomorrow. Eight hours of work is enough for today. lol

Glad you were able to get it resolved :-)

Just trash them

No trash can there.!

Sorry not Review but REVISION, it's my mistake. Oups

That's ok it's the same way with the trash can.

No trash can there.

Are you talking about Site content or your website?

If it is site content, you will see the delete icon that you can just click and that folder will be deleted
The thing to click in the trash can show in this image.
Let me know if this was useful

Just click on the trash can underneath the article.

Sorry, not reviews but REVISIONS. If I click on revisions at the bottom of the article, I have 40 of them.

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Can I change the templates?

Can I change the templates?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Hi, I have been writing in the template about the Keywords Rich content page but would like to send it as the About me page and erase all the previous titles and post.

HI certainly you could.

Just use the useful one and discard the other. Any info within, copy and paste onto the useful one.

I would put the one that I don't want into a blank.page on site content with cut and paste ( should I need something from it again)

And put the one with the keywords in its place.
Hope that helps
Let me know how you get on

Thank you.
I think it's the easiest thing to do.
Have a lovely evening.

I have done something similar
Hope it will be okay for you

Hi Toutsie, In your shoes I would copy from the one I don’t want and paste into a new template.

Thank you, I will try. Have a nice evening.

Hey Sophie
You can please review my pointers Wishing you well and a terrific day.

Thank you for your excellent work, Very helpful. But I am asking a technical thing. I have written two pages. One is published on the About page. Can I erase it and move the other one, which is written in the Keywords Rich template content page, instead?
It's sounds, maybe, a bit stupid. lol

If me I would use one and draft (unpublished) another and see if it has something useful I can copy and paste. Then I complete my good copy. In site content, I can make any document a template. But I will take the one in the templates section because it has guidelines.

That's great, Lula.
Have a nice evening.

You're welcome.
Let me know when wanting a hand.
Wishing you well and a terrific day.

I think you can or start with a blank template and make your own

I will check out. Thank you!
Have a nice day over there!

De rein


Vous etes tres gentile

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Grammarly or pro writing aid?

Grammarly or pro writing aid?

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Getting Started

I wonder which one of those 2 tools I should use?
I have been checking on google translation so far,
but it takes time.
You may know, as well, something similar.

Hi, Tootsie I have not used either other than the free version of Grammarly. I have been considering purchasing something and now that you bring up Prowritingaid which I have never heard of before I am interested. So like you, I am sitting on the fence and need to make a decision. They both seem likely to an excellent job so my guess would be price would make the difference. Please let me know what your decision is.


Hey Sophie
I use Grammarly premium and I find it so useful. the plagiarism checker is so worth it.
Wishing you well and a terrific day and weekend.

Thank you Lula, I am going to subscribe now.
Have a nice day!
By the way, thank you for following me.

I am a power user of ProWritingAid, love the tool, it helps me a lot since I am not a native English speaker/writer.

Well, I get confused now again. I think both are quite good. The only problem with ProWritingAidis that it's not compatible with android yet. I will start with Grammarly then see as it goes.
Thank you from one non-native English. lol

Hey Sophie I recently started using Grammarly and it has certainly aided my writing with useful tips. Have not gone up to the premium version and I know nothing about pro writing aid.

I think I am going to opt for Grammarly. There is a special offer for the premium version, about half price. until the end of March.
Hope it will help me as non-native English.
Have a nice weekend.

I believe it will. Let us know how you do.

Hi Grammarly premium version onto which the majority here use.

Don't know or tried the pro writing aid. However that's a review

Thank you, that what I thought, and there is a special offer on Grammarly, until the 1st of April.

The cheapest is a yearly subscription until you cancel.

Oh well, that was much more than grammar tools. It was a very interesting book. I will keep the link for further research and advice.

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